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Eureka Seven Ep. 25: World’s End Garden


Renton walks through a foggy area, wondering how long it has been since he left Charles’ place. He thinks to himself that he’s kept walking due to his promise to Eureka, but even walking feels impossible now and he’s losing sight of the reason to do it. Renton soon collapses to the ground. He spots a greener area beyond before he passes out. Someone soon comes upon him. On the Gekko, Eureka asks the Nirvash if it is lonely when no one is around and if it feels a gaping hole in its heart. She asks for it to say something. Renton wakes up, lying in a bed, with a roof on his head. He struggles to get up, but is able to turn his gaze sideways, seeing another bed next to him. A blonde man comes up and says he’s the one who found him. He was surprised to come across him as this is an area that he figured no one would come to. Renton thinks to himself of how the person who saved him was very kind, but also too talkative. The man introduces himself as William B. Baxter. He tells Renton to not force himself and realizes that he is probably hungry and thirsty. He claims he’ll get him some soup right away. Later, William serves Renton some soup in bed. Renton thinks of how this was more delicious than anything he’s eaten in his life. William tells him that he was showing signs of dehydration. He tells Renton he’s happy he’s here as he’s had no one to talk to other than Martha. William tells him Martha’s his wife and pulls back the curtain next to Renton, showing that she is sitting in the bed next to him. Martha is completely silent, starting at a compac drive in her hands, a victim of desperation disease. William introduces Renton to Martha and Renton reveals his name. William reacts as if Martha is responding to him, despite her silence. Renton says he’s all right by himself now and can handle eating his soup. William apologizes to Renton for Martha’s “behavior” despite her not doing anything. He serves her some pumpkin soup, but it simply spills out of her mouth. Renton soon falls asleep. Meanwhile, Holland drives around the typeR606 in a gorge, hiding from the Federation forces. Renton wakes up but his entire body is still hurting him. He notices that the house has two of everything. Staring at Martha, he thinks that she is not breathing, but realizes she is doing so very faintly once he walks up close to her. Renton tries to tone down his breathing as much as her and struggles, wondering how people with desperation disease are able to handle it. Renton wanders outside, seeing a forest of scythe-like objects nearby. Renton spots William by one of them, raising a small club-like craft and tapping it. Renton starts walking towards him, but William tells him to be careful of the potatoes and carrots he’s planted. The grass is so tall Renton is unable to tell where any of them are. William is able to jump over to him without a problem and asks him if he’s doing okay, getting up. He tells Renton to just call him Will. Will tells him that Martha is the one who told him he collapsed and he should be thanking her. Will says they should eat soon, but Renton first asks him what he was doing. Will says he was pulling out the pile bunker and the one he was tapping on collapses.

Renton wonders how Will was able to pull out the pile bunker and Will says it was magic. Renton is surprised at what he was able to do and fears the tectonic shifts that might happen as he pulls them out. Will points Renton to a nearby tree asking him what would happen if the wind blew against it. Renton says eventually it would fall down. Will says it’s the same with the pile bunkers. He claims if one fights the land with force, they’ll eventually fall. He asks Renton what would happen to the grass as well and Renton says it will also get knocked over. Will says it would ultimately regrow though. He says the land is like the grass. He asks Renton to breathe in deeply. Renton thinks of how the wind here is sweet. Will tells him that each breath takes him one closer to death and that people shouldn’t use up more energy than what the sun shines on them. When more energy is required, people will have to dig for scubs to draw energy from or build towers, but people don’t have to do that and can survive on the little land that they have. Things may be bad at times but he says they’ll still survive. Meanwhile, Holland knocks out the man who stole Renton’s backpack while he slept, taking it with him. He talks to some nearby people and is provided with a description of Charles and Ray. Holland makes his way back to the Gekko on the typeR606. He flashes back to friendlier times with Charles and Ray, but breaks out of it after having a flashback of Charles pointing a gun at him in an alley saying Adroc is calling for him. Having snapped back to the present he realizes the Army has blocked off this area. There’s no time to find Renton. Back at Will’s house, Will serves Martha some more soup, which continues to fall out of her mouth. Renton thinks of how it was difficult for him to watch. He tells Will that Martha suffers from desperation disease but Will says she isn’t. He claims that people give it that name because the people around the patient suffer from desperation. Since he isn’t suffering from it, it isn’t that disease. Renton says that is just a play on words. Will says he made a promise to Martha. We flash back to Will, a member of the army in a destroyed city. He comes across Martha crying over what appears to be a dead child. He says he promised to show her the place where he was born. We cut to Will driving around with Martha with her looking rather down. Later she works on fixing their track while he cooks. They continue to drive around and we see their truck get stuck. She stares at the compac drive she was carrying. Will says he told her to throw it out, but she was an engineer and couldn’t bring herself to do it. We see the two of them walking, eventually through some snow as well as hiding under a cave. Will recalls her heading into the water to wash some clothes. He says when they made it to his homeland, it was a wasteland. We see pile bunkers throughout the area. Upon starting at them, Martha comes down with the desperation disease and stops moving. Will says he build their home here and cultivated the land like Martha told him to. Renton asks him if it’s tough on him, but Will says it’s okay as they love each other. He asks Renton if he has someone. Will turns Martha’s face towards Renton and for a moment he sees Eureka’s. Renton says he does and that he has to go. Renton asks if Gearnus is nearby and Will says yes, although he warns him that she may not be waiting for him when he gets there. Renton still wants to go on. He grabs his surfboard, bows to Will and leaves. Will tells Martha he’s a good boy. Renton makes his way back through the pile bunkers and tells Eureka to wait for him. On the Gekko, Eureka is curled up in the Nirvash cockpit, saying Renton’s name. Holland makes his way towards a large number of state army crafts. On their ship, Ray relays a message from them to Charles about how it’s “time to corner the fox.” Charles says he’s doing it; they made a promise to Renton. Renton holds his hand in the air, and sensing a wave jumps on his surfboard and takes off, saying he’ll make it to Eureka.


After a solid stretch of episodes, six in a row in fact, we fall back into a rut here with what is typically this show’s big issue, wasting entire episodes on meaningless side stories. The storyline with Charles and Ray has clearly been building up to a confrontation with the Gekko, yet we instead spend an entire episode meeting another side character who, similar to Renton’s uncle and the several side characters we met during the mine arc, has no real bearing on the overall plot and will likely never show up again. Will is certainly a likable character and it is good to see that he hasn’t fallen into despair over his wife’s illness. But I don’t really see the point in meeting him? Is Renton going to calm down and take a more laid back approach after meeting him? We’ll have to see how the future episodes go to see, but I doubt it. So then what was the point? We do briefly have some scenes with Holland looking for Renton, but the scenes with Eureka seem to be a complete waste as well and don’t cover any new ground. Hopefully we’ll get back to the main storyline next episode.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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