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Eureka Seven Ep. 39: Join the Future


The Gekko crew gather on a soccer field. Happ questions why they are doing this when the Great Wall is so close by. Two hours earlier, Hilda, Stoner, Happ and Matthieu are sitting outside the Gekko. Hilda is rather appalled by the declaration that they are going to a soccer field given they are wanted criminals. Stoner says Renton and Eureka can’t play it by themselves so they are needed. Hilda and Matthieu pass, but Holland shows up and says Norb claims this will show them to the Great Wall. Happ questions Norb, but Holland believes in him, pointing out the compac drive in his chest. Renton, who is nearby wants to do it. He says he’s been jumpy and nervous and this will enable him to move around and burn off some steam. Holland tells Renton he’s grown up. Renton and Eureka have to get past the Great Wall soon and this will be a challenge he has to overcome leading up to it. Happ calls the two of them idiots and asks where Norb is. At that moment, Norb is leaning on the floor of the lounge, dozing off. Renton practices kicking a ball with his legs while Holland lies on the ground nearby. Renton is able to balance the ball on his head, impressing Maeter and Linck. Linck asks to try and Renton hands him the ball. Eureka and Maurice approach. Renton says he used to play in Bell Forest on his own, but there wasn’t a team for him to join so he had to do it all by himself. Renton asks Eureka if she’s ever played and she says no, but she says she can learn how if she does with him. An excited Renton runs over to the kids to get the ball and says he’ll teach all of them together. As Renton is about to start with them, Woz comes over and says Holland is searching for him. The entire crew gathers in the lounge where Holland has written out a special schedule across a white board. The crew starts asking questions about the instructions Holland has written. Happ asks Holland how many days the training involved with this is going to take. Holland walks over to the white board and starts erasing parts of it. He asks the crew if they’re up to it, but they don’t seem enthused. Stoner asks why they haven’t asked Norb the reason to play soccer. Holland says it’s so they can get over the Great Wall. Happ demands an answer from Norb as to why they have to play. Norb simply smiles, but doesn’t say anything. Talho says it’s better not to ask. Back in the present, Renton is kicking the ball and makes it past Hilda. He kicks towards a net tended to by Jobs and is able to get the ball in for a goal. On the bench nearby, Gidget and Woz are impressed by Renton’s performance. Hilda complains about not being able to keep up and heads to the bench. Eureka walks up to praise Renton, but he says it doesn’t take much playing amateurs like Hilda and Jobs. Eureka blushes but doesn’t say what it’s about. Gonzy tells them it is time to start. The game begins, with Renton rushing towards Moondoggie with the ball. He flips the ball between his legs several times, but Moondoggie is able to steal it from him and kicks the ball right past goaltender Gidget for a goal. Eureka brings the ball back to an angry Renton. Stoner, Happ and Matthieu sit behind the stands. Stoner says this isn’t good; he’s analyzed Norb’s intentions and wonders if Norb is trying to rid Renton of any evil intentions that may hinder him as he enters the Great Wall. They believe Norb is trying to rid Renton of his “youthful urges” via sports. Happ says they are in trouble as Renton is feeling cornered by the superior Moondoggie and he’s getting emotional pressure from Eureka as well. Holland walks up to them, an angry look on his face. The three of them are running later; meanwhile, Eureka successfully steals the ball from Moondoggie, runs right by Stoner, Happ and Matthieu and passes the ball to Renton. He is blocked by Woz and Matthieu asks him to pass. Renton starts to tire out by holding the ball so long. Stoner wonders if Renton doesn’t know how to pass. Moondoggie steals the ball from him and scores another goal. An exhausted Renton falls to the ground and Eureka tells him to not let them down.

Later, Happ, Stoner and Mathieu open cans to drink. They think things aren’t going good with Renton right now and he’ll lose his self confidence. Stoner wonders if Norb’s plan was really for Renton and Eureka to work as a pair. A group of five men, opponents for the group, approach from the stand above. Renton is kneeling on the ground by the vending machines as Moondoggie and Gidget talk. Happ runs up to them, exhausted, asking where Holland is. Holland and the others ask Norb where these guys have come from. Holland wants to go through with it and Norb grins. Holland tells the team they are sure to win. He cheers on the starting lineup and heads to the bench. Eureka tells Renton she’s sorry for earlier and says she’ll do her best and cover for him, upsetting him further. The game begins. Two opponents rush towards Moondoggie, who passes the ball to Eureka. An opponent rushes towards her and steals the ball. Happ asks if what he did was against the rules and Stoner says no, Eureka’s small size is the problem. He calls it martial arts. Renton heads towards an opponent who goes around him. Happ kicks the opponent in the head and is stopped by the referee. The opponent kicks the ball into Moondoggie’s face and upon the rebound kicks the ball in for a goal. Holland gets up off the bench, saying he’s going in. Later; the Gekko crew is down 34-0 and all the players are exhausted. Renton says he’s sorry and that he should do a better job, but the others say it is okay. Holland says this is now all about the pride of Gekkostate. Mischa says they won’t be satisfied without scoring a single goal. Holland claims their plan is to play with no defense. Eureka is able to steal the ball from the opponent and passes to Moondoggie. Two opponents start grabbing at him, but he is able to pass to Renton. Renton holds the ball again. Eureka tells Renton to pass and he is able to do so to her. One of the opponents slides towards Eureka, who passes to Renton. Renton heads towards the net but the opponent slides into him. The ball heads into the air. The opponent’s goalie, Eureka, Renton and Holland head towards it. Eureka and Renton both use Holland as a springboard to jump up high into the air. They kick the ball together and score a goal, landing on Holland afterwards. Suddenly 3 KLFs appear and land on the field, but the Gekkostate crew has vanished, having returned to the Gekko. Later, the crew again question what Norb’s intentions were regarding the game. Hilda wonders if it was about teamwork. Stoner wonders if it was to be prepared for something unexpected. Talho asks Norb what it was really about. Norb says if they found something that’s good and if they didn’t it’s still good. Besides, it was fun. Holland says they’ll return here and play their opponent again. Later, Renton and Eureka work on mopping the dock. They chuckle over what they did to Holland. Renton asks about something Eureka was bringing up when the whistle was blown earlier in the game. She says she believes in him and that he’s been able to pull out miracles. At a press conference, Dewey states that the Coralian attack on the capital cost them two great foundations, blaming the deaths of Braya and Kuzemi on them. He says while they deserved it, he didn’t wish for them to die. He says the sages should have apologized and that their regret caused them great agony. He says Coda, the last remaining sage has given him a special order, to strike at the Coralians. He asks once again for the Ageha Squad to be deployed. He says they’ll then attack the Coralian’s main base, the Great Wall, and destroy them once and for all.


Things completely grind to a halt here with a filler episode, one that is probably as big a waste as any of the filler episodes we have had in the series to this point. The Gekko crew playing soccer comes off as something that is sourced from fan fiction or a parody show. I don’t think Renton has mentioned soccer a single time the entire series yet here we learn that he played it by himself all the time at home. I’m sure it will never be mentioned again. While it’s been a fairly long stretch since our last filler episode, you’d hope that this late in the series they would have focused more on the plot instead. The only meaningful scene is at the very end of the episode where Dewey announces the death of two of the sages. Given the way the previous episode ended I was expecting Coda to die as well but we get the reveal here that she is still alive.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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