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Eureka Seven Ep. 23: Differentia


Renton washes dishes aboard the Hakucho and Charles praises him for the job he’s doing. Renton thinks of how he’s doing the same thing he did on the Gekko but while there they yelled at him, here they are treating him much better. He thinks of how comfortable it is here. Ray asks him if he’s homesick and if he misses his mom. Renton realizes he’s holding her bra and gets embarrassed. She tells him they’re landing soon and he looks at the lights below them. She says they’re going to be spending the night in the city and want him to come with them. She’ll be more careful about her underwear now that he’s here. Later, the Hakucho has landed and at customs Charles claims to be a courier. They are told by the attendant that they should hurry as they are approaching the curfew. Renton stares at the passport given to him, which lists him as Charles and Ray’s son. Later, as they drive around, Renton stares at it. He hears sirens from within the city nearby. They stop their jeep at an area where a lot of injured people are being tended to. Charles claims this is from terrorism. The three of them head in a building, finding a couple and their comatose daughter who lies in bed. Vodarac religious symbols are left around her. Charles says he can’t guarantee he’ll be able to get her to the holy land in time, but her father is fine with it. The curfew alarm goes off outside. Charles says they can take her out now but there will be some difficulty and the father says he doesn’t want her to suffer more hardships and they can go in the morning. Renton wants to take her to a hospital where they can find life support for her, but Ray says they are unable to use it on her because her family is Vodarac and have been refused treatment because they are the same religion as the terrorists who caused it. While Renton is frustrated about it, her parents have come to peace with it. Renton gets more bothered, saying there is no such thing as eternal life. Charles says they shouldn’t meddle with it. Renton says he’s colder hearted than he thought. Renton asks about the girl’s doctor and finds him in the hallway. He shows Renton that the life support that could have saved the girl is being used on a boy instead. Renton asks if they can find more and is told they’d be able to treat her if they did. The girl’s parents have put her in a wheelchair and leave the room to thank the doctor. Renton hides around the corner and opens the door. Meanwhile on the Gekko, Eureka wakes up as Mischa is measuring her brainwaves. Mischa says her brainwaves are back to normal and she’ll be able to leave the medical room, but can’t go to the hangar. Eureka asks about Renton and Mischa lies, saying he’s doing fine. Eureka asks what love is and she feints being unable to hear her. Mischa tells this to Holland, Talho and Happ, who are even more surprised to hear her talking about love than when she decided to take care of the children. Mischa says this doesn’t mean she’s in love. Holland thinks it isn’t possible, but Talho says it has happened and that it’s likely surrounding Renton. Mischa says Eureka will quickly realize that Renton is gone once she wanders around. Talho tells Holland that he’ll have to tell her. Meanwhile Charles and Ray are told by the father that his daughter is missing. Charles believes it was Renton and says adolescent boys are a pain. On the Gekko, Holland goes to the medical room and wonders what he should tell Eureka. She opens the door, saying she is feeling a lot better. He tries to leave but she asks him if Renton is in his room and if he’d mind her visiting him. Holland lies, saying Renton’s out shopping with Hilda and Talho and will be back in a few days, disappointing her. Talho, listening in, calls Holland an idiot. Elsewhere, Renton wheels the girl through an alley and then heads down a street.

Eureka walks down the hall with Linck and Maeter, who are happy to be with her, singing a song they have made up. Hilda hears them and wonders what is going on, but is held back by Talho. Happ asks the kids about the song and lies to Eureka about Renton and the others not being back yet. Talho and Happ tell Hilda later about Holland not admitting to Eureka that Renton has left the ship as he’s too afraid about how she’d feel about it. Renton makes his way up a steep street with the girl and tells her to hold on a little longer as he hears an alarm go off in the distance. Renton makes his way to a hospital waiting area and a bunch of people stare at him and the girl. Renton runs over to a staff person who asks him why he brought a Vodarac girl in death gear here. Several people start yelling at the girl and knock her out of the wheelchair. Renton asks the crowd why they are accusing her of things and they get even more upset, asking why he brought her here. On the Gekko, Hilda sneaks around, rather annoyed at having to do so. She opens the door to the bathroom and runs into Eureka and Maeter. Meanwhile Charles and Ray check in with each other about Renton as he continues to wander around with the girl. Ray overhears a couple of men talking about finding a boy and a Vodarac girl. Renton is soon confronted in an alley by a group of people who say they will get revenge for their family. Ray drives her jeep over there and Charles’ Spearhead quickly flies over them. A couple of trucks occupied by the state forces promptly show up as well. Later, Charles is held in an interrogation room. A commander shows up and tells his men to let him go, apologizing to Charles for holding him. The commander says he was immediately transferred to Dominic and told to disregard things once he looked into who Charles was. On their ship, Charles tells Renton he won’t hold what he did against him and that it was the right thing to do as a human being, although there’s no way to know if that is what she wanted. Ray and the girl’s parents show up and tell Renton she has passed away. Charles tells the parents he’ll take the girl wherever they want at no charge. The father says to take her to the holy land, and that is what she would have wanted. Renton tears up and runs into the hall. The girl’s mother thanks him for what he tried to do for her. On the Gekko the crew discusses how long they are going to keep Renton’s departure a secret from Eureka and question why Holland won’t say anything. They also talk about Eureka’s feelings for Renton. Stoner thinks Renton wouldn’t have left in the first place if he knew about it. Hilda wants to go search for him, and Matthieu says some of his DJ friends may have heard about him. They think about what approach they should take for recovering him. Holland tells everyone to shut up and that Renton was serious in his desire to leave. Holland storms off and immediately tells Eureka about Renton leaving. Eureka gets distressed, asking if he left because of her. She flees the medical room and goes to his room, finding it mostly empty. Meanwhile Renton thinks about how he didn’t think about the girl’s feeling or whether what he did was the right thing. In the end he feels that he didn’t help anyone, but rather hurt her parents even more. He thinks to himself of how sorry he is and cries. The Hakucho takes off. Charles and Ray say taking care of an adolescent kid isn’t that bad. Eureka looks at Renton’s jacket, saying she wants to see him.


This episode focuses on two main storylines. In the first we see that Renton’s time with Charles and Ray continues to go well and that it’s a radically different experience from his time on the Gekko where people were typically mad at him. With Charles and Ray he is treated as if he was their son. Charles and Ray also find it a different experience for themselves but seem to be enjoying it. Things take a rather dark turn as Charles and Ray take a job for Vodarac parents of a comatose girl. Renton’s naivety continues to a high degree in this storyline. Despite being told of her parent’s wishes and the issues that they have over getting care for her as part of the Vodarac faith, Renton still kidnaps her and tries to save her himself, getting both of them in even bigger trouble. Renton has a good heart, and neither Charles nor Ray is mad at him for what he did. Nonetheless, he has this attitude that he can save things all by himself and perhaps this episode’s events will bring that attitude down a bit. In the second storyline on the Gekko, the crew spends the episode trying to avoid having to reveal to Eureka that Renton has left. Holland continues to show that he isn’t all that more mature than Renton is and is too scared to tell Eureka about Renton’s departure until he feels that he no longer has a choice.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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