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Eureka Seven Ep. 31: Animal Attack


Coda of the Sage Council sits silently and is asked by an attendant if she is meeting with Dewey. She says the other council members, Kuzemi and Braya fear him and there are times she doesn’t understand what’s going on in his head. She admits to siding with Dewey but is wondering what he is attempting to do. At the capital there is a large ceremony held as Coda departs. An attendant says it’s been ten years since one of the sages moved, hence they are not taking it lightly. She tells him to bring Dewey here as soon as possible. Meanwhile on the Gekko, Talho walks into the lounge looking for Holland, surprising Matthieu and Hilda with her new look. Matthieu initially says she got dumped, and then that she now looks her age, causing Hilda to slap him in the forehead. Holland is working on the bridge, still feeling some pain from his recent injury. Talho gets there and says everywhere she goes people look at her like she’s some strange creature. She says she hasn’t changed, but Holland says she has. He asks her why she’s told Renton that Eureka is a Coralian, and she says the two of them will be okay. At that moment Eureka and Renton are washing the dishes and Renton compliments the breakfast Eureka made. Eureka leans into Renton, getting him really excited. Renton realizes Eureka has stopped washing dishes. She thinks back to when she killed people in the past and tells Renton that with him she can forget that her hands are stained with blood. Eureka tears up and grabs a hold of Renton, who wonders if he should hug her given his wet hands. She asks him if he is happy when they are like this and they both agree they are. Eureka claims she has soiled Renton’s hand as well but he doesn’t seem concerned about it. Renton holds her by the shoulders and Eureka closes her eyes. Renton leans in to kiss her but she opens her eyes just as he’s about to, sensing the Nirvash. At that moment the Nirvash, located in the Tresor Laboratory is going out of control. Eureka rushes in, saying the Nirvash doesn’t want to go back to what he was before. Sonia says they are trying to restore it. Eureka claims the Nirvash wants to be accepted the way it is now. Later, in the Gekko lounge, Morita tells the crew that they need to reconsider the fundamental shell design of the Nirvash and need to ask Greg Egan for help. Upon hearing this, Jobs happily shouts out “Doctor Bear” and Mischa has a rather frustrated look on her face. Jobs tells a clueless Gidget that Greg specializes in archetype design. He goes on further praising him and says few can understand him. Gidget calls him a loony, getting an upset reaction. Renton expresses surprise upon seeing the very large Greg eating nearby with Gonzy. Jobs walks up to him, saying he’s honored to meet him, but is simply handed a small piece of candy. Greg calls Mischa his little cub but she stops him, saying they are divorced. This shocks much of the crew. Greg tells Eureka she has changed and to come to his lab. Later as they head through Greg’s large, greenhouse-like lab Eureka tells Renton to be careful, but that doesn’t stop him from stepping into a tree branch. Greg holds up a large circular object claiming it was from Voyager, the first signal to outer space from Earth, their ancestral planet. While now primitive, it was state of the art then. Greg claims Eureka is like Voyager, perhaps some sort of message from the Scub Coral. Mischa doesn’t believe Greg’s theory that the Scub Coral is an intelligent life form. Eureka doesn’t know anything and Greg thinks this shows that the Scub Coral doesn’t know anything about humanity. He believes her to be akin to a blank piece of paper and asks what they would write about, love or hatred. He wonders if both humanity and the Scub Coral can live together. He thinks it’s possible that the world could be eradicated, although he’s not sure on it. He thinks there is too little data here and he needs to access data in the capital to be able to learn more. He thinks they need to take more of an interest in the changes occurring to the archetype and Eureka as it may be a message from the Scub Coral and that the current Nirvash restoration project is no good. He draws on a chalkboard a new form he believes it wants to be, which appears as a flying entity. He says Eureka wants to fly too.

