Dagwon Ep. 14: The Kind-hearted Space Beast


Maria and Gaku visit a shopping center, and Gaku complains that he’s hungry. Maria reminds him that he promised to come with her, but their conversation is interrupted by a nearby explosion. Outside, a Griffin blasts the ground with energy attacks. En fires at it from the ground, and the rest of the team fires from the air. The Griffin shoots back at En and knocks over his car, and it unleashes strange sound waves to cause everyone else to fall from the sky. At the shopping center, Maria searches for Gaku and walks outside. The Griffin lands in front of the shopping center and is about to destroy it, but it stops when it sees Maria. Maria panics when the Griffin approaches and faints. Gaku calls out for Maria from inside the building, so the Griffin grabs Maria and flies off. En wonders what the Griffin is, and Lian calls him and explains that the Griffin is well-known for leaving a trail of destroyed planets. He warns them to be cautious because they’ve only seen a fraction of its power. Elsewhere, Maria wakes up inside a warehouse and panics when she sees the Griffin, which has grown much larger. She runs to the exit, but the Griffin blocks it. She then grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays the Griffin in the face. She runs away and climbs up a stack of crates, but they all begin to fall. The Griffin catches Maria and saves her. She realizes it isn’t going to eat her and pets it. The Griffin then flies outside when it hears a noise and finds the entire Dagwon team, along with Lian. Dag-Wing wonders why the Griffin is bigger now, and Lian says that it must be due to the difference in gravity between the Earth and the Griffin’s home planet. Dag-Armor and Dag-Fire attack the Griffin, but it blocks their attacks with its wings. It then attacks Dag-Wing and knocks him down, but Maria runs outside and tells it to stop. The Griffin sits next to Maria while she pets it. Suddenly, the alien beast trainer Rod appears and grabs Maria with a claw whip. He then whips the Griffin and orders it to come with him. As they fly away, En wonders why this had to happen to Maria.

Later, Rod ties Maria to a cross on the roof of a church. He repeatedly whips the Griffin for disobeying orders to destroy Earth. Maria tells Rod to stop whipping the Griffin, and he says that the Griffin has been acting strangely around her. He decides to whip her instead, but the Griffin blocks his whip. He tells the Griffin that if Maria is so important to it, it’ll have to destroy Earth for her to live. Maria tells the Griffin not to do that, but it flies off. Back at Sankai, En drives around and spots Gaku outside the shopping center. He changes out of his armor and tells Gaku it’s not safe to be outside, but Gaku tells him to shut up. En notices that Gaku is crying, and Gaku says that Maria disappearing. En says that Dagwon is looking for her, which cheers Gaku up. Suddenly, the Griffin, now even larger, begins attacking Sankai again. Dag-Armor fires at the Griffin from the ground, and it shoots back at him, Dag-Turbo, Dag-Wing and Lian. The three decide to combine into Liner Dagwon and attack the Griffin. Rod watches the battle with an energy ball, and Maria tells him he’s a coward for forcing the Griffin to fight. She asks him if that’s how he treats a comrade, and he says the Griffin is just a weapon. The Griffin knocks Liner Dagwon down, and he notices that its power has also grown with its size. Dag-Fire blasts Griffin with Fire Blaster and demands to know where Maria is. The Griffin moves toward him, so he combines into Fire Dagwon. He then attacks with Jet Fire Storm, which causes the Griffin to turn gold. Rod says that the Griffin is now fighting seriously and has forgotten about Maria, which means she has no value as a hostage. Moments later, Ryu arrives in the area to rescue Maria. She tells him there’s a bomb in the church, but they jump to safety just as it explodes. Maria begs Ryu to take her to the Griffin, so they take off on Guard Hawk. Rod takes off in a flying saucer and heads for Sankai. The Griffin attacks Fire Dagwon and Liner Dagwon with sound waves, and it blasts Lian when he attempts to attack. Maria tells the Griffin to stop, and it jumps over her and Ryu to protect them from Rod’s attacking saucer. Rod says that the Griffin disobeyed him to the end, but next time he’ll find a smarter creature. He flies away, and Fire Dagwon says he won’t forgive this. He uses Fire Hold to freeze the saucer in place and slices it in half with the Fire Lio Sword. The Griffin then flies off, and Maria wonders where it could be going. Lian says that the Griffin has to commit suicide for disobeying its master. Gaku runs up and tells Maria he was worried, and she cries.


This was a pretty good episode. Here, we get to see some more of Maria, who up to now has been around just to annoy En and the rest of the Dagwon team. For whatever reason, the Griffin seems to like her and disobeys its master, Rod. The strange-looking Rod reminds me a lot of Romario Monini, the villainous clown from G Gundam. In this episode, Lian shows another of his assets to the team: information. The boys obviously wouldn’t know anything about all the weird things in space, but Lian knows about the Griffin, and he presumably knows about lots of other aliens. We’ll probably see more of that as the alien mischief continues.

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Dagwon Info

Tomomi Mochizuki

Kenichi Araki
Go Sakamoto
Hiroaki Kitajima
Mutsumi Nakano
Toshifumi Kawase
Yasunori Yamada
Yooshiyuki Suga

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Akira Oguro

Musical Composer:

48 episodes

Japan 02.03.1996 – 01.25.1997


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