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Eureka Seven Ep. 22: Crack Pot


On the Gekko, Gidget happily looks out at the clouds below them although Talho says they are signaling a tectonic shift. Hilda sneaks her way onto the bridge and grabs Talho’s head, teasing her about wrinkles. A dejected Gidget leaves. Mischa allows Eureka’s kids to go in the medical room and see her. Eureka is now sitting up. The kids show her presents they have brought and they hug. Mischa hands some bills over to Hilda and they whisper about Renton’s recent departure and that he snuck in to see Eureka before he left. Eureka hasn’t been told yet that Renton is gone. Renton left behind a simple note saying not to look for him. Mischa thinks this is to be expected from an adolescent boy. Hilda says their leader is undergoing his own second adolescence. We see someone open the door to Renton’s room, then shut it and leave. Meanwhile Renton travels down a road on his surfboard, passing empty gas stations, markets and other areas in the desolate landscape. Renton rests for a while, staring at the sky. We also see him flee for some shelter while it rains. Eventually he makes his way to a city and sleeps on a bench. While he sleeps, a man steals his backpack, sleeping bag and the contents of his pockets. The man leaves Renton with his surfboard and a photo of Eureka. Renton wakes up the next morning, finding his things gone. On the Gekko, Holland pees in the restroom and Happ, who is in one of the stalls, asks him what he’s going to do regarding Renton and telling Eureka. Happ talks of when they were adolescents and asks if history is repeating itself. Holland leaves, forcing Happ to depart the stall naked in order to turn off the water faucet. Renton wanders the streets, thinking about how he has no plan and how on the Gekko he didn’t feel alone. He heads to the park and lies down near where some homeless people are sleeping. The next day, Renton is woken up by loud music. He sees a variety of people dancing in the park as DJs play music. Dancing before two of the speakers are Ray and her husband. Renton starts gesturing to the beat and is noticed by him as they are doing the same thing. Later, he asks Renton where he came from and compliments him on his homemade surfboard. He introduces himself as Charles Beams and shakes Renton’s hand. Charles tries to think of where he’s heard Renton’s name before to no avail. The two continue to chat and Charles points out Ray, telling Renton she’s a hot babe. Renton notices the music has changed and Charles talks about the songs being used. Charles specifically pays attention to Renton’s surfboard. Suddenly the ground shakes as a tectonic shift occurs. Charles runs out to Ray and Renton flees as scub corals burst their way out of the ground. Several poles fly into the air and almost impale Renton before Ray pulls him out of the way. Renton thanks Ray and Charles brings him some water, introducing her as his wife.

On the Gekko, Gidget brings Eureka some spare underwear and cosmetics. She says Eureka has changed. The two eat a candy bar. Gidget says Eureka has been hard to approach, as if she’s been cold and indifferent. Gidget says she wishes they could have had a girl-to girl friendship, similar to what Hilda and Talho have. Gidget tells Eureka to let her know if anything is ever troubling her. Gidget asks Eureka about Renton and says she’s started to smile more since he arrived. Gidget talks about her feelings for Moondoggie and how she wants to lend him a hand whenever she sees him. Eureka says she wants to talk to Renton about a lot of things but is scared to look at his face right now, wondering why. Gidget says it’s because she’s in love. Meanwhile, Charles and Ray show Renton around their ship and he speaks about how different it seems from what he’s used to. Renton thinks about how he may have not been able to take advantage of their offer had the tectonic shift not occurred. Ray prepares some food while Renton looks at the boards they have on their wall. Charles says they are all his and Renton asks about the low maneuverability of his boards. Charles talks about how the magazines are wrong; it doesn’t matter as long as one is having fun. Renton thinks about how he thought everything about Gekkostate was good because he read it in Ray=out and didn’t think about it. Charles shows Renton his Spearhead, which Renton is quite impressed with. Renton says he doesn’t see a board anywhere. Charles asks him if he wants to ride it and Renton takes him up on his offer. Renton, sitting in the cockpit says this feels more like a Terminus type than a Mon-Soono. Charles says he doesn’t need a board to ride the trapar waves. Ray contacts Charles about a job to help a transportation ship owned by someone called Lloydwright that got inconvenienced due to the tectonic shift. Charles is reluctant to help at first but Ray says they owe him. Charles decides to head out and takes Renton along with him. Charles heads out and Renton realizes that the Spearhead has boards attached to its back, enabling it to have some sort of flying effect. As they head forward they get a distress call about the transport ship being attacked. Charles makes his way closer and quickly takes out one of the enemy LFOs. Two more approach but he swiftly gets the better of them and knocks them off their boards. Standing over the last LFO, Charles pulls out a rifle and shoots into the cockpit until it stops. Later, Renton is pleased by the meal Ray has prepared for them, although Ray is rather frustrated with Charles. Renton happily eats with the two of them and thinks about how this is the first time in his life he felt so peaceful. Meanwhile, as snow starts falling from the sky, Dominic makes his way towards Renton’s old home in Bell Forest.


Renton’s time away from the Gekko begins and he quickly finds himself in a bind, with no real place to stay and has his things stolen while he sleeps. He ends up lucking out into meeting Charles and Ray, the mercenaries that we met in the prior episode. The two befriend Renton quite quickly and even take him in after a tectonic shift occurs. Although we found that the two have an adversarial past with Holland, both are quite likable and I look forward to us spending more time with them. The client that they work for in this episode, called Lloydwright, is presumably a reference to Franklin Lloyd Wright, the architect. Aboard the Gekko we see some immediate aftermath to Renton’s departure, although it seems like much of the crew still doesn’t know he’s gone, most importantly Eureka. It was good to see the conversation between her and Gidget though where Eureka at least somewhat admits to her feelings towards Renton.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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