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Eureka Seven Ep. 21: Runaway


In the medical room, the Vodarac priest speaks before Eureka, who shudders in pain as parts of the scub fall off of her. The priest is using substance from the bottle that Tiptori gave Holland previously. The priest says that Eureka looks like someone who has gone to the eighth realm and has returned to the third. The procedure is completed, with all the scub now off of her. Renton wakes up from a nightmare about the severed arm of the Mon-Soono pilot. He looks at a copy of the issue of Ray=out with him on the cover, then throws it aside in frustration and goes back into his sleeping bag. Mischa monitors Eureka’s vitals in the medical room as she sleeps. In the dock of the Gekko, Holland thanks the Vodarac priest, who tells him not to let that which caused her to become like this near her. The priest departs with colleagues. Holland has come to the conclusion that the priest meant that they should separate Renton and Eureka. Holland is reluctant to take responsibility for bringing Renton on board the ship. In his room, Renton thinks of how he killed someone with his own hands and that he’s been doing so all along. Renton’s stomach growls and he chows down on some potato chips in the Gekko‘s store, although that does nothing to make him feel better. Gidget walks into the store and tells him to put a candy bar on her tab. Renton thinks of how no one will give him a kind word when he is in so much pain. Eureka’s kids refuse to let him into the medical room, saying that Holland told them that he caused this. Mischa tells Renton that Eureka is alright physically, but isn’t mentally. For now, no one is allowed to see her. Renton consumes several more bags of potato chips. He heads to the Gekko‘s lounge but upon seeing many members of the crew there decides not to go in. Renton consumes even more bags of potato chips in the ship’s store. Matthieu stops by and asks him if the silk underwear he ordered has come in. Renton initially doesn’t answer then tries to with a bunch of chips in his mouth. Matthieu finds a large pair of underwear sitting around. Renton, frustrated, says that everyone knew that they were in war and killing people but didn’t say so. Matthieu admits it and says that should be common sense. He asks Renton if he really thinks they were just an ordinary group of wave riders and says as people fighting against the government they must kill in order to survive. Renton asks how they can behave so normally doing that and he says this is everyday life for them. Renton should have known that when he joined Gekkostate. Renton runs off. Eureka’s children continue to guard her room, but are distracted by a mechanical rat that Renton sets to go down the hallway. Once they’ve left Renton goes into the medical room, where Eureka has woken up. Renton asks her if she has a minute.

Renton sits down on Eureka’s bed and they talk, both admitting that they’re not supposed to be talking to each other. Eureka says she can feel her heart speeding up with him here. Renton tells her he’s found out that they are fighting in a war and while she told this to him before, it didn’t feel real to him until now. Renton says he was fighting to protect her. She says if one destroys a human they’ll never come back. This upsets Renton who says again that this was all for her. Renton apologizes and runs off. Telling himself he’s the absolute worst, Renton starts packing his things in his room. He thinks of how he was doing this to protect Eureka and that she now hates him as well. Renton puts on his backpack and grabs his surfboard, leaving his room. In the hall he remembers that he forgot the Amita Drive, but decides that it isn’t worth it. Renton heads to the exit, and along the way Gonzy asks him if he wants tea. Renton jumps out of the ship, descending through the atmosphere with his surfboard until his parachute goes off. Meanwhile, a ship heads off from a military base with several KLFs alongside it. On another ship, the Hakucho, a woman named Ray tells a man eating a slice of pizza that they have a job. He initially complains, saying he wants his pizza hot but she says they’ll finish before it gets cold. The Hakucho quickly approaches the military craft, and the two of them head out on their own LFO Spearheads, standing on a single surfboard. As they approach the ship the surfboard is destroyed, but they fly their way up anyway, destroying the remaining KLFs and blasting the military ship from behind. The man pokes holes throughout the ship with his LFO and smashes into the cockpit, causing the ship to crash. Ray asks him if they should loot the ship, but he says they weren’t paid for that. Ray tells him she loves him. Meanwhile, Anemone attacks Dominic, complaining about not being allowed on theEnd to battle the Nirvash. Dominic says they have more important things to concern themselves with and that Dewey is finding someone else to do that for them. Elsewhere, Dewey meets with the two mercenaries. Dewey asks if they know of the origin of the word free lancer. The man asks if he wants him back in the military and refuses to do so. Dewey responds by saying he’ll let him settle his score with Holland, to which the man reacts more favorably. Back on the Gekko, Holland tells Talho that someone is spreading rumors about him. He complains further about Renton, but Talho says that he had saved both him and Eureka and he should understand Renton’s feelings for her. Holland continues to insist that Renton is dangerous and frustrated, Talho leaves. Talho walks past Moondoggie in the hall, who says his favorite bag is missing. Talho heads into the ship’s store and sees the potato chip bags Renton was eating from in the trash. She goes to Eureka’s kids looking for him to no avail. In the medical room, Eureka asks Mischa if someone stopped by and says she wonders if it was Renton. Talho goes to Renton’s room and stepping inside finds it empty. Gonzy, in the hallway asks her if she’d like some tea and tells her that Renton has left the ship. Talho is frustrated at Renton leaving without permission and says she’s going to spank his backside when he returns. Renton has made his way to the ground and looking at the sunset, wonders what he’s going to do.


It’s another fairly strong episode for us here as we see the aftermath of Renton’s rampage in the prior episode. Renton is devastated over the fact that they’ve been at war and have been killing other people. It goes to show just how naïve Renton has been this entire time. Renton has had several opportunities to realize the seriousness of the situation Gekkostate is in, but his feelings for Eureka and adoration of the group has clouded all of that. Now that he’s come to realize what is truly going on, it’s broken him. Renton proceeds to massively overreact to what Eureka tells him, and also thinks that she hates him. With said feeling, Renton feels there’s no point in him being on the Gekko anymore and he leaves. It is an interesting direction to take the story in, granted something we’ve seen in other mecha shows in the past, such as the original Mobile Suit Gundam. It was rather funny to see how overboard Renton goes with consuming potato chips, eating in excess of 10 full bags of them. Through the help of the Vodarac priest, Eureka appears to be healed, although her appearance has been drastically altered. She’s lost much of her hair, including both of her eyebrows and has scars on her face. Her new appearance appears to be primarily inspired by the character Kinue from the 1980s mecha show Round Vernian Vifam. This episode also introduces what appears to be a husband and wife mercenary duo. It’s a pretty memorable introduction, although we only learn one of their names. They sound to be ex-military, much like Gekkostate and have a grudge with Holland. I’m looking forward to seeing any new dynamic they add to the show.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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