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Eureka Seven Ep. 29: Keep On Movin’


Dominic, at the snow covered Bell Forest, comments on how the world has begun to change with frequent tectonic shifts happening, the council is responding too late and how the army is being restructured. All is going according to Dewey’s plan. He wonders how Adroc Thruston will be involved in this, looking at his grave. He spots a craft flying in the skies above. He thinks to himself about how the revolution started in this small town as he heads to a busier area. The Nirvash significantly improved its specs and the Seventh Swell was confirmed as occurring here for the first time since the Summer of Love. Dominic gets on his motorcycle and starts driving, but almost hits a girl and crashes it when swerving away. As he brings his motorcycle upon a hill he thinks of how everything seems as if it was meant to happen due to Renton being the son of Adroc. He asks some girls where he can get his bike fixed and follows them to Axel. Dominic recognizes him. Meanwhile on the Gekko, Renton apologizes to Eureka for leaving the ship without telling her. He tells her of how he helped keep the Hakucho clean as well as his breakfast routine with Charles and Ray. He also speaks to her of their healthy lifestyle. Renton eventually starts tearing up and bemoans the fact that they had to fight Holland and die. He asks why he was worth protecting and killing Charles and Ray over. Eureka says it’s because she chose him instead of Holland and starts tearing up herself. Renton feels that Eureka isn’t comfortable sharing something and says she can tell him when she’s ready. She grabs his hand. Meanwhile, Dominic mentions he met Renton, with one of the girls remembering the location that he mentions and showing it in a copy of Ray=out. One of the girls asks if he belongs to Gekkostate. Another asks what the relationship between Renton and Talho is. Axel in the background starts getting frustrated and tells them to let him talk. Later, Dominic tells Axel that he was told to check in on him if he ever was here in Bell Forest. The girls say Renton must be worried about him. Axel asks Dominic where he’s heading next and he says he hasn’t decided. He says if he had to choose it would be someplace hot. Axel says he’s going to get started on the repairs and asks if he will help. On the Gekko, Moondoggie walks into a spotless bathroom and is surprised at how clean it is.

Happ, Matthieu and Hilda realize that the entire hallway is spotless. Moondoggie appears with a mop and gets frustrated when Gonzy walks by without cleaning. Various crew members also work on cleaning the bridge. Gidget says Eureka and Renton started the trend. Hilda says she’ll help as well and Matthieu follows her. Meanwhile, Axel works on Dominic’s bike while the girls sleep. Axel asks for a torque wrench and Dominic has a hard time figuring out which one it is. Axel says this is for his own good and that if he knows his bike he should learn this. Another man tells him that once he starts fiddling with something he won’t stop until he’s done and that all three Thurston generations are the same. The man wakes the girls up. Dominic says he wants to hear more about the similarity of the three generations. Axel puts on his coat, saying he’s going to a scrap man’s place to find a gyro. Dominic rushes after him. On the Gekko, Talho sits over Holland as he lies asleep. Hilda stops by with food and says she should get some rest. Talho says she’ll carry a bit of Holland’s troubles. Various members of the crew eat in the lounge and praise Eureka and Renton for making it. Renton tells Happ he thought he’d make himself useful. Happ tells him not to say things like that and that he’ll support him as one of the ship’s valued colleagues. Talho comes in and says they didn’t create Gekkostate to pretend being a family. Renton says he knows this ship exists to fight a war. Talho asks him if he can fight not knowing the reason they are at war. Renton says he can’t fight and doesn’t have the will to fight. She claims his father started this war, shocking him. She says his father claimed this land, Scub Coral, was a sentient being called a Coralian and that in trying to prove it at a place called the Great Wall, more adverse affects were caused by the Scub Coral. Upon hearing this military command decided to get rid of the Scub Coral, and Adroc was against it. He searched for a way for them to co-exist. This was reinforced by the appearance of a humanoid Coralian, Eureka. Not only Renton, but the entire crew is surprised to hear of this. Happ says the army has recreated an anti-Coralian squad, and that while there is a lot of mystery behind them, they are developing a deep subsurface weapon. Talho says Holland formed Gekkostate to follow Adroc’s will and protect Eureka, the only one who can access the Coralian. This makes the entire world their enemy. She asks Renton if he’s ready to accept this and he says yes. Talho says they will head to Tresor, as they are the only ones who can repair the Nirvash. Jobs asks Renton if he can save some of the food for them to have later, with several other crew members following them. Happ gives out orders and the crew heads out. Mischa tells Eureka’s kids to come with her. There’s initially some silence between Eureka and Renton. Eureka says she didn’t ask Talho to reveal that. She says she wanted to say it herself but feared he may hate her for it and starts crying. Renton puts his hand on her shoulder and says he doesn’t understand it, but she’s always been special to him. Meanwhile back in Bell Forest, Dominic wakes up, and Axel comments on how late it is. His motorcycle has been fully repaired. He says the Compac Drive glows even brighter now. Axel tells Dominic to stay good friends with Renton. He says the military made things up about Adroc being a hero and he wants him to see Renton for whom he really is. He tells him to feel free to drop by whenever he wants and he’ll repair his bike for him. Dominic tears up at hearing this. Dominic thanks him and departs. He swears at himself after he makes it a distance away, wondering what he is doing. He says he can’t give a report of this to the Colonel. He throws his goggle away. A man picks it up, recognizing him. On the Gekko, the crew tells Happ they are ready to head out. Holland wakes up just as the ship takes off.


After a number of action packed episodes we have a quieter one here with no actual action sequence. The episode has two main focuses. In one storyline we see Dominic travel through Bell Forest and run into Axel, who fixes his motorcycle for him. Dominic is mistaken for a Gekkostate member and purposely doesn’t reveal the truth. Although this doesn’t move the plot in any way, it does help retain Dominic as a more sympathetic character, despite being on the antagonist’s side. In the other storyline Renton deals with the aftermath of Charles and Ray’s death, and in rather comedic fashion it motivates him to clean the ship, which spreads throughout the rest of the crew. Reminds me of the health craze that the entire crew had a number of episodes back. Talho interrupts everyone’s happy time by providing some key reveals about the purpose of Gekkostate and that Eureka is actually a humanoid Coralian. The fact that it took more than half the series for Renton to even realize the purpose of the organization he is fighting for is quite the oddity for a mecha show, but it does totally fit his character. He didn’t join Gekkostate for ideological reasons but rather due to his adoration for Eureka and how cool he thought the organization was.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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