Da-Garn Ep. 27: Investigate the Commander!


Gojo tells Seiji not to run away again because they have a lot of questions, and the latter agrees on the condition that the GDO’s investigations no longer intrude on the lives of the town’s citizens. Seiji also demands that Magical Pinky be released from custody. Gojo lies and says that they brought Pinky back to headquarters for further questioning. Violetche watches from afar and remarks that he needs to keep an eye on this development. At Tsukushi, Seiji brings everyone the good news about the army leaving and tells Yamamoto Pink not to worry about her sister. At GDO’s Japanese branch, Koichiro asks Gojo why he lied to Seiji about meeting his demands when he doesn’t even have the authority to withdraw the troops from Midorigahama. Gojo retorts that their job is to obtain all the information the Brave Fighters’ commander knows by any means necessary and that his order came from high command. Koichiro requests permission to accompany them to GDO’s Australian base where Seiji will be taken. On the way there, Koichiro says that he always taught his son to not lie to people and wonders what he would tell Seiji if he saw him now. Gojo says that Koichiro should just say he is doing his job. At GDO’s headquarters, Seiji allows himself and Ga-Ohn to be submitted to multiple tests. Unbeknownst to Seiji, the blockade on Midorigahama was made even worse. Pink tries to leave town but is stopped by soldiers. Violetche taunts her by passing through the road block in cat form. Violetche flies towards GDO’s headquarters with Lady Pinky following him in a submarine. At GDO’s headquarters, Gojo is told that no scans were able to penetrate Ga-Ohn, the Director or Seiji’s suit. Koichiro enters the room where Seiji is held and says that he wants to show him something. Violetche runs into the GDO base in cat form and attacks the pursuing guard in beast form. Pinky tries to walk in her Pink form but the other guard stops her. Koichiro takes Seiji to a room full of Redlone Eyes that the GDO has been gathering. Seiji says that he suspects the devices are planet energy reservoir locators and adds that the invaders must not get their hands on the data inside them. However, the conversation is interrupted by Gojo and a group of armed soldiers.

Gojo tells Seiji that he will operate under the GDO’s authority from now on. Seiji is unable to call Ga-Ohn because Gojo still has his Director. Koichiro protests to forcing Seiji to work for them but Gojo reminds him that this matter is out of his jurisdiction. Unbeknownst to everyone, Violetche spies on this confrontation and decides he will take all the stored Redlone Eyes. Gojo gloats to Seiji that he also did not withdraw the GDO troops from Midorigahama. A disgusted Seiji asks if this is really how the GDO operates. Magical Pinky jumps her way past the guard at the gate but they are interrupted by the flying battle machine Joinda MF. Gojo is alerted to the commotion and Seiji says that if he doesn’t stop the robot then the GDO base will be destroyed. Gojo however retorts that their forces can handle the robot. Joinda MF is assaulted by multiple GDO air and ground vehicles, but it uses its crystalline protrusions to assimilate the vehicles and turn their weapons against the GDO. Seiji finally has enough and tackles one of the soldiers, grabbing his rifle and pointing it at Gojo. Seiji demands his Director back but Koichiro calmly takes the rifle away from him. To everyone’s surprise, Koichiro points the rifle at Gojo and asks him to return the Director, adding that they should all be fighting together to defend the Earth instead of having pointless quarrels. The soldiers lower their rifles and a defeated Gojo calmly returns the Director to Seiji and walks away. Koichiro apologizes for what happened and Seiji quickly orders Ga-Ohn to fight. Ga-Ohn tackles Joinda MF and dodges its missiles. Ga-Ohn transforms to robot mode and chops off some of Joinda MF’s limbs with its Ga-Ohn Tomahawk, but the latter retaliates by assimilated more GDO vehicles. Seiji and Koichiro spot a wounded soldier who warns them that there is a monster on the base. They then notice a saucer destroying the roof of the storage building and Seiji realizes it’s after the Redlone Eyes. Seiji and Koichiro find Violetche inside and the latter tells them that they’re too late to stop him. The saucer fires a tractor beam and starts drawing in all the Redlone Eyes. Seiji orders Ga-Ohn to destroy the saucer with his G Vulcan despite the latter’s protest that it would put Seiji in danger. Ga-Ohn manages to wrestle out of Joinda MF’s grasp long enough to aim and fire. The damaged saucer falls onto the storage building and destroys all the Redlone Eyes in a huge explosion. Seiji protects Koichiro from the debris while a fuming Violetche escapes in his ship. Ga-Ohn uses his G Vulcan at point blank range to break free from Joinda MF and destroys it with his G Cannon. Later, Koichiro reveals to Seiji that they never brought anyone from Midorigahama to the base and promises that he will do his best to pull the troops out of the city. Pinky watches from a distances but quickly leaves before Seiji can spot her.


Another episode focusing on the GDO. Picking up immediately where the last one left off, Gojo plays his stereotype well by being an insufferable slimeball, so it’s a good thing that he couldn’t actually get any useful information out of Seiji. Koichiro managed to get him to lay off, but it would have been way more satisfying if he had punched Gojo in his stupid face. Violetche nearly hits the jackpot when he discovers the GDO’s large pile of Redlone Eyes, but Seiji manages to stick it to him by destroying the whole lot of them, handing Violetche his first real defeat. Lady Pinky on the other is now so desperate to accomplish anything that she’s blindly chasing after Violetche without even the faintest idea of what to do. We’ve also now gone two episodes without an appearance by the Sabers or the Landers, but given the brief nature of the fights so far I can understand limiting the action to one robot.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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