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Eureka Seven Ep. 33: Pacific State


Stoner explains how 10,000 years ago on their mother world Earth, the planet was predominantly covered by ocean. People participated in surfing, which resembles the lifting currently done today. Said people were called surfers and communed with nature while riding the waves. Renton and Eureka ride the waves in the Nirvash. He then reports on them flying over the city of Gremikowa which now lies destroyed. Talho asks if he saw any signs of life and Renton says it is just ruins. Renton tells Eureka they need to go back and she has a concerned look on her face, hoping there’s someone still alive out there. She says sorry as the Nirvash returns to the Gekko. Holland appears frustrated, his face in his hands. Ken-Goh tells him to not think of it as if they were too late, but rather that the enemy was too fast for them. He says the area of damage has likely increased since last time and the attacks are getting more accurate. He believes it shows the attacks to be something artificial. He tells Holland to let the crew rest as everyone is exhausted. Holland agrees and gives the order to have half the crew rest. Nearby, Talho reviews some data and says the information that Happ obtained on Master Norb was fake. She wonders if information is getting tangled up in the military. Holland tells her she needs some rest as well. She is about to say something but then hesitates and declines. In the dock Morita says it seems as if Nirvash’s airborne form was planned from the beginning. He and Greg ask Renton for feedback on the piloting and Renton says it’s been easier than he imagined. Greg asks about Eureka and Renton says she’s resting in her room. What happened at Gremikowa was too much for her and he thinks they should leave her alone. Greg tells Renton he’s her partner and should be by her side. He holds out a piece of candy and says it doesn’t matter the topic, they just need to start talking. Renton tries to grab the candy to no avail. He says they need a memory between the two of them that they can share. Talho stares at old photos of her and Holland and says they look so young, it makes her sick. At that time she had never been on a board before but he took her out with him. She stares at Holland’s board nearby and thinks of how Holland gives her all sorts of things but always keeps quiet about the truth over the burdens he bears and what he needs to do, wants and feels. She thinks he shouldn’t be acting so tough. She pulls out the John Henry Silver jewelry he bought for her long ago and says he’s so unfair. In the lounge, Stoner talks to Happ about their goal being to contact the Coralians and prevent the government from hiding their existence and eradicating them. Happ says that would mean war between the humans and Coralians. Matthieu asks if they can keep doing what they’ve been doing given that Eureka was created by the Coralians. They may be taking on not just the military but the monsters that attacked Gremikowa. He wonders if Coralians and humans can co-exist. Holland says he needs time to think it over and understands they can’t go back to the way they used to be. Talho stands outside but decides against going in. A bunch of magazines and catalogs before him, Renton moans to himself about how he doesn’t have a memento for him and Eureka. Talho asks him why he’s made such a mess and if he stayed up all night. He asks Talho what a memento is and she starts laughing. She says the item itself isn’t what’s important. What’s important is the time that the two of them had together and what a wonderful time it was. Renton finally gets it and shouts out in frustration. Renton asks Talho about shining things he sees below them and she tells them its trapar dust. Having never seen it before, he’s amazed and believes a good lifting spot should be nearby. Talho asks Renton if he wants to go lifting.

