E-MF-LZ-00X-2 Layzner Mark II

General Information

Unit type: experimental multi-form super powered tracer
Overall height: 9.98 meters
Full combat weight: 15.61 tons
Armor thickness: 120mm
Engine output: 229 PU (power units)
Attitude control verniers: 22
Sensor sensitivity: -59.6db
Armament: lasered rifle, knuckle shot x 2, lasered gun x 2
Pilot: Albatro Null Eiji Asuka
Original mechanical designer: Kunio Okawara
Note: The E-MF-LZ-00X-2 Layzner Mark II was designed as a replacement for the SPT-LZ-00X Layzner, but it never appeared in the TV series due to its early cancelation after 38 episodes.

Flight mode:
Overall height:
 4.98 meters
Overall length: 8 meters
 11.35 meters
Main vernier: 6
Rocket thrusters: 30,297 kg total (5,410 kg x 4, 4,328 kg x 2)


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