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Eureka Seven Ep. 18: Ill Communication


Various members of the Gekko crew work with the reflection films and speculate on what they’ll be eating next. Happ says Hilda and Eureka went out to buy them some food. Ken-Goh tells Holland they’ll be finished in 3 days and Holland says they are done for the day. Renton is soon left behind by the others as they depart and runs off to urinate in private. Renton soon hears the yelling of an old man telling him that he is polluting the scubs and to get out. Later, the crew meets with the old man, Brittany, telling him they aren’t intentionally polluting the scubs and will be out of here once repairs are finished. Brittany is adamant that they leave within 3 days. He claims the scub is still kicking and that he’s close to tens of thousands of trapar waves being set free. Various members of the crew comment on Brittany but Talho says they may be here a month and its best to make friends. Happ tells Renton to go ahead and do so. Renton watches Brittany make his way into a home in the nearby town in the caves. Renton follows him inside and finds a room with maps along the wall; red Xs are placed over areas he has visited. Renton also spots a photo of Brittany with another man from 14 years ago. Brittany comes in, asking Renton if anyone has shown him discipline. Renton apologizes for coming in and says he’s here to apologize for earlier. Brittany, working on opening a can, asks Renton if the others told him to come here and tells him to leave. Renton puts the picture back and walks out. The next day the Gekko crew gets annoyed by the loud noises being caused by Brittany as he hammers on a vehicle he uses to dig through the mines. Renton heads there to help and Gidget says he’s amazing. Eureka’s children, helping her set out some breakfast comment on the noise stopping. Maeter wants to head out but Eureka refuses, causing her to cry. Hilda says Eureka is tired and she’ll go out instead. Later, Holland and Mischa look over Eureka, who lays in bed, wondering if the scubs or Nirvash are causing her to be so tired. It’s been 9 – 10 days since she stopped being close to the Nirvash though, and Mischa says this is the first time she experienced this in her life. Various crewmembers complain to Hilda about the limited food and the lack of bread. Hilda says she’s locked it up since someone took some without permission and won’t fess up. Renton asks Talho how Eureka is doing, who tells him to see her if he’s concerned. Renton spots Brittany outside and goes to his home, bringing some food for him. Upon going inside, Renton sees some bread and realizes Brittany was the thief. He sets down the food and is about to walk out when the clock in the room malfunctions. We cut to later; while Brittany eats, Renton works on fixing the clock. Brittany says he was wrong about Renton not being disciplined. He asks Renton his name and realizes he’s the grandson of Axel Thurston. Renton is excited about someone knowing of the Thurston family due to reasons other than his dad. Brittany praises Renton’s grandfather and his digging. Renton thinks of how his grandfather must be lonely right now and he can’t go back to visit while he’s in training. Brittany pulls a mining suit out of the locker nearby and tells Renton to put it on.

Later, Renton and Brittany make their way through the caves, wearing their mining suits. Renton asks how far they are going to go and that he has to pee. Brittany tells him to turn off the lights on his suit and upon doing so the cave walls start glowing green. The remains of various LFOs are stuck amongst the cliff walls and Brittany says these are among the oldest in the world, as well as the place where the most of them are gathered. Renton notices some of the LFOs are disappearing and Brittany says they are dying. Later, the Gekko crew continues to work on the reflection films, and Renton is with them. Matthieu comments on Brittany not being around today and Renton says he’s going to go look for him. Woz also asks him to move the Nirvash, which he does. Renton waves to Brittany upon realizing that he’s coming by. Brittany is shocked to see the Nirvash. Brittany refuses to tell Renton what’s bothering him and leaves. That night, Renton heads out to bring Brittany some food but Eureka stops him first, asking if the Nirvash is doing alright. Renton tells her he’s heading to the dig site and asks if she wants to come with him. Later, the two of them walk silently and Renton thinks about how he must say something. Eureka stops, not wanting to go any further. Renton continues to panic in his head over what to say to Eureka until she says she hears some noise nearby. Renton says its Brittany and heads off to bring him food. Hearing a banging noise, Renton heads back to the Gekko and realizes that the noise is Brittany, trying to break into the cockpit of the Nirvash. Brittany pulls out a revolver on Renton once he approaches. The rest of the crew monitor some military communications, hoping that they’ll overlook them. Eureka rushes in to tell them about Renton. At that moment, Renton is piloting the Nirvash, being held at gunpoint by Brittany. Renton asks Brittany what he’s going to do. Brittany, who has failed to dig up something of value in the mines feels that he will be recognized for having the Nirvash, despite stealing it. Renton tells him his son wouldn’t be happy about him obtaining the Nirvash in this fashion. Three military Mon-Soono KLFs soon surround the Nirvash, getting it to stop. Three LFOs have departed as well, making their way there. Renton is able to quickly defeat the Mon-Soonos before being knocked over by Holland’s LFO typeR909. Matthieu says they’re now spotted and Holland easily knocks the revolver out of Brittany’s hand upon telling him that the safety is still on. Holland says there’s no point in killing him and he can run off to wherever he wants. The Gekko‘s LFOs head off, with Renton heading shortly behind them in the Nirvash. Later, Happ tries to stop Holland from beating Renton. Holland is angry at Renton, asking if he thinks he can pilot the Nirvash by himself. Talho slaps Holland, telling him this wasn’t Renton’s fault and he should stop using him as a means to escape. Holland angrily kicks over a chair and leaves. Renton gets up and thinks about how he hasn’t been listening and he was focusing too much on Brittany and his digging. He wonders why Brittany didn’t start digging at another site and what he wanted his son to say with him having the Nirvash. He wonders why his father left him the Amita Drive; if he should be protecting it, and if not, why he’s here. Eureka comes to Renton’s room and thanks him for protecting him. She says that he should be piloting the Nirvash and she can’t do anything now. Renton opens the door but tells her he can’t concentrate now and she should leave him alone. Eureka kicks the door in frustration.


Another average episode that I think continues to highlight my biggest problem with Eureka Seven, how slow the storyline moves along. While I have no particular problem with the Brittany storyline in this episode, it is rather frustrating that for 3 out of the last 4 episodes we feature the Gekko crew coming across some side character and them primarily being the focus of the episode while the plot barely moves. We do get a few other things occurring, such as the military being made aware of the Gekko‘s presence, and Eureka continuing to get over the bad mood that she’s been in, but things like this should be more of the focus instead of a side character who I presume similar to Neil and Renton’s uncle will not appear again. Holland’s attitude towards Renton, and taking out his frustration on him bothers me as well, but it was good to see Talho slap him and try and get him to realize that he was in the wrong.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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