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Eureka Seven Ep. 32: Start It Up


Dominic walks down a street in Feris City. The Ageha Squad members ask about the number of casualties, although the bodies being mangled makes that difficult. One of them claims Dewey is going to test the second Orange-Zero Missile and they’re heading to the observation point for it. The Antibody Coralians had suddenly stopped after 1,246 seconds although there is no explanation on why. On the Gekko, technicians continue to work on the Nirvash, getting help from Renton. Noticing Eureka coming down the stairs with Mischa, Renton rushes to her to see if she’s alright. Eureka apologizes for all the recent deaths and asks what she can do. An SOS signal comes across via a refugee ship near Feris City. Talho tells Gidget to send a transmission and that they’ll go there. Meanwhile in Bell Forest, Axel works on the new board for the Nirvash and is complimented by a colleague. Three girls run in and are amazed by it, although he tells them not to touch it. The girls say someone creepy and suspicious was around nearby. Axel sits down to write out an invoice and doesn’t seem particularly concerned. He tells the girls to go home and not come near the garage again. He says they must act as if they have never been here. The girls leave. One of them claims they will see each other again. Near Feris City, the Gekko has landed and is helping out people on a ship that escaped the city. A man claims they saw a light from the sky, followed by an explosion and tectonic shift. Following this a giant round cloud appeared and monsters along with it. Holland asks if the attack occurred right after the explosion. He says they have no time to lose and must pick up the new board as soon as possible. He thinks Dewey is serious about starting it all. Renton helps with loading things on board the refugee ship, where various injured refugees are being held. He watches a young boy help out as well and asks him his name. The boy doesn’t respond and a man nearby says he has lost his voice after seeing his parents killed by the monsters. Nearby, Eureka who was trying to carry a box has fallen over. Renton rushes up saying she doesn’t have to help, but she insists. The silent boy brings her a cup of water, but upon staring at her becomes really frightened. Eureka asks how she could ever be forgiven. Talho walks up and slaps her, telling her to return to the ship. She says it may be hard for her, but she has all of them by her side. Meanwhile on the Izumo, several Ageha Squad members tell Jurgens that their missile’s target is Gremikowa and that the ship should approach. they say close range observations are to be performed by theEnd. They don’t seem concerned about the risk of sacrificing a city. The Izumo heads off. The Gekko continues through the sky with the refugee ship nearby, eventually heading off on its own. Stoner takes a photo of the crew working on the Nirvash. A transmission from Axel comes through. He says he will make sure the board is delivered. Several military trucks approach. Holland tells Renton and Eureka that due to the military catching up with him, Axel’s going to put the board on the leyline. Holland tells Talho to bring the Gekko near Gremikowa where he expects it to be. Military members arrive at Axel’s warehouse, finding giant speakers there. Using a forklift behind it, Axel bursts his way past them with his colleague driving behind on a craft carrying the board. The warehouse explodes shortly after. Axel releases a kite behind the board and the wind elevates it to the sky as they drive along with the trapars. Axel tries to release the cable connecting it to the vehicle, but it doesn’t work. His colleague is afraid, but Axel doesn’t want them to stop and slow it down. Axel comments on Renton growing up and not needing his help any longer. He feels delivering this board is the last thing he needs to help him. Their vehicle goes off the cliff.

Final adjustments are made for the missiles and once again three are fired into the Earth from high in the atmosphere. Aboard the Izumo, the technicians count up. Anemone screams about not wanting to head out but is drugged to do so while Dominic is held back. An Ageha Squad member says another Kute-class Coralian is coming and wants Anemone sent out to observe it, under Dewey’s orders. Anemone opens her eyes and licks her lips. The Coralian appears nearby. The Gekko approaches the area. Eureka makes her way to the Nirvash saying she has to do something about this and can’t just sit still. Renton follows and says they need to wait for the board first. Woz detects a military craft nearby. It is the Izumo, which also detects the Gekko. An Ageha Squad member says they should ignore the Gekko, and that they and theEnd need to focus on observing the Coralian. Anemone welcomes the potential coming of the Nirvash and heads out on theEnd. Gidget identifies it as an LFO they encountered before. Ken-Goh wants to change course, but Holland says they have to remain; this is the only window of opportunity to catch the board. Renton tells the bridge he is going to head off in the Nirvash. He gets some advice from Morita and is confident the board will make it here. Holland provides permission for the catapult to open, and the Nirvash flies out. Renton says he believes in his grandfather as the Nirvash descends. Seeing it without a board, Anemone wonders if it is mocking her. She is about to attack when the board makes its way nearby. theEnd blasts it, but it makes its way through and the Nirvash jumps onto it. theEnd launches another attack which the Nirvash is able to avoid. Dominic spots the Nirvash from the Izumo’s bridge and wonders if it has evolved. Renton is amazed by the Nirvash’s new specs. He and Eureka hold hands and pull up the Amita drive. A Seven Swell effect appears. Anemone says there’s no way she’d lose and makes her way towards it. The Nirvash concentrates the entire effect in its hands and makes its way towards theEnd, bursting right through it. Anemone screams out and retreats. Eureka seems frightened and asks Renton to hold her hand. Woz detects the Antibody Coralians going away with The Zone. Holland says to head there after they retrieve the Nirvash as there may be some civilian survivors. On the Izumo, Anemone sits with Gulliver, frightened. Dominic asks her what went on out there. One of the Ageha Squad members asks why she didn’t follow orders to observe and says he will report this to Dewey. He seems unconcerned with the Gekko. Back on the Gekko, Eureka holds her hand against the Nirvash. Morita walks up, providing a shipping notice from Axel, along with a hand written note to Renton. We see Axel and his colleague lying in the snow in Bell Forest. In the note Axel says he has to leave Bell Forest now as well but will make sure to return some day and wait for him. Renton starts tearing up but tries to hide it from Eureka. Mischa and Greg watch from nearby. Two Ageha Squad members report to Dewey on the success of the recent operation, claiming there appears to be a time limit to the Coralians. They claim the length, 1,246 seconds is the same amount of time a Seven Swell Effect from the Nirvash appears. Dewey says the time has come and to continue the tectonic stimulations. An image of the planet appears before him with spots marked all over it.


This episode begins with the aftermath of the Coralian attack in the previous episode. It’s fortunate that at least one ship of refugees was able to make its way out. Eureka appears greatly affected by what has happened and acts as if she is to blame, despite having no involvement. Upgrades to the Nirvash are complete and we see it in action for the first time in a while. We also see theEnd in action as well; it is the first time the two have confronted each other in battle in approximately 20 episodes. It was fun to hear the show’s original opening theme music “Days” played during the battle. Dewey and his subordinates continue to show that they don’t particularly care about the civilian populace, purposely instigating another Coralian attack; although this time we are spared seeing the Antibody monsters.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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