Dewey kneels before Coda with members of the Ageha Squad, all of whom are children. Coda says this is not an adequate location to talk as there’s a threat of eavesdropping. One of the Ageha Squadron members uses a device that sends out a jamming signal and causes one of Coda’s attendants to drop a recording device. One of the other children immediately shoots her. Dewey says he thinks she was working for Braya. Coda compares Dewey’s subordinates to poisonous butterflies. She sends off her remaining attendants and says she came up here to the surface for a specific reason. She says people have spread across the land, but now the land is revolting against them. They are unable to use their spaceships to depart and asks Dewey what they should do. He says total annihilation of the Coralians is the only way left for them to survive. He believes beings known as Antibodies will soon appear and annihilate humanity and they need to crush them before that happens. She says those with power can’t exert control and he asks if he is powerless as he walks up to her. Meanwhile at Tresor, Renton says the Nirvash looks different than it had before, but Eureka says it is still the Nirvash. A new two seat cockpit is being designed for it. Renton looks around at the people working on the different parts of the Nirvash and shouts out to Morita, saying there is no board. Morita claims they are unable to make one themselves. He says he’s asked a mechanic, an old man Renton knows. It is Renton’s grandfather Axel, who is working on a new board at his home in Bell Forest. Meanwhile on board the Izumo, Anemone pets Gulliver, telling it Dewey is talking to an old lady. She says no one knows about her and everyone is watching a lie. Dominic comes in and she expresses surprise, saying she thought he’d be babysitting the kids. Thinking he’s been kicked off the bridge she starts laughing. On the bridge, several Ageha Squad members are talking about Tresor. Jurgens watches silently. Several crafts appear above the planet and the children say all systems are a go. The crafts each drop an object down to the surface and the children are pleased with the accuracy. Anemone suddenly senses something is coming. We see the ground where one of the objects has fallen into the planet, creating a large chasm. The children sense a Scub Coral reading and wonder what their losses were. Dominic tries to get Anemone under control and she says they are coming. At that moment Eureka also senses something is coming. We see a large number of monstrous beings appear, what Dewey described as Antibodies. The bridge crew tells Jurgens they have detected a Kute-class Coralian by Feris City. The Antibodies appear throughout the town, slaughtering any human they come across. Later, on the bridge, Dominic and Anemone have come out and Dewey orders they head to Feris City. Dewey says to tell his children this is what he expected would happen. The children claim events occurred 200 kilometers north of where they expected and they should adjust their parameters. Dominic tells Dewey that Anemone isn’t in a good condition. Dewey dismisses his concerns, saying they have enough medicine and to not let him down. A number of military crafts head towards the Antibody Coralians, but a single Antibody destroys many of them. Members of Gekkostate watch from a roof at Tresor. Eureka claims everyone is crying in pain. The Coralian disappears. Holland asks Greg if the true awakening has happened. Greg says he has too little information and they need to get up to speed on the Nirvash fast. Holland agrees and says they need to head to Bell Forest to get the board. Gidget is concerned about Feris City but Talho doesn’t think there’s anything they can do. Holland tells Morita they’ll finish the work on the Nirvash on the Gekko, which soon takes off.


The first half of this episode came off as a rather slow one as we continue our stay at Tresor Laboratory. We are introduced to a new character, Greg Egan, who is quite large in size and shockingly is revealed to be Mischa’s ex-husband. Renton and Eureka come close to their first kiss, but in rather cliché fashion are interrupted at the last moment. The second half of the episode picks up in excitement considerably. We find out more about Dewey’s plans, which includes the wipe out of the Coralians, and meet his Ageha Squad underlings, made up entirely of children. Although Dewey speaks to Coda about wanting to save humanity, it seems that his underlings purposely instigate the Coralians here. A large Coralian appears and releases what appears to be thousands if not more Antibody creatures. Lovecraftian in nature, they slaughter a bunch of people with ease, making them quite horrifying. Given the past slow pacing of this show I could have seen us spending several more episodes at Tresor, but the stakes have definitely been raised and our heroes depart by episode’s end.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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