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Eureka Seven Ep. 15: Human Behavior


Renton, Matthieu and Eureka walk down a street having just missed a bus. They are visiting the city of Controrado which is the city where Renton’s parents originally met. Now the city is under military control. In the nearby woods, Renton tries to throw a puncha nut fruit down to Matthieu from up in a tree, but Matthieu is unable to catch it. Renton tosses another one down but it is immediately shot before it hits the ground. A man dressed in military garb points his gun at them. Renton recognizes the man as his uncle and jumps down. Later, the three of them sit in Renton’s uncle’s home. Renton thinks of how this all happened because Matthieu became health conscious after their encounter with the Coralian. We see a flashback of Matthieu telling Gonzy of how he respected nature now. This kicked off a health conscious fad throughout the Gekko. All the junk food on the ship disappeared, replaced by healthy fruit and vegetables. This led to Matthieu becoming interested in the puncha nut, one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. Renton explains he knows of the puncha nut in order to impress Eureka, but its Matthieu who reacts instead, wanting Renton to show him. They talk to Holland about heading to Controrado. Holland complains about them having already spent all their money on the healthy food but changes his mind upon being told that Renton and his sister spent time there as a kid. Eureka tells Renton she wants to come along, even though she isn’t feeling fully recovered yet. The Nirvash heads out and Eureka gets frustrated at her ability over controlling it. In Controrado they find that the puncha nuts are incredibly expensive such that they can’t even purchase one of them. Back in the present, seeing a wanted post of them on the wall, Renton lies to his uncle about Eureka and Matthieu being his classmates. Renton’s uncle punches Renton, upset at him for bringing his classmates out to steal with him. He asks Eureka and Matthieu for their forgiveness and introduces himself as Yukatan Iglacias. He tells them to make themselves at home and leaves the room. The clock strikes 3:00; the time Holland ordered them to come back by. Later they eat at a table with several of Yukatan’s friends, to whom he makes up things about Renton. Renton looks at photos on the wall of his father and uncle. Matthieu realizes that Renton is Adroc’s son and feints being really impressed. He initially turns down some alcohol from one of the men but changes his mind and accepts it. One of the other men asks Renton if Eureka is his fiancé and his uncle says yes. He claims she’s the daughter of a Tower Station commander, going to North Shore University and that the two of them are arranged to be married. Once again seeing the wanted poster on the wall, Renton reluctantly shuts up. Yukatan’s friends are really impressed and start singing about Adroc. Renton grows even more frustrated and slams his fist on the table. He gets up, saying he’s going to the bathroom and leaves. Meanwhile on the Gekko, Hilda is angry about them being late.

Renton lays in a bed thinking about how this isn’t the first time his uncle has been telling lies. He knows his father was his uncle’s pride and joy but feels that it has nothing to do with him. Even so he feels he can’t tell him about his involvement with Gekkostate. Renton spots a toy robot on the shelf; happy that it’s still around. Eureka comes in and Renton tries to apologize for his uncle’s behavior. Eureka admits she wasn’t even really listening. He tells her about the toy and how he’d imagine piloting it as a kid. Eureka asks how long they are going to be here and says they have to get back soon, but Renton wants to stay a little longer. Renton is reluctant to tell the truth to his uncle and Eureka sys she will do so. This causes Renton to panic and say he’ll do it himself. They head back to the dining area and find Matthieu tied up. Yukatan and his friends come out. Holding a copy of Ray=Out with Renton on the cover, they reveal that they know about his involvement in Gekkostate. Yukatan claims Renton has infiltrated the organization as a spy. Eureka says this isn’t true and that he’s an official member. Yukatan claims he didn’t want Renton on this mission and that he’s been brainwashed by the enemy. Renton says that’s crazy but just then soldiers come in and take Matthieu away. Spotting Eureka, the soldiers say they will take her with them as well but she flees. Renton is held back by his uncle until he is able to step on his foot and steal his rifle. Renton says they’re the ones who are brainwashed. He looked up to Gekkostate and has joined them. Renton tosses away the rifle and flees. On the Gekko, Hilda wants to go out and search for the three of them. Matthieu and Eureka are locked up in a van as it heads down the road. The Mon-Soonos surrounding them proclaim they are going to have to fight and we see the Nirvash flying around outside. It leaves the van aside and battles the Mon-Soonos. Eureka, watching the Nirvash take out the enemy says this isn’t like it at all. Renton on the other hand is enjoying himself quite a bit. Later on the Gekko, Matthieu praises Renton’s performance, but Eureka simply walks off silent. Happ asks about the puncha nut and Matthieu says they don’t have it. Hilda gets more angry at him upon realizing he’s been drinking. Holland tells Renton to finish what he’s started. In the end Matthieu takes the blame and the health fad on the Gekko fades away. Since then Eureka still approaches the Nirvash but won’t touch it and glares at Renton rather angrily upon seeing him. Renton wonders if she’s mad about him operating the Nirvash without her consent or because he was able to do it better than her. Meanwhile Yukatan has his home searched by the military, who have figured out who Renton is, and he’s led away in handcuffs. Renton thinks of how he wants to ride the Nirvash more and more and that he can finally do something now.


This is another episode that is rather stand alone in nature, focusing on a health craze that has hit the Gekko and the rather awkward situation Renton gets himself into as a result. Here we meet Renton’s uncle, who starts making up elaborate lies about Renton in order to impress his friends. Yukatan comes across as someone who felt rather inferior to his brother Adroc and may have never experienced all that much success himself so he’s trying to do so vicariously through his nephew. He doesn’t seem to care whatsoever about Renton but is more so using the situation to look good and build favor. Luckily Renton’s skills with the Nirvash settle the affair pretty quickly as he’s able to rescue Matthieu and Eureka and defeat the enemy KLFs pretty easily on his own. Renton’s successful usage of the Nirvash and Eureka’s corresponding lack of success is causing her to become rather upset. Beyond that development though this largely comes off as an inventory filler episode that could have been slipped in anywhere in the show. The health craze aboard the Gekko is over by episode’s end and Renton’s uncle was never mentioned as existing before this episode.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer:
Shoji Kawamori

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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