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Eureka Seven Ep. 11: Into the Nature


Federation Air Force Public Relations announces that there is an abnormal flow of trapars around South Aires and to evacuate the area immediately. Anemone and her badger consume some jam from jars. Dominic says it is time and that theEnd is ready for her. On the Gekko, Eureka puts her hand on the Nirvash and cuts herself. Talho talks to Mischa about Eureka which surprises the latter. Talho claims Holland is the one worried. Mischa says there’s nothing physically wrong with Eureka and it must be psychological. She believes her mental stress to be related to her link to the Nirvash. She thinks its Eureka’s problem rather than the Nirvash’s. In the mess hall Eureka is silent while the various other members of the crew eat. Gidget talks about a dream of going on a date with Moondoggie, causing Renton to proclaim he had a big dream about riding the waves. Renton asks Eureka what kind of dreams she’s had lately. She says she’s never had one in her life. Happ and Holland come in as Eureka gets up and leaves. Happ claims they have a Coralian and Renton asks what that is. Happ talks about the earlier incident in South Aires where they believe the Coralian to be. Holland considers this a chance they may not get for a while, although Talho brings up the concern that Eureka’s current condition may bring. Renton once again asks what a Coralian is to no answer. Eureka lays in her room staring at her bandaged fingers; her children worrying about her from outside. The Sage Council wonders if the Nirvash typeZERO’s activation triggered the appearance of the Coralian. Dewey, who is reporting to them through a hologram, says they may not get a chance like this again. Renton thinks back to how his repeated requests to find out what a Coralian is got different answers or no answer at all. Renton asks Eureka what it is and she doesn’t know either. Holland comes in to see if Renton has already told Eureka about it. She gets up to head to the Nirvash but Holland tells her she’s staying on the ship this time as she’s not completely better. Eureka asks who will enter The Zone if she’s not out there with them. Holland says he’ll let her go as long as she brings along Renton, but he’ll kill Renton if anything happens to her. Renton asks Eureka why she’s going in her condition and she says because Holland wants her to. All Renton is able to do is go along with it, but he thinks to himself about how they must have encountered a Coralian before. Aboard the Izumo, Dominic orders Jurgens to head to South Aires. As an adviser he is able to override Jurgens’ higher rank. Anemone, who is also on the bridge asks one of the crew about some of the controls and purposely pushes a button that sets off an alarm. Dominic tells Jurgens that he’ll also have to abandon his sleeping quarters and give it to Anemone. Anemone tells Jurgens to give her pet badger Gulliver a tour of the ship and walks off. Jurgens is frustrated by having to babysit such a creature.

In the bath Eureka stares at her fingers again. Her kids ask her if she’s okay and if she’s going away someplace. She says no. Suddenly an alarm goes off across the ship. Eureka hugs the kids and promises she’s coming back. The Gekko heads towards a large spherical object in the center of the storm which Holland says is the Coralian. He says things are stable and for Matthieu to not be scared. Holland wants to break into it, with the other LFOs heading ahead of the Nirvash to enable it to break through. On the Izumo, Anemone complains to Dominic about the old man stink of her new room. They sense a change in the Coralian ahead of them and Dominic overrules Jurgens plans on doing anything about it. In the Nirvash, Eureka asks it what is upsetting it. Renton gets in the other cockpit and the Amita Drive lights up. Eureka says she feels alright other than her head hurting her. Several Mon-Soonos depart from the Izumo to try and attempt contact with the Coralian. The typeR606, piloting by Matthieu and typeR808 piloted by Hilda depart the Gekko. The Nirvash follows. Hilda says the trapar waves are hard to get through. Stoner, who is on board with Matthieu asks for him to help him get in position for a better photo despite the trouble they are having. Dominic tells Anemone it’s almost time and that they should go. Two of the Mon-Soonos are unable to control themselves and crash; the third being destroyed by one of their remaining surfboards. Renton is excited but Eureka tells him to stay quiet and that it’s hard to concentrate. Anemone, in her pilot suit screams out that her head hurts too much for her to pilot. Dominic grabs a drug which he injects her with in the neck that instantly calms her down and gets her willing to pilot. One of the Izumo crew detects the Gekko. Anemone is now in her own LFO; eyes appearing throughout the cockpit. The Gekko also detects their enemy. Anemone’s LFO, theEnd launches. Renton worries about Eureka, who is pale, but she wants to keep piloting. She calls the area they are heading into The Zone. theEnd slices an arm off the typeR606, sending it out of control. The typeR808 grabs a hold of it. Hilda tells Eureka and Renton that she’ll come back to them. Renton quickly spots theEnd rushes towards them, using the sun as cover. Anemone is excited and says she’s going to kill them. theEnd grabs a hold of the Nirvash. Renton is surprised by the familiarity of its look to the Nirvash. theEnd launches an attack Anemone calls Bascude Crisis which bursts an immense blast of energy into the Nirvash.


The plot starts moving again with this episode as the Gekko makes its way towards a mysterious entity called the Coralian. It seems like no one has an answer for Renton on what a Coralian is, and the entity looks like a weather phenomenon, but is clearly something important with both the Gekko and the military being after it. Something seems wrong with Eureka but she isn’t willing to stay on the sidelines and still goes out to confront the Coralian, despite the risks. While Anemone had a brief introduction in the last episode we get a lot more of her here with her acting like quite the brat aboard the Izumo. Similar to Eureka she seems to be suffering from headaches, but unlike Eureka she is given no choice on whether to pilot and is drugged into heading out in a rather disturbing scene. Her LFO, theEnd, is quite the highlight. Not only is it quite scary and bizarre looking, but our heroes finally have an enemy mech which can put up a decent fight against them. It’s hard to believe across the first 10 episodes that our heroes never had a real challenge while in their mechs.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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