Later, the Gekko has landed and Morita confirms there is nothing wrong with the control units, causing Jobs and Woz to believe there’s something wrong with the Gekko‘s central computer system. Elsewhere Renton asks Talho if it was alright to lie about their fly-by-wire system being broken. She brings him to a board which he immediately becomes impressed with. Talho tells him to use this with Eureka and use his feelings to put her grieving mind at ease. Renton wonders how he should come up with something to say and she slaps him in the back of the head. She tells him if he really loves her he should show her his attitude. Renton asks if she lied for him and Eureka. She says not to be so conceited and that she’s going to deal with a big baby. Renton wonders if he’ll be alright on a board that is a different style than he’s used to. Elsewhere, Sonia gets frustrated upon seeing Matthieu and Hilda about to head out to lift. She wonders how everyone can be so calm, including Mischa, who is just sitting down nearby. Sitting on a cliff nearby, Greg asks Holland what he’s going to do. They’ve got Renton and Eureka as their trump card but it’s impossible to contact the Coralians with the Antibodies having appeared. Holland thinks there is a way, if Renton and Eureka can get in touch with Master Norb. Talho appears behind them with a board. Several members of the Gekko crew fly around on their boards. Renton goes to Eureka and says he doesn’t know what to say, but if staying here makes her feel better that’s fine with him. He doesn’t know what cruel things are awaiting them, but that’s all he can do for her. He asks her if she feels up to it if she can step outside. Eureka grabs his arm and asks if he feels she is a nuisance. He says there’s no way he’d think something like that and grabs her hand. Mischa, studying a report says Eureka’s values as a Coralian are rising and wonders if it is because of the Antibodies or something else. Greg walks up asking what she’s doing and says he wanted to leave Holland and Talho on their own. Holland tells Talho he knows she landed here on purpose. She says he looked painful and should go lifting; she’ll double as his rehab. Holland says this will be his last lift as he won’t have the time going forward. He wants her to watch him do it. Matthieu tells Stoner that their leader is lifting for the first time in a while and if he should take photos of it. Matthieu thinks it’s a miracle he’s doing it at all after so long. Holland struggles lifting and Talho tells him he can stop. Tears in his eyes, Holland admits to being pathetic and says the only think he was talented at was lifting. With the planet giving him the ability to lift he couldn’t forgive those trying to destroy it. The two cry and Talho drops her John Henry jewelry. Holland asks if he can hold it for a while. They see Renton and Eureka lifting with the board Talho showed him earlier. Holland hopes this becomes a good memory for the two of them like it did for them. Later Holland gathers the crew in the lounge and says he’s been using things in the past to survive such as lifting and the counterculture. He didn’t realize he was hurting them by using them. He also admits to hurting people, especially Renton and Eureka and asks for their forgiveness. He says as of today Gekkostate is disbanding. Talho says they’ve learned where Master Norb is. He appeared in the capital seeking an audience with the three sages. Holland says him showing his face after 3 years shows how resigned he is. Holland says they can’t lose him now or they’d lose the ability for humans and Coralians to co-exist. He says he’s going to head in and rescue him, but doesn’t intend for anyone to follow him. Those who want to leave can do so. Later, Holland, Talho and Ken-Goh sit in the Gekko‘s bridge. Ken-Goh says it’s been three years since they seized this ship and deserted the military. It was just the three of them back then. Talho says they can start again from square one. Happ comes in, as does Gidget. Various other crewmembers report in from different parts of the ship revealing they have stayed on board as well. Renton appears and tells Holland the crew all got together and they won’t let him disband Gekkostate. What he wants to do isn’t different than what they’ve done in the past; this is what Gekkostate is about. Talho tells Holland they are waiting for his next order. He says they are going to invade the capital and to depart from their current location. The Gekko blasts off. Stoner is in the lab having developed a photo of Renton and Eureka lifting, claiming it to be the best shot of his life. He decides to title it Pacific State.


After a couple of climatic episodes things slow down considerably this episode with no action taking place. That said this was quite the strong character episode, more than making up for the lack of action. Talho shows that she truly has changed as a person, especially with her attitude towards Renton. Showing the John Henry jewelry that was a focus in an early episode reminds one of how awful she used to be towards him, but now she’s encouraging him and helping him out with his relationship with Eureka. Holland has also gotten considerably more mature and has likewise finally grown past his bitterness over Renton and Eureka’s relationship. On the other hand, Holland’s declaration of disbanding Gekkostate came off with quite a thud, being unbelievable and rendered moot a mere scene later. Renton meanwhile continues to come off as quite clueless regarding his romantic pursuit of Eureka, needing unsolicited advice from several people to help him along. It was fun to see him and Eureka lifting though, and I’d agree with Stoner that it was quite the shot he took of them. It was a good parallel to a shot of Holland and Talho doing the same thing shown earlier in the episode. With Eureka acting quite miserable the last couple of episodes it was good to see Renton doing something to cheer her up. Removing the opening sequence and replacing it with a brief scene about the origins of lifting from surfing was a nice feature as well.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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