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Eureka Seven Ep. 1: Blue Monday


Two men, Matthieu and Stoner, talk about the memories they have of music and movies and how they recall the relationships they had with each other back then. Matthieu, piloting the LFO Terminus typeR606 asks if they he can bail out. He is told a giant wave is coming and to stick with it. Stoner aims to take a photo as Mon-Soono KLFs surround them and fire at the typeR909 piloted by their leader, Holland Novak. He promptly takes out the enemy closest to him. They report back to a woman named Talho on their ship, the Gekko. Holland doesn’t seem that enthused about where they are going, Bell Forest although he initially recommended it. He holds a photo in his hands of an old man, teenage girl, her face crossed off, and a young boy. At a a home in the Bell Forest area where the boy from the photo, Renton Thurston, now 14 years old gets excited and heads out. Renton says he lives a sucky life and nothing happens around here. He talks to a Uno, a surfboard repairman who tells him that if he doesn’t believe in the waves he won’t be able to ride them well or do a Cutback Drop Turn. Renton hopes to be able to do one as Holland was able to when he was 14. Holland is shown on Ray=out, the self published magazine of the organization Gekkostate which Uno has copies of. Uno tells Renton that Holland was born in a different environment and that made a difference. Renton thinks he’ll make a big name for himself and do a cutback drop turn. Uno hands Renton back his surfboard telling him it’s on the house as a parting gift; he’s moving to Tower City where there are more waves. Renton is his only customer here. Renton thinks to himself of how hopeless this town is and that the only way to live a decent life is to join the military. In his classroom Renton listens to the teacher talk about the “Summer of Love,” when light particles called Trapars caused Compac Drives to go out of control and threw the world into chaos. The teacher speaks of how Renton’s father, Adroc Thurston saved the world. Suddenly a large piece of scrub coral pops up from out of the ground. Renton’s classmates ask him if anyone really saw his father save the world, and if his sister ran away from home to prove it. Renton punches one of them. Later, Renton stands on the roof while some of his classmates read a copy of Ray=out and talk about how Gekkostate are criminals. Renton, holding his compac drive in his hand, thinks back to when his sister left, saying they’ll see each other again if he believes in it. The girls nearby talk about how Renton is gross. Renton starts to head back home but finds his grandfather Axel has shown up to the school. Renton’s teacher tells him that Renton’s grades aren’t good enough for him to get into high school or the military academy. The teacher is about to say as Adroc’s son Renton can get special military treatment, but Axel interrupts, not wanting anyone from his family contributing to the military again. Later, Renton and Axel eat at a restaurant and Axel questions how he could explain this to Renton’s dead mother. Renton heads out on his bike, thinking about how things suck here but he will be happy as long as he can ride the waves. Renton is dismayed to find the spot where he likes riding the waves fenced off, with explosions occurring inside. Renton spots a military KLF nearby. Renton melts down further over how much this town sucks. That night Renton thinks about how he envies Holland despite him being a criminal as he rides the world freely with his friends, in search of nothing but waves. Renton hopes to become a member of Gekkostate himself someday. Renton’s compac drive lights up, with the words “Eureka,” the third time this month this has happened. He wonders if it is a secret code from the military or Gekkostate. Axel pokes his head up, embarrassing Renton. Axel claims Renton has a lot of junk and someone who can’t organize won’t be able to become a mechanic. Renton doesn’t want to be a mechanic and argues with his grandfather. Axel says he doesn’t mind Renton’s interest, but he has to accept reality. Nothing has changed after his father died a hero and his sister left. He thinks those who follow their dreams are idiots. Renton thinks Axel is worried more about what he’ll do after retiring. Renton says he’ll make a lot of money and be able to send him to a good old folk’s home, angering him further. Axel angrily grabs Renton’s surfboard and runs off with it. Renton chases after him. Suddenly an LFO rides close by and crashes into their home. Renton wonders what this LFO is in front of him and Axel tells him it’s the Nirvash typeZERO, the oldest LFO in the world. A blue haired girl gets out of the Nirvash cockpit and claims she is having problems with the Nirvash, wondering if Axel can look at it. Renton says she’s cute.

Axel talks on the phone with a supplier colleague. He looks at a photo of Renton in his father’s arms and says if he only he hadn’t found this thing. Renton happily looks at the Nirvash, now moved into a nearby warehouse. He thinks of how the Nirvash has the original compac drive and LFO data but looking all over it is unable to find it. The girl asks Renton to lend her a flame thrower. She feels bad for destroying his room and wants to do something to make up for it. Renton asks her about the empty space for a compac drive and she says it never had one. Renton says humans need a compac drive to pilot an LFO and says he’ll put his in as an experiment. The girl doesn’t seem that impressed and walks off. Renton thinks of how this is the ideal girl for him, one who doesn’t think what he says is strange and is going to fix up his room. Suddenly there is an explosion outside and Renton runs out, finding the girl praying over the burning wreckage saying it’s a funeral. Renton is upset, thinking there’s still some stuff in there and the girl chuckles. Watching from afar, Stoner is surprised that she’s laughing. He, Holland and Matthieu are looking from afar with binoculars. They’re waiting back as Holland wants to avoid Axel. Holland complains about how Renton is really starting to look like his sister. Renton and the girl find that Renton’s compac drive does no good with the Nirvash. The girl says you shouldn’t believe in something too much as you can end up being worse off as a result and she can’t believe in things she doesn’t know about. Axel shows up with a box, saying he was going to hand over a compac drive expansion pack over to Holland and will give it to her as one of his allies. His family has been torn apart by it and he never wants them to show themselves in front of him ever again. Suddenly several missiles are fired, which the girl senses. She takes off in the Nirvash, knocking off Axel and Renton and heading to the sky. In the air, aboard a military craft, the Izumo, Intelligence Bureau Official Dominic is upset at ship commander Jurgens for firing off missiles. A number of KLFs take off from the Izumo. Axel asks Renton what happened to the Nirvash. He tells Renton to give the compac drive expansion pack, the Amita Drive to that girl, and that his father claimed it will awaken the LFO. He tells Renton to use this and make them disappear. Renton takes off on his bike. Renton thinks to himself that he isn’t just doing this because his grandfather told him to, but he also needs to tell that girl something he couldn’t before. He drives over a cliff and jumps off with his surfboard. Renton immediately has regrets and wonders if he should have done this.


Eureka Seven‘s introductory episode does a good job introducing us to our main character, Renton and where he lives. Renton comes off as having big dreams, but lives in a town he hates. Despite his father being a hero, Renton doesn’t seem to be popular with his classmates and isn’t a good student either. He seems quite obsessed with riding waves and idolizes the rebel/celebrity Holland. A chance to totally upend his life literally crashes right on top of him as a blue haired girl smashes into his home with the Nirvash. It is love at first sight for Renton, and while she initially seems mystified by his behavior, he gets her to laugh, which her Gekkostate colleagues are quite surprised at. This first episode provides us some good visuals and world building. Bell Forest is well designed, despite not being liked by Renton. We are also treated to some excellent music, including my favorite musical track from the series, “Storywriter” and strong opening and ending themes. Eureka Seven shows us right off the bat that it’s going to be a bit different from the standard mecha fare, as the mechs, called LFOs and KLFs are literally riding surfboards! The whole concept of a rebel organization like Gekkostate having its own self published magazine is also a cool concept.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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