Dunbine Ep. 44: Guran Attack


Planes approach the Guran Galan, which continues to hide in a snowy region. Ceila, who still lays in bed is reported to by one of her soldiers, Kawasse. He tells her that Elle’s plan seems to have backfired and the Gea Gring has headed to Egypt where it’s met up with the Spriggan. The Will Wipps appears to be approaching Europe. She tells the soldier to inform all countries that they will no longer except favors in order to keep them out of danger. Bel Al complains to El Fino about the cold weather. They go to see Ceila. Soldiers on the dock head into their Aura Battlers and start heading out. Meanwhile, the Zelana and Graon continue on. Keen thinks they should attack the Gea Gring and Spriggan, but Nie says no. Suddenly a large attack of missiles strikes the ships from below. Nie tells Marvel to find the location of the Gea Gring. Elle contacts the Zelana from the Graon and tells them that the Guran Galan has headed out in order to meet up with the Will Wipps. The attacks cut off their communication. Shou thinks Ceila is rushing into things. Elle tells Nie that she’ll stay here and they should go to the Guran Galan. Marvel realizes that if they hurry, they can get between the Gea Gring and the Spriggan and prevent them from meeting. Elle volunteers to have the Graon take that task while the Zelana heads back to the Guran Galan. Shou and Marvel head to their Aura Battlers. Nie plans to attack the Will Wipps when they find it. The Dunbine and Billbine head out ahead of the Zelana. Nie tells Keen to load the Fou with explosives. When they find the Will Wipps, the Botune will force it into the bridge. Elsewhere, large fleets of Aura Battlers leave the Will Wipps. Drake’s advisors tell him Bishot was unable to seize Europe. Drake doesn’t seem too upset however, through Todd’s help all of America is now under his control. Drake thinks it will be easy to take over all Upper Earth. By destroying the Guran Galan, he’ll cause enough fear in the hearts of those in Europe to take it over with ease. And once Asia is his, he’ll gather scientists and reopen the Aura Road to Byston Well so he’ll have control of both worlds. Todd, on a Vierres thinks of how nice it will be when the war is over and he and his mother have control of the entire country of Switzerland. He is informed by another soldier of the close proximity to the Guran Galan. Aura Battlers from the Guran Galan quickly meet up with those departing from the Will Wipps and by teaming up in units of three, Drake’s soldiers have little trouble defeating them and pushing onward. Aboard the Guran Galan they are informed of the failure of the first unit. Ceila orders more units to head out. Todd’s unit quickly reaches the Guran Galan and starts their attack on the battleship. Kawasse tells Ceila to seek shelter, but she won’t leave the bridge. An Aura ship departs the Guran Galan in order to defend it and send out even more Aura Battlers.

Ceila is shocked to find out an Aura Ship has headed out and orders it back. It’s too late, as the entire ship is blown up seconds later. Ceila tells Kawasse to push the Guran Galan forward to this won’t happen again. She asks El Fino and Bel to get her pain killers. A pair of Bull Beggars hiding in the clouds head towards the Guran Galan. Aura Battlers force their way through the Aura Barrier and attack at close range. As the Bull Beggars approach the bridge, Ceila realizes their true intention, they are loaded with explosives. She tells Kawasse to steer the ship away from them but its too late, the two Bull Beggars crash into the Guran Galan and blow off a large portion of it. Ceila is shocked that Drake’s soldiers have reduced to such vicious methods. Marvel is shocked to find the Guran Galan so damaged. El Fino and Bel bring Ceila her medicine. Todd finds Shou and attacks him. He blames Shou for the war happening on Upper Earth. He tells Shou that if he had still had a Dunbine, Drake could have taken over all of Byston Well and never would have entered Upper Earth. Aboard the Will Wipps Drake orders another fleet of Aura Battlers to head out and surround the Guran Galan. Nie tells Keen to get ready for what they have planned earlier. He tells her to make sure Shou and Marvel survive the battle. Shou and Marvel see the Zelana approaching the battle. Todd tells Shou he’s upset that the war has come to Upper Earth and endangered his mother’s life. Shou damages the Vierres and Todd flies away. Bel tells Shou that Ceila is acting strangely and Shou heads to the bridge of the Guran Galan. Ceila supports her decision to bring the Guran Galan to the front. Shou tells Ceila that the Zelana is launching a surprise attack on the Will Wipps and that moving this far endangers their plans. Todd sees the Zelana charging towards the Will Wipps. Keen heads out on the Fou and Botune. They attack the bridge of the ship and crash the Fou into it. Drake’s advisors tell him to retreat to the second bridge. Todd heads to the Zelana and fights Keen. Marvel joins in on the battle. Aboard the Will Wipps, Drake and his advisor are amazed by Todd’s abilities. Marvel tells Todd they are both Americans and shouldn’t be fighting each other. Todd’s his usual arrogant self and won’t listen. Keen’s damaged Botune crashes towards the ocean but Shou saves her. Marvel gets the better of Todd and destroys his sword. He immediately retreats. Todd notices that another unit, led by Musiy has arrived. The battle over, Marvel thanks Shou for helping out. The Zelana and its Aura Battlers head back towards the Guran Galan.


With Drake and his Will Wipps heading to Europe to attack the Guran Galan, it looks like we’re finally approaching the final battle. Somewhat out of character, its Ceila this time who is a tad too aggressive by forcing the Guran Galan too close to the Will Wipps. I’m glad to see things escalating instead of the same old battles against Bishot Hate. Now that all four Aura Battleships have converged in Europe the finale is not that far off. Todd seems to be quite respected in Drake’s army now, helping Drake easily take over all of America (something we never see, outside of a short scene in Washington, D.C. about a half a dozen episodes ago). He still holds a big grudge towards Shou though, blaming him for taking the battle to Upper Earth. Despite that he doesn’t hesitate in continuing to fight, however.

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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