Dunbine Ep. 30: Silkie’s Escape


Shou blows up multiple Aura Battlers and Aura Battleships in the amazingly powerful Billbine. Shou doesn’t think this great strength is from his own Aura Power, but rather from the Billbine. Abe and Elle, aboard the Grimley are informed that Taatara Castle has fallen to the enemy. Abe tells Shou they will retreat to Na, but Shou doesn’t want to stop fighting now that he’s got the Billbine, wanting to test the limit of its abilities. Marvel thinks Shou is being too caught up in the moment. Marvel pleads with Shou to stop, that he won’t avenge Foizon’s death by fighting so recklessly. Marvel finally convinces Shou when she helps him realize the Billbine is out of ammunition. The two of them retreat. The Zelana rendezvous with the Grimley and gets resupplied on the ground. Shou wants to head out on the Billbine and attack the Will Wipps. Abe slaps him for being so reckless, telling him one Aura Battler won’t decide the fate of this war. He tells him he’ll be locked up in solitary confinement if he keeps disobeying orders. Hon Wan arrives and informs everyone of Drake and Bishot’s current position. Hon Wan says Laas Wau has been transformed into a factory for the production of Aura Battlers. Shou and the others decide to attack Shot at Laas Wau while the enemy’s forces are spread out. Elle and Abe allows him to do it as long as he controls his emotions. Shou heads out on the Billbine with Marvel accompanying him on the Dunbine. They hide out in the woods near Laas Wau. Chum and Shou wonder if Silkie is still imprisoned. Chum heads out ahead to the castle. Musiy patrols in the air and seeing them, attacks in her Wryneck. Shou and Marvel decide to retreat. Musiy decides to not follow them, its good enough that they’ve been chased away from the factory. Later, Chum heads to Marvel and Shou’s hiding place and informs them that Silkie is still there. Shou decides to enter alone since security has been tightened. In Laas Wau Shot tells Musiy he has the confidence in her to beat the Dunbine, but is worried about the Billbine. She says to leave things in her hands. Shou enters the castle and knocks out a guard. Chum feels as if she’s being called by something. Silkie senses something in her watery prison.

Shou approaches Silkie’s watery prison. She tells him there’s a barrier and they can’t escape. Shou pulls away the barrier, which appears to be just a piece of paper. As soon as he tears it off a glow emanates from it and then disappears. Shou pulls out Silkie and they run through the halls in order to escape. Silkie wonders if Shou has come with Jacoba but he tells her he’s alone. Shou spots his motorcycle in the courtyard and starts it but Silkie tells him they should be quiet or Jacoba will sense them. Shou drives by the soldiers with ease. Shou shoots at the soldiers and order them to lower the bridge. They do and the motorcycle narrowly makes it out without the two of them being shot. Chum says the feeling she sensed before is gone. Shou and Silkie head through the woods under pursuit of soldiers, but the motorcycle runs out of gas. Musiy heads out in her Wryneck and fires at them. They hide in the woods while the soldiers look for them. Silkie thinks Jacoba sent Shou to save her, but he says it was on his own. Marvel heads back into the air on the Fou and dodges the enemy’s attacks. Musiy wonders if she’s from Upper Earth. The soldiers find Shou and Silkie, but Marvel arrives just in time to save them and the Fou flies off with Musiy and the others in pursuit of them. They arrive at their hiding place and Shou and Marvel get into their Aura Battlers. Marvel fights Musiy and the Dunbine is damaged. Shou arrives in the Billbine to help her. Marvel is able to cut off the Wryneck’s arm and Musiy retreats. Marvel tells Shou they need to go and protect Silkie. Suddenly the two of them sense a strange feeling and Shou, Marvel, Chum and Silkie are all summoned to the Land of Water, called by Jacoba. Jacoba calls out Silkie in order to punish her. Silkie transforms into a Mi Ferario. Chum wonders if that’s how she came to be. Jacoba thanks Marvel and Shou and asks if there’s anything she can do for them. Marvel asks Jacoba if Nuckelavee, who brought her to Byston Well was punished as well and Jacoba says yes. Nikusu, who is in actuality Nuckelavee, appears and transforms back into an E Ferario. Jacoba says the world is afraid and shaking due to all the machines on Byston Well. She says they should remove the source of war, these machines from Byston Well. Shou says he will. Shou, Marvel and Chum are sent back by Jacoba.


Another very interesting episode, with Silkie finally being successfully rescued from Laas Wau by Shou. The origin of the Mi Ferario are revealed, they were originally E Ferario but were reduced to their fairy like form as punishment. I wonder if Chum had an original E Ferario form, and if we’ll see her in that way at all later in the show. It is also revealed that the mysterious woman who took care of Todd is Nuckelavee, the E Ferario that summoned Marvel to Byston Well. Shou starts becoming a little too reckless in this episode with the great power bestowed to him in the Billbine. Hopefully he’ll stay calm and won’t suffer the same fate as Garalia.

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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