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Eureka Seven Ep. 36: Fantasia


At the capital, an Ageha Squad member reports to Dewey that theEnd came into contact with the Nirvash during the firing of Orange 02. They apologize for being late with the report, but Dewey says he doesn’t mind. He’s not concerned about Gekkostate getting their hand on Norb and knows where the Gekko is heading. He hopes they can find the central core of the Coralians before Gekkostate causes any more situations. He believes they should launch more oranges and says he’d like to avoid more bloodshed, but this is all Holland’s fault. Another Ageha Squad member comes in and says they can take off. In regard to his visitation summons Dewey says to pass along a message that he’ll visit when the time comes and to hold off on that request for now. A large orange-colored ship, the Ginga, is about to take off. On the Gekko, Norb puts some topping on a pizza he’s eating. Holland says that Norb came along with them since he knows Renton is Eureka’s partner and wonders what they need to do in order to cross the Great Wall now that they’ve gathered the necessary pieces. Norb asks for more pizza and is told that’s all he’ll get. He asks for a cigarette and Holland declines to give him one. Norb says he’d appreciate being brought back to the Vodarac palace and feigns going to sleep. As Holland leaves, he asks if Renton and Eureka are attracted to each other from the bottom of their hearts. If so, they better hurry. Meanwhile Eureka works on cleaning the Nirvash and notices her reflection in it. She grows rather self conscious about her appearance. Renton expresses sadness over a scratch in the Nirvash and pulls out some spray paint to fix it. This makes Eureka more self conscious about the scars on her face and she walks off. Renton doesn’t notice her leaving, and when he turns Holland is standing there in his bathing suit. Holland asks if he wants to hang out for a while. Eureka has headed to the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. Gidget walks up next to her and tells her about some makeup she can use to cover up her scars. Eureka asks Gidget about makeup and she says it helps her look prettier for Moondoggie. Eureka says Renton was happier when the Nirvash looked better and asks Gidget if she can put on some makeup on her. Elsewhere on the ship, Renton and Holland are in the bathroom washing up together. Holland asks Renton about a time he hid his sister Diane’s shoes. Renton briefly flashes back to it. Holland tells him he got in the way on their first date. He says she was his first love. Gidget and Eureka gather some makeup from the store. Gidget checks Eureka’s hand so she can see if it matches her skin tone. Eureka says she doesn’t have money to pay for all of this but Gidget says to put it on Renton’s tab as this is for him. They gather a lot more. Holland tells Renton he met Diane when Renton was 12, at Bolnata Military Base. It had a hill with a good wave and he’d head over there to lift during his downtime. Holland lifts in a flashback. A burst of wind knocks him out of the sky. When he opens his eyes, Diane has approached and asks him if he’s hurt, kissing him on the forehead. She says her father does that for her when she gets hurt. Holland says she’s in the way and to get lost. He sees her heading to Adroc. Apparently it had taken him a lot of work to bring Diane here as she was afraid to leave their home. He says that was the only time she showed up at that spot and he thought until the incident that she hated him. After Adroc’s death, the military kept doing research on things he left behind and it took several years. Holland, now in the military, approaching Adroc’s room and seeing an older Diane in there. He walks in and asks if she remembers him. He tells her where her father’s belongings are. She asks what her father was trying to prove and says she doesn’t know anything about him despite living with him for 16 years. Holland says his research data is only open to a small part of the military. She asks how she can find out about it. She says she remembers him and that it was wonderful watching him ride the waves. She takes him by the hand and tells him to call her. Back in the present, Eureka tells Gidget she wants to try applying the makeup herself and Gidget leaves. Eureka tries to make sense of the different devices Gidget has left her. Holland tells Renton that he thought the girl was supposed to call the guy as he called Diane. When he calls, Axel picks up the phone and says Diane doesn’t live there. Holland tries calling again and Axel fakes being an operator, saying the number isn’t in service. Later we see Holland lying in his bed and he’s told he’s received a call from a girl in Bell Forest.

