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Eureka Seven Ep. 26: Morning Glory


Various Federation crafts report to each other in the sky. On the Gekko, Eureka sits with Gidget and uses liquid to make her straw appear as if it’s alive. She remembers when Renton did this with the kids in the past, impressing them a lot. She asks Gidget what love is. Gidget says it is when you like someone. We cut to Eureka in the Nirvash later, trying to make it move to no avail. She begs for it to cooperate and says that it wants Renton to be back too. Moondoggie tells her to stop pushing herself too hard and to be patient; that Holland said he’ll bring Renton back. He says Holland headed to Gearnus, a nearby city. Later, Eureka’s kids ask her to fix a toy mouse that Renton had fixed for them in the past. Linck asks when Renton is coming back and Maurice responds that he’s not coming back. Eureka says it’s alright and that Holland told her he’d bring him back. They say Holland has broken his promise a number of times. Eureka says he has never broken a promise to her though and she’s sure it will be alright. The Federation crafts tell each other that they’ve reached the rendezvous point. Holland soon appears in the typeR606, although he’s made no contact with the Gekko. He makes his way into the ship and says they are changing course. Charles and Ray are coming, although they haven’t boxed them in yet. He thinks they can focus on a particular area to squeak through, Jackson 286. Talho asks about Renton and Holland says he has to prioritize the entire ship right now. Holland notices the dilapidated state the Nirvash is in after Eureka tried to move it. He goes to Eureka’s room and spots Renton’s shirt on her bed. Eureka comes in and grabs it from him. She asks him if he’s found Renton and Holland says sorry, but they are changing course. He refuses to say anything about Renton, soon getting a reaction out of her for ignoring the subject. Holland says they have to focus on the whole ship and things are different this time with Charles involved. She asks Holland if he hates Renton and he says no, just that he’s a brat. She references the times he has struck Renton in the past. Holland says it’s just that she’s more important to him. Eureka says she doesn’t feel that way and leaves. The Hakucho catches up with the other Federation crafts. Moalutdar, the commander of the force reaches out to Charles. Charles says they are going to make Holland use the Jackson 286 route and he’s sure he will be there. On the Gekko, Eureka puts on some new gear and grabs a surfboard. On the bridge Holland tells Talho about which way to steer them towards and she asks if he really means it. Eureka runs down the hallway, thinking to herself of how the Nirvash and Holland won’t listen to her and she has to go herself. She makes her way to an exit on the ship, running into Gonzy along the way. She jumps out and heads on her surfboard, telling Renton to wait for her. Meanwhile Renton is also on his surfboard, making his way towards the Jackson 286 route and asks Eureka to wait for him. Gidget asks Eureka’s kids about her surfboard, which she’s suddenly discovered is missing. They spot Renton on his surfboard outside the ship.

Holland orders the boosters to go to full blast. Happ asks about them preparing to send out the LFOs, but Holland says there is no point. Stoner and Matthieu surprise them shortly after though, as Renton is back with them. Matthieu tells Renton to apologize. Holland dismisses Renton entirely and tells them to bring him to the back to the ship as they’re busy now. On the Hakucho, Charles stands before the Spearhead, asking Adroc what they are seeking. The Federation fleet enters an area called the Sea of Rainbows. Holland asks Renton who gave him permission to return. Stoner tells him to stop this, as even he wanted Renton to come back. Holland tells him to shut up. Renton says he didn’t come back thinking about being a member of the Gekkostate. He just came back to see Eureka. Meanwhile, Eureka continues to make her way towards Gearnus on her surfboard. She comes across some skyfish, but soon sees the Federation forces near them. Ray tells Charles to prepare for launch, and that Eureka has come here on her own. Gidget receives a transmission but has a hard time hearing it. She says it must have been Eureka, shocking Holland and Renton. Eureka is fired upon by the Hakucho and she drops her communicator while dodging it. She ascends while continuing to try to avoid the shots. On the Gekko, Holland realizes that Charles has been using an interferer to hide their presence. Happ and Renton confirm it was Eureka’s communicator and Gidget realizes that Eureka stole her surfboard. Renton runs off. Charles heads out on the Spearhead and tells Ray not to do anything harsh before he does. She claims she was just trying to intimidate Eureka, not hit her. Renton makes his way to the Nirvash. Charles tries to grab Eureka with the Spearhead to no avail after several attempts. In trying to avoid him however she falls off the surfboard and grabs a hold of the Spearhead. Charles is about to head back to the Hakucho but Eureka slips and falls. As she falls Eureka thinks of how she couldn’t hold up her end of the promise and says sorry to her kids and Renton. The Gekko fires directly at one of the Federation ships. Holland hopes to use the sea of clouds as a shield. He tells Happ to have Matthieu and Hilda go get Eureka. The Federation crafts release several Mon-Soonos. Charles continues to descend to try and recover Eureka. Suddenly Renton appears in the Nirvash and heads towards Eureka with the cockpit open. He is able to grab her and pull her in. Eureka says she was able to do it because of him, although gets rather embarrassed. Renton hugs her and says he’s glad. Charles tries to make his way to the Nirvash and is frustrated, saying his LFO has better specs. The Federation ships continue to pursue the Gekko and Moalutdar is frustrated with what Charles is doing. The Nirvash ascends. Renton says he won’t kill anyone, but will make it so they are unable to fight. He quickly takes off the arms of 3 Mon-Soonos. Charles, watching, says Renton is being too kind and will die if he keeps fighting this way. Renton tells Eureka he’s sorry for leaving her alone. She grabs his hand and says they should go together and the Amita Drive lights up. A ring of light appears in the sky, defeating all the remaining nearby Mon-Soonos. Due to its effect the Federation ships are unable to communicate with each other and Moalutdar orders a retreat. On the Gekko, Holland refuses to admit it is a Seventh Swell and give Renton any credit. Charles tells Ray they are going to retreat and thinks to himself what this means. Eureka tells Renton she was thinking about lots of things while he was gone. He says he met a lot of people while he was gone and realized what was important to him. She says she realized what was dear to her too. They spot some sky fish above them. Eureka tells Renton she changed. We see that people on the bridge are able to hear their conversation. Renton says he’s changed as well and wants to hear about how she’s changed. Holland laughs to himself and says he understands now. On the Spearhead, Charles loads his gun, points it as the Gekko and says they’re not giving up.


A fairly good recovery here after last time’s weak episode. We finally see the trap that Charles and Ray have set up for the Gekko along with the Federation military and it is a pretty thrilling action sequence throughout the episode. Renton and Eureka are finally reunited after being apart the last half a dozen or so episodes. Getting to see Eureka head out on the board was a lot of a fun to see, the first time we’ve seen her do this in the series. It was also good to see from a character standpoint that she was willing to head out by herself. While this almost led to her death, Renton shows up in the Nirvash just in time to rescue her. Stylistically the episode is quite strong, with some really nice looking shots, as well as a return usage of the song “Storywriter” during said sequence. We also have a return of the original ending music during the end credits, which play out over the last scene of the episode. Really my only complaint is with Holland, who after showing some growth with his mentality over Renton appears to have once again completely gone backwards and revert to being very childish about it. Seeing this was quite frustrating to see and it comes off as if a lot of his recent development was a waste of time.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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