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Eureka Seven Ep. 13: The Beginning


The Izumo, while damaged, makes its way through the sky. Jurgens tells Dominic that once they’re stabilized they’ll recover theEnd, but Dominic has already headed to a life board craft which he departs with. Inside he has a motorcycle ready to take off. Renton speaks to himself about remembering his name and holds his hand up against the sky, speaking of holding Eureka’s hand in his vision. This snaps him back to reality and he finds Eureka passed out in the other cockpit. Renton heads over to her and then looks to theEnd right next to them. He rushes over and its cockpit opens, revealing the unconscious Anemone. Renton recognizes her from his recent visions, making him think it wasn’t just a dream. Dominic is revealed to be standing right behind Renton and holds him at gunpoint. Anemone starts shrieking and Eureka starts moaning as well. Dominic tells Renton to stay here as he rushes to Anemone, who shouts out about how her head hurts. Dominic tries to administer the same medicine he gave her before she took off but he drops the case of it to the ground, smashing it. Anemone demands he do something about her head. We cut to later; both Renton and Dominic have pulled their colleague out and laid them on the ground. Dominic says the closest place is Salisa Orne and they can find replacement medicine if he finds a military hospital. Renton asks Dominic to take him with him and reveals he’s holding the compac drive that will enable his motorcycle to drive. Renton also reveals he has pulled the muffler off of it as well. Renton says he’ll fix it in exchange for being brought along. Dominic relents. Meanwhile on the Gekko, Mischa is unable to detect the Nirvash or Renton’s vital signs. Holland wants to head out on the typeR909 LFO despite the lack of any waves. Ken-Goh believes the enemy will also head down for the enemy KLF and they may face them directly on the ground, but Holland is still insistent on going. Meanwhile Dominic complains about how noisy his fixed motorcycle is. Renton asks about Anemone and theEnd but Dominic won’t answer. Renton asks Dominic if he knows what a Coralian is. Dominic doesn’t pay attention to the road and they crash into an overturned truck. Dominic asks Renton where he heard Coralian from, prompting Renton to ask what it is again. Dominic reaches for his gun but realizes its missing. Renton points out that its broken remains are on the ground nearby. Later, the two of them work on moving the crashed bike and Renton continues to ask about what a Coralian is, talking about his experience inside. Dominic asks him if he entered The Zone. The motorcycle successfully moved; they get on to depart. In the nearby Salisa Orne, a van providing emergency announcements drives around. Dominic notices much of the town around them ruined as Renton pulls out a map. A girl in a nearby home throws a flower pot at them. Dominic drives off and they find some graffiti that Renton is unable to read. Dominic still struggles with the map. Renton notices a large number of missing person pamphlets taped to the same wall as the graffiti. A number of locals have shown up and confront Dominic, complaining about the military keeping things secret under the claim that they are investigating. One of the men tries to punch Dominic but is held back by him. Renton pushes the guy over and says they shouldn’t be fighting over something so stupid. He has found the location of the hospital based on the missing person pamphlets. One of the men punches Dominic before they head off. Renton complains to Dominic about how he should thank him. Dominic continues to struggle with the directions Renton provides.

Dominic and Renton have made it to the hospital where Dominic hands over the instructions for the medication he needs. The doctor thinks it is too much but Dominic says official military instructions will come in later. Renton notices a girl in a nearby bed holding a compac drive above her head. The doctor tells them to wait for the medication and points out where they can get treated given the bruises on their faces. Later, the medication has been provided and Dominic says they need to make their way back. Outside a local sits on Dominic’s motorcycle and drives off with it. Renton points to a van nearby that they can take. Renton asks about the girl he saw in the hospital. Dominic claims its desperation disease. He is unable to answer questions about it and says the girl was holding a plushie doll, not a compac drive. They return to the spot where the Nirvash and theEnd are. Renton provides water to Eureka. Renton tells Dominic he had a dream about Anemone while in the Coralian and asks who she is. Dominic asks if she was the only one he met in the dream and Renton says Eureka was also there. Dominic says they both fell for troublesome ladies. Dominic tells Renton his name and reveals he knows his. An explosion rings out behind them as several Mon-Soonos, in vehicle mode approach and start firing towards them. We find that several LFOs from the Gekko are also nearby and are engaging with them. Dominic tries to reach his allies to tell them to stop attacking to no avail. Renton calls out to the unconscious Eureka and says he’ll protect her. The compac drive in the Nirvash lights up and a glowing sphere appears around the Nirvash and theEnd. The Nirvash holds out its hand towards Renton. Aboard the Gekko, Mischa wonders what is going on. They start detecting trapars where the Coralian was. Renton and Dominic look at each other as Renton makes his way onto the Nirvash. Holland, Stoner and Matthieu watch from nearby and Holland wants to continue towards it. Renton notices Eureka’s name appealing in the Amita Drive. Dominic realizes the Nirvash is accepting someone other than Eureka. The three LFOs from the Gekko take off into the sky and the Nirvash quickly flies past them, back towards the Gekko. Holland tells them to withdraw. Dominic says to Anemone, who is still unconscious, that they have met their true enemies. On the Gekko, Eureka’s children worry for her as she lays down unconscious. Mischa says not to worry and that she’ll be up soon enough after some rest. Matthieu and other crew members are impressed by what the Nirvash was able to do but Mischa yells at them to not touch it. Renton asks Holland what Eureka is and he says she’s just an ordinary girl. Renton wonders why he had her go out then and thinks Holland knew this would happen if she was in contact with a Coralian. Holland asks Renton what he saw in his dream. Renton says he was able to see his sister. He thinks to himself how none of it seemed real. On the Izumo various medics look over Anemone. Dominic looks at the recent issue of Ray=out with Renton on the cover.


After the last couple of episodes were action packed and experimental in nature this episode is a bit of a come down, showing us the aftermath of the battle. The close contact with the Coralian has clearly affected both Eureka and Anemone in a very negative way. This leads to Renton and Dominic having to temporarily get along and travel together. The trope of people on opposing sides having to temporarily work together has appeared in numerous anime and I can’t say Eureka Seven does anything all that unique with the dynamic here. Although it was fun to see Renton pull out his old mechanic experience to wreck Dominic’s motorcycle to the extent that Dominic needed him and couldn’t just shoot him. Their experience in the city doesn’t go well with the populace being quite upset at the military. Their trip to the military hospital brings us some more world building, in particular the strange desperation disease which Renton sees affecting a girl there.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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