Da-Garn Ep. 32: Redlone’s Counterattack


Yanchar walks inside Tsukushi and tries to talk to Hikaru’s parents but they think he just wants food and feed him. Da-Garn tells Seiji that they should trust Yanchar because he has an Aurin. Seiji is still suspicious because Yanchar attacked them last time but Da-Garn says that if he was an enemy he would have went after them by now since he knows Seiji’s identity. Yanchar finishes his plate and remembers that he came to ask about Seiji. Tsukushi tells him that Seiji lives next door just as Hikaru walks in. Yanchar panics and runs out the back door. At the TV station, Misuzu and he coworkers spot a large squad of Erbenbroy Kai combat troopers and robot soldiers land in the city. Redlone and his robot assistant land in a jet to take command of the troops. Seiji finds Yanchar in his room and attacks him with a shinai. Yanchar says that he’s on Seiji’s side but the latter doesn’t believe him. Yanchar dodges Seiji’s swings but hits his head on the ceiling, allowing the latter to land a hit on him. Yanchar angrily knocks Seiji down and tells him that Ohboss is trying to steal Earth’s life energy. He tries to tell Seiji that Ohboss is after the power of legend but Seiji causes the both of them to fall to the ground floor. Hikaru runs in saying that Misuzu is in trouble. They turn on the TV to see Misuzu held at gunpoint by Redlone’s robot soldiers. Misuzu introduces Redlone as a servant of Ohboss and says that Ohboss wants Earth’s planet energy whether the Earthlings like it or not. Nothing will survive on Earth without its planet energy, but if the Earthlings bring the Brave Fighters to Ohboss he will give them a chance to survive. Watching this announcement, Lady Pinky asks Violetche if the Earthlings can actually survive but the latter says that he doesn’t know. Misuzu finishes by saying that if the Brave Fighters are not brought to them then Redlone will destroy the city. Seiji angrily strangles Yanchar despite the latter protesting that he had nothing to do with what happened to Misuzu. Seiji whispers to Yanchar to keep his identity secret before running out to rescue his mother. Yanchar looks at the TV before running after Seiji. The Erbenbroys destroy GDO fighters and tanks as Redlone watches from the TV station. Da-Garn kicks down one of the Erbenbroys and Seiji orders him to keep the fighting away from the city. A GDO officer tries to talk to Seiji but the latter ignores him and runs to the station.

The Sabers and the Landers arrive to support Da-Garn and Seiji orders everyone to combine. Along with the newly arrived Ga-Orn, they quickly overwhelm the Erbenbroys. Seiji sneaks past the robot soldiers with the GDO troops trailing behind. However, the GDO troops are detected and forced to engage in a shootout. Seiji finds Redlone and the hostages but is held at gunpoint by the robot soldiers. Redlone tells Seiji to order the Brave Fighters to stand down. Seiji demands that the hostages be released first but Redlone retorts that there will be no negotiations and has his assistant choke one of the hostages. Seiji reluctantly gives the order and the Erbenbroys assault the Brave Fighters with electrified whips. Seiji tries to lunge at Redlone but the assistant knocks him to the ground. Redlone attempts to impale Seiji with his robotic hand but Yanchar swings through the glass curtain and kicks the former away. Seiji and Yanchar dodge machine gun fire just as the GDO troops burst into the room. A GDO soldier fires a bazooka round at the robot soldier and Yanchar uses the chaos to tell the hostages to escape. Seiji still thinks Yanchar is trying to hurt is mother but Yanchar warns him in time to block a swing from a robot soldier. Yanchar leads the hostages outside while Seiji orders the Brave Fighters to retaliate. Da-Garn X and Ga-Orn combine into Great Da-Garn GX and destroys two Erbenbroys with his GX Buster Vulcan while Pegasus Saber and Land Bison destroy the rest. The GDO troops surround Redlone and Seiji tells him to surrender. Redlone instead jumps out of the building into his jet and combines with an approaching mechanical red dragon to form the giant robot Red Geist. The Brave Fighters attack Red Geist simultaneously but he easily blocks everything with his shield. Redlone tells everyone that they have no chance of survival if they stay on Earth and that they have the choice to either submit or die. He fires a powerful blast at the Brave Fighters and leaves during the ensuing explosion. Seiji runs outside to find Yanchar with Misuzu and tackles him. Misuzu angrily tells both of them to stop because brothers shouldn’t be fighting. Seiji drags Yanchar out of sight and asks him why he was holding Misuzu’s hands. Yanchar retorts that Seiji doesn’t understand how lucky he is to be able to live with his mother on his home planet. He adds that if they don’t cooperate Seiji will lose everything before running off in tears.


Redlone takes center stage in this episode and is back to his usual antics of taking hostages. This time however he’s a bit more focused and only timely intervention from Yanchar and the GDO managed to save the day. This is of course fairly ironic since Seiji spent the entire episode snubbing the both of them due to unpleasant past encounters. On the other hand, what the hell where the GDO thinking firing explosives into a room full of human hostages? Never mind the fact that somehow none of the hostages were hurt by this. We get to know a bit more about Yanchar, which is mainly that he’s obviously lost his family in the past and doesn’t want Seiji to suffer the same fate. The big new introduction this episode is that of Redlone’s powerful new robot. Red Geist is the second instance of recycling a Transformers character for use in a Brave series, with him originally being Decepticon leader Deathsaurus/Deszaras from Transformers Victory.

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Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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