Still in flashback, Holland sits in his car trying to find the right radio station to have on. Diane appears and apologizes, saying her brother hid her shoes. A young Renton makes faces and says he’ll tell their grandfather. Diane tells Holland he didn’t expect her to come. She reveals being accepted to a military lab, thanks to a recommendation from his brother and thanks him. She takes him by the hand and says she’s really happy about this. In the present, Eureka walks around, examining Talho and Hilda and taking notes on how they wear makeup. Stoner talks to Mischa and Greg about physics. They suddenly realize Eureka is also sitting there, taking notes on Mischa’s makeup. In the shower, Holland continues talking to Renton about how he really liked Diane and thought they’d be together someday. He says he should have realized she was focusing on something else though. She’s in a lab working, saying she’s really close to proving things about what her father discovered. Holland comes in, concerned that she’s working herself to death. She wants to be able to communicate with the Scubs and Holland says that led to her father’s death and asks if she wants to end up like him. She says she does. Holland says that’s the last time he saw Diane and she disappeared. Holland tells Renton to not disappear and that he’ll protect him and Eureka as long as he’s in reach. Renton says he’s happy about it, but he doesn’t want him to kill any more people. Even those they’ve killed have people that care about them. He says Eureka feels the same way, but it’s been even harder on her and that she can sense the machines as well. Holland says that’s not the case, she can hear from the archetypes that were born from the Scubs like her. Machines made by humans are something else. He says she saw traces of the Scubs in them. He asks if someone from another race was thrown into a different race of beings if they’d be able to actually open their heart to them. He says Eureka couldn’t accept humans until she met him. He says he can’t change the way he fights and that the blood of all those he killed have seeped into him and couldn’t forgive him now. He says Renton still has time to turn aback, but needs to plunge ahead and fight a way to fight that he’d never be able to get away with. He tells him to take good care of Eureka. He asks Renton how far he’s gotten and if he’s actually kissed her yet. Renton says no but Holland doesn’t believe him. Later, Holland and Renton rest on the couch in the lounge while Maeter and Linck try to fan them off with magazines. Matthieu asks for Stoner to show up so he can take photos of this. Renton talks about how he finally heard about Holland’s first love. Holland tells him to not tell Matthieu. Eureka walks in, covering her face. When she removes her hands everyone is shocked at how she has put too much makeup on her face. Her children start crying and Renton asks what she’s done with her face, causing her to run off. Gidget yells at Renton and tells him to go after her. She yells at the rest of the crew for commenting on Eureka’s makeup. In her room, Renton asks Eureka if this is a prank and if she needs help removing it. Eureka covers herself with a blanket and says no until he pulls it off her. Eureka tells him about wanting to look pretty for him. Renton has a hard time looking at Eureka without laughing but is able to tell Eureka that he loves her. Talho walks in and tells Eureka to come with her. In her room Talho works on fixing Eureka’s makeup, saying she doesn’t need much at her age and applying it in more toned down fashion. Talho hands Eureka her makeup bag. She says to be cautious, no matter how they talk guys like pretty girls in the end. Out in the hallway Holland realizes Renton hasn’t actually done anything with Eureka. On the Izumo, a communication comes in for Anemone from Dewey saying he knows about her being hurt in her fight with the Nirvash. Anemone says that isn’t true. Dewey says he wants her to handle another, important mission instead. Dominic asks Dewey to leave Anemone alone but she angrily grabs the intercom and says that she can do it. Dewey tells her he’s counting on her.


For the second time in three episodes we have an episode that is dominated by a lengthy flashback sequence. This time we learn about Holland’s past with Renton’s sister, Diane. For some reason that I’ve never understood, they’ve always made sure to cover her face in the past and this is the first time we get to see her in full. A big part of Renton’s character has been his naivety regarding romance, but the flashback shows that Holland was also rather clueless about romance as well when he was younger. We see Renton being quite the brat as a younger child and part of me wonders if Holland’s bad attitude towards Renton earlier in the show was him remembering how awful Renton behaved when he was dating Diane. We find out that Diane mysteriously disappeared, explaining why she hasn’t appeared in the show to this point. I really enjoyed the time Renton and Holland spent together in this episode, showing that all the conflict we had between the two characters in the first half of the series has been fully resolved. Another big focus of the episode is Eureka learning how to use makeup for the first time. The storyline does come a bit out of nowhere considering Renton never appeared to care about her diminished appearance following the events in the mines nearly 20 episodes ago. Perhaps it is a sign of her becoming more human in nature? In any case Eureka taking notes on all the women’s appearances then massively overdoing the makeup causes quite the comedic moment and things once again completely go over Renton’s head.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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