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Eureka Seven Ep. 35: Astral Apache


At the Capital Defense Force Operation post, a pair of soldiers talk about the recent Coralian appearance in Gremikowa but thinks as it’s far away they have nothing to worry about. One of the soldiers complains about the other’s boom box being too loud, but he realizes it isn’t on. Trapar interference is suddenly detected. The Gekko makes its way to the capital with the Nirvash and other LFOs having launched alongside it. Holland provides orders to everyone. The Gekko flies right past the observation post. Alarms go off at the capital and Dewey tells Norb that someone is trying to invade Capitol Hill. He asks if any Vodarac radicals would actually attack this place other than him and then claims he believes the man Norb entrusted things to, Holland, is doing the attack. The military defenses attack and the Gekko fires back. Dewey asks Norb if he knows the words “Love Thy Neighbor” and claims they are written in the oldest document known to mankind. He says such a phrase was included there because without those words humans can’t keep each other alive. He considers humans to be pathetic creatures and says he wants to earn his own words as a human. He says the first revelation from God was “in the beginning there was the word.” Norb asks him if he’s trying to be another Raskolnikov. Eureka is a bit concerned as they approach the capital but the Nirvash and other LFOs avoid the enemy’s attacks. Ken-Goh encourages Moondoggie to not panic as the Gekko reaches the capital and blasts its way through. The Nirvash avoids attacks from a land based missile launcher and destroys it. Holland announces to the crew that they’ve penetrated the defensive line of Capitol Hill. The first stage of their operation is complete and they’ll now proceed to stage two. Holland asks the Nirvash what’s wrong and Renton says they should stop the battle here. He doesn’t think this is a good way to fight and the way they normally do it. Holland says they don’t have time and the planet will lose everything if they don’t proceed. Eureka tells Renton its okay and to hold her hand. Several Mon-Soonos attack Holland in his typeR909 LFO but he is able to avoid them. An emergency warning rings out at the capital and civilians are told to evacuate to their designated shelter. Eureka senses a girl running with her mother on the ground and admits she’s scared. Renton tells her to try harder, but she says the harder they try the more of such people they’ll hurt. She says those people must also have those dear to them and it would be like losing him. She pushes on the break of the Nirvash. Hilda complains and Talho says if that’s their choice then so be it. Hilda says she says that with complete trust in them. She fights off a Mon-Soono that approaches them. Moondoggie becomes scared upon seeing their own forces fire at them but Ken-Goh says this is part of the plan. The Gekko is hit. Three Mon-Soonos approach. Ken-Goh tells Moondoggie everything depends on his determination. Moondoggie eagerly presses forward. Meanwhile on the Izumo, Dominic along with the Ageha Squad members watch the attack on a television. The Ageha Squad members get up to go. Dominic asks them if Dewey read his report on the Nirvash and its pilots. They tell him he’ll read it when it’s appropriate, if it’s important. Dominic says the Nirvash has been upgraded and asks if they know what that means. Dominic is thrown against the wall by Anemone and asked if he put in the report that The End lost to the Nirvash. While he thinks it isn’t important, she very much thinks it is and asks if she has another chance after failing twice already. She is frustrated at him not being able to understand that. She asks why they lost to such a lame enemy and is sure they are going to be killed. Dominic says it’s alright and they’ll win next time but she doesn’t seem very believing and walks off silently. On the ground, Talho’s typeR606 LFO has landed. She, Mischa and Greg walk into an empty room where they find a laptop. Upon it is a photo of Talho with Norb and Tilua Garden written on it. Talho says they should begin.

