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Eureka Seven Ep. 24: Paradise Lost


A pair of Mon-Soonos fire at Holland’s typeR909 to no avail and are quickly destroyed by him. Matthieu praises him afterwards and Holland heads back to the Gekko, not responding. On the Gekko, Gidget reports their return but gets no reaction from Talho who seems rather frustrated with Holland. Gidget tells Holland his return is too shallow. We see that Holland isn’t paying attention and the typeR909 crashes into the deck. Later, Mischa bandages up Holland’s arm. He is about to ask her something but decides to leave instead. Upon seeing Eureka’s children asleep however he asks how she’s doing and Mischa says she is searching for Renton. Renton’s old room lays empty, with the Ray=out magazine on the floor. Eureka comes in and kneels before it. She picks it up and looks at Renton’s clothes hanging on the wall. Later, Gidget looks around for toothbrushes and has trouble, saying this wouldn’t be an issue if Renton were here. Eureka comes in, wearing Renton’s clothes and carrying a container that contains some supplies he had hoarded. Gidget starts tearing up. Later many crewmembers watch as Eureka lies on the flight deck near the Nirvash. Moondoggie says if they are concerned they should ask Holland what to do as he originally allowed Renton on board. Eureka stares at a bowl of Ramen, saying its cold. Elsewhere on the Hakucho, while eating, Charles asks Renton if he’ll start referring to them as papa and mother. Renton starts tearing up and says he did something really stupid in Olpasa, getting in the way of their work and that he’d be surprised that he didn’t get kicked out. Ray says he was just acting like a dumb kid and that it is okay; he can stay on this ship forever if he wants. On the Gekko, Mischa says the Amita Drive’s performance is based on the balance between Renton and Eureka and that it won’t properly function with just one of them on their own. We see various members of the crew during leisure time being silent. Holland returns to his room where Talho sits on his bed reading. Talho says to disband Gekkostate and that it is meaningless to continue on the way they have been. She tells Holland he has been pouting, jealous of Renton’s relationship with Eureka. She tells Holland to hit her but he just stands there silently. Meanwhile Renton types some things into a laptop and grins, thinking about what Charles and Ray asked earlier. Charles has noticed and asks him if he was thinking of his girlfriend, embarrassing him. Renton calls him papa and Charles laughs, saying it doesn’t come naturally. Renton asks to call them dad and mom instead, that “papa” and “mama” is a hurtle for him. Charles hugs him and asks if he smells bad after having worked out. He says this is how his dad smells. Renton says it smells really good.

Ray cooks some a pie in the oven while Renton and Charles talk about Renton’s grandfather and his skills as a mechanic. Renton says he was able to tune the Nirvash. Charles feigns being impressed and asks if the factory is nearby. Renton tells him about it being in Bell Forest and reveals his last name, shocking Charles, who realizes Renton’s father is Adroc Thruston. Ray, about to walk in, overhears it and drops the pie due to the shock. On the Gekko, Holland looks at his hurt arm and thinks about how if Renton and Eureka were together it would cause trouble someday. He flashes back to Talho telling him it would be the same if he was in Renton’s place. She tells him he has to accept the fact that he wasn’t accepted by Eureka and that he has to believe in her and Renton. Charles and Renton head out on the Spearhead, on what Charles calls a test. They make their way towards a mountain that glows green with the trapar waves. The Spearhead ascends and Charles praises Renton’s mechanic abilities. Renton asks why people have to fight each other. Charles doesn’t answer and instead asks about what type of LFO the Nirvash was. Renton tells him about how the Amita Drive is required to pilot it and is the key to the Satori program. Ray listens into their conversation aboard the Hakucho with a rather dour look on her face. Charles asks about the Nirvash’s pilot and Renton says he fell in love with her at first sight. He says he couldn’t get through to her and left the Gekko, formally revealing that he was a member of Gekkostate. Aboard the Hakucho, Ray receives a call from another party. Renton apologizes for revealing things to Charles and he asks how Holland is doing these days. Some Mon-Soonos approach and Charles just sits back doing nothing. The Mon-Soonos fire and Renton takes control of the Spearhead. Charles says being free is something you have to earn and carries responsibility with it. Renton starts getting nervous as he approaches the Mon-Soonos and thinks of his violent battle with them before. Charles takes control and stops, saying he has no intention to fight and revealing who he is. The Mon-Soono pilots stop, telling him they have been on high alert since the Gekkostate passed through. Renton is surprised to find out that Charles isn’t just a courier and Charles reveals that their real job is a freelance reserve unit for the Federation Army. They are on a mission to take back Eureka and the Nirvash. Renton says it must be a lie but Charles refuses to say otherwise. Renton starts begging, saying he’ll try his hardest to call them papa and mama and that this can’t be true. We cut back to Holland who says the word pathetic then gets up and leaves his room. Talho is standing outside waiting for him. She says Happ has been able to find some information on where Master Norb is. Renton lies in his bed on the ship and thinks to Charles telling him that they are on a mission to shoot down the Gekko in seven days. He says he doesn’t care if he goes back to the Gekko and tells them; he can also remain on this ship. We cut to Ray angrily hitting Charles in the chest and crying. Renton stares at his surfboard and departs his room holding it. On the Gekko, Eureka crawls her way into the Nirvash’s cockpit. Renton, now wearing a parachute is about to make his way off the Hakucho but runs into Charles and Ray along the way. Renton asks if they approached him knowing who he was and Ray, tears in her eyes says of course. Renton says he is going to go and thanks them. He jumps off the Hakucho holding his surfboard. Charles asks Ray if Renton will make his way back to the Gekko. She says of course, as he’s their son. Renton screams as he descends and tells himself how he really wants to see Eureka. In the Nirvash Eureka begs for it to work so she can go out and find Renton but it doesn’t respond. We cut to Renton having landed on the surface. He wonders how he’ll be able to encounter Eureka again. Eureka continues to cry about Renton and Holland tells her he’ll bring him back.


“Paradise Lost” is a fitting name for the episode. Renton has seemingly found a perfect situation with Charles and Ray who are so fond of him that they want him to start referring to them as his parents. Unfortunately for both sides, the knowledge of who they really are blows up the pretend family they were forming. While Ray tells Renton that they knew the whole time who he was, her reactions and breakdowns throughout the episode make it quite clear that this was a lie and she has some very emotional reactions to realizing that making Renton their surrogate son is not going to work out after all. Charles and Ray are both such likable characters that it’s unfortunate where things have to go here, although ultimately the story has to keep moving along so we couldn’t stay in such a state forever. Meanwhile on the Gekko we continue to see the aftermath of Renton’s departure and how miserable Eureka is over him leaving. Hopefully as shown throughout this episode Holland has finally realized how important it is for Renton to be around and is genuine about telling Eureka that he will get him back.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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