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Eureka Seven Ep. 19: Acperience 2


Eureka, being tended to by Mischa, is hesitant to go back into the cave, where the Gekko is. Mischa admits that she doesn’t know what is causing Eureka’s condition or how to treat it and says just to bear with it. Eureka’s kids come in excited but quiet down as soon as they see her. The five of them head to get Renton who is laying in bed looking at a toy LFO and won’t open the door. Renton thinks of how everyone is selfish and destroyed his faith in them. This includes even Eureka, who he thinks doesn’t realize he’s piloting the Nirvash for her sake. Talho shows up and is able to kick the door in, demanding Renton come back with them. During the van ride back Renton and Eureka are completely silent. Eureka leans into Renton but stops when Talho chews him out, saying they’ll leave him behind next time. Once inside, Talho checks in with Happ, who says they are getting the last films installed on the Gekko. The bigger issue at the moment is the lack of trapars in the area. Talho tells Renton to get food ready for everyone and he gets distracted by Eureka needing to be helped inside the Gekko by Mischa. Happ tells Talho that Holland was heading to the jump catapult to read the waves. There, Holland puts his hand in the air as the wind blows. Talho asks Holland if he believes what Brittany said about the scub being alive and there being trapars within the cave. She asks him if he’ll send the Nirvash out and gets frustrated when she says Renton can pilot it without Eureka. Eureka’s state of being scares the kids away and she tries to head after them but feels too weak. She wonders if they all hate her now like the Nirvash. The kids come to Renton to cry as he heats up pizza in the microwave. Eureka makes her way down the hall to the deck where the Nirvash is. Renton and the kids head to Eureka’s room to bring her pizza, not realizing she isn’t in there until he opens the door. Eureka thinks the kids hate her and asks the Nirvash what she should do as she sits in the cockpit. Eureka puts her hand on the Amita Drive and pulls it out, saying she wishes she never changed at all. This action activates the Nirvash. The Gekko crew has wrapped up repairs on the Gekko, but are unable to leave without trapar waves. Suddenly the Nirvash takes off and heads into the cave, piloting itself as Eureka sits in the cockpit. Renton gets into another craft to head after them. Aboard the Gekko bridge, Woz detects that there are 100 military crafts surrounding the caves. The military’s forces, consisting of numerous missile launchers, fire at the cave. Holland orders the Gekko crew to prepare for launch. The military prepares to launch another set of missiles, comfortable that the Gekko won’t take off without trapar waves.

The cave is blasted again by the military. Holland checks with Woz, who says the enemy won’t be able to launch their KLFs at them. Holland wants to launch but Talho asks if he’s willing to head out without the Nirvash. Thinking Renton is piloting it, Holland says he puts the survival of Eureka and the rest of them over the Nirvash. Talho asks if he’s serious, considering whom Renton is the younger brother of. Gidget, having heard from Mischa, says that Eureka is missing and they realize she is the one on the Nirvash. Mischa says Renton went after her. Holland decides that they will wait to take off until the last possible moment. Renton makes his way through the caves looking for Eureka. Meanwhile, the Nirvash has made its way to the end of a cliff. Eureka has left it and walks up to the cliff wall in a stupor. She puts her hand on it and it glows pink. Eureka falls into the wall which starts becoming organic and absorbs her. Renton sees glowing sparks appearing in the air around him and the area before him glows pink. Renton has a brief vision of Eureka and he stops his vehicle. Renton notices the Nirvash on a cliff above him. Meanwhile the military launches another attack by the entrance of the cave. Renton heads to the Nirvash and finds the Amita Drive pulled out. Renton calls out for Eureka and finds her in the wall nearby with scub, a pink, organic-like substance covering her entire body. Eureka has a vision of being in a room where red curtains are being pulled away. She then finds herself in an area with numerous empty bookshelves and a large setting sun in the distance. She looks around for a book, eventually finding one, although its pages are blank. She thinks that this is her, a book without anything written in it. She thinks of how she is nothing at all and stares at the moon above her. We then see her falling, asking for someone to help her. Renton’s hand appears and catches her. Back in reality, Renton pulls Eureka from the wall. Eureka says she deserves this for pulling out the Amita Drive. Renton says they must go back as all she can say is she’s sorry. More blasts strike the cave, with pieces of the ceiling falling around the Gekko. Holland orders the Gekko to launch, even though Renton and Eureka aren’t back yet. Renton apologizes to Eureka as he holds her in the cockpit and begs for the Nirvash to give him the power to protect her. The Amita Drive lights up and the Nirvash is activated. On the Gekko, the crew detects a large amount of trapar waves behind them. Renton notices the source of trapars below them and asks Eureka to answer him. The Nirvash ascends. The Gekko takes off and the top of the mountain explodes, wiping away all the clouds in the sky. The military commander orders that they retreat. The Gekko makes its way to the sky. Woz shows Holland footage of the Nirvash making its way out of the top of the mountain and he wonders if this was a seventh swell effect. Later, the Nirvash and Gekko have met back up. Holland asks Renton what has happened to Eureka and he doesn’t know, saying she was like this when he found her. Holland realizes Renton controlled the Nirvash on his own. Holland tells Renton that he’s not allowed to pilot the Nirvash any longer and he doesn’t know what he’ll do with him if he reveals to anyone what happened to Eureka.


After four episodes of the Gekko being in the cave the plot finally starts moving forward again. After the military was initially alerted of their presence in the prior episode, a large force has arrived to attack and the Gekko is able to make its way out after the emergence of a large amount of trapar waves. While it seemed like Eureka was making her way back to normal the last couple of episodes her attitude and physical strength basically goes back to ground zero here. While I don’t expect the heroes of a story to always be in a happy mood, it’s been quite frustrating at how long she’s behaved so miserably, something that also comes from Renton in this episode. Something in the cave attracts Eureka and the Nirvash to it though, causing Renton to find her in a horribly disfigured state. Holland’s continued bad attitude towards Renton, including his orders for him to no longer pilot the Nirvash are as frustrating as ever here. Holland may be an adult, but he’s been acting like a little kid. The dream-like sequence Eureka had was interesting and her finding a book with nothing written in it seems to be a good representation of her, a character for whom I wouldn’t necessarily say is a blank slate, but is one that I hope for us to learn more about and who needs to develop more of a personality.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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