Two Ageha Squad members report to Dewey, bringing him a man they claim is a traitor and informant for Gekkostate. Dewey recognizes him as one of “Talho’s pets” in Intelligence. He says the enemy’s target is Norb, but even if they could get this far that doesn’t mean Norb would bow down to Holland. He ponders if Norb will use his power for destruction in order to save the planet or entrust it to Holland, whom he calls a good for nothing. He doesn’t think they can do much now that their window of opportunity has vanished. He thinks Norb is no longer needed with them having the power of Orange. Holland destroys another Mon-Soono in his typeR909 and is told by Gidget that Norb is in Tilua Garden. She says the Nirvash has disappeared, but Holland is sure Renton and Eureka will be alright. He says if they ran away now there’s no way they’d be able to live through the destiny awaiting them. Norb watches as Holland flies over Tilua Garden, pursued by several KLFs. On the Gekko, Woz complains about the seemingly never ending amount of enemies pursuing them and Gidget says the Nirvash won’t respond. Ken-Goh says after they pick up Talho, they’ll send Hilda to back up Holland. Ken-Goh is confident that Holland will pull this off. Having run out of ammo, Holland launches his way into the enemy Mon-Soonos and lands in Tilua Garden. He gets out, holding a gun. Dewey says he’s late and calls him a disgrace to the Novac family. Meanwhile the Nirvash lies still in an alley. Renton tells Eureka that unless they do something, their friends on the Gekko are in danger and the military won’t stop their attack. Eureka says she’s afraid and wants to run away. She says she doesn’t want to harm anything anymore. Renton hugs her and tells her if it’s that tough she doesn’t have to fight anymore. He says if they abandoned everything the war wouldn’t end, and that’s why he’s going to continue to fight. He believes with her and the Nirvash he can put an end to the war between the humans and the Coralians and asks her to trust him. He wants to do something they can both believe in and she agrees. At Tilua Garden Dewey asks Holland what he’s come to beg for. He tells the Ageha Squad members to let Norb go. He says his brother can be comforted by another like him whose time has come and gone. Norb walks towards Holland. Dewey says Norb came here because he didn’t believe Holland could find anyone to be Eureka’s partner and has given up. When he reaches Holland, Holland tells Norb to stand back as there’s something he wants to show him, something he promised him he’d get. Dewey tells Holland he’ll never be able to surpass him. He followed in his footsteps with lifting then the military but could never reach his caliber. He claims he even picked up the woman he dumped. He also claims Ray=Out was nothing but a waste of everyone’s time. He says the masses don’t care about the truth. He claims a loud voice and big stimulus is needed. People will choose a lie over the truth if it threatens their pride. He tells him to see the big picture or there’s no way he can win. Holland tells Dewey he’s disappointed and he’s not changed at all. He claims Dewey hasn’t caught up to him. The Nirvash appears behind them and Norb realizes Holland has found the one. Norb gets in the Nirvash’s hands and it takes off. Dewey wonders what that vehicle even is. Holland says earning things rather than begging is what Gekkostate is all about. Several more LFOs appear and Holland orders a retreat. The power then goes out across the entire capital. Mischa realizes this is why they headed to a power plant and Talho says she just didn’t want to see Dewey’s face. Dewey angrily grips his sword. Its LFOs returned, the Gekko departs. On the Gekko, Holland tells Norb he’s happy he held back, but Norb asks what he’s talking about. He reveals he hadn’t headed to the capital to destroy it and he is too old for something like that. He asks for a cigarette. Renton and Eureka get out of the Nirvash and Norb sees that Renton is the one. At the capital, the Ageha Squad members tell Dewey that it will take 72 hours for the power plant to come back online. Another one appears and tells Dewey the Sage Council is requesting him.


We have a fairly exciting episode here as the Gekko makes its way to the capital to rescue Master Norb. Things pretty much go as expected with our heroes not really having any trouble against the enemy crafts fighting them. Although I will admit to being surprised that Dewey simply handed over Norb to Holland with no fuss whatsoever. Dewey’s arrogance may be his own undoing; he doesn’t believe any partner for Eureka can be found when that has already occurred and he ignored a report from Dominic which would have given him that information. In their conversation together, Norb references him being Raskolnikov, a character from the novel Crime and Punishment who believes powerful people were above the law. Although it may have already been obvious to some, we have the official revelation here that Holland and Dewey are brothers. The reveal I was more caught off guard by was that Dewey and Talho used to be lovers. Eureka shows some hesitancy during the battle but Renton is thankfully able to bring her around.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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