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Eureka Seven Ep. 4: Watermelon


The Sage Council, three individuals sitting in large chairs before what appears to be a giant compac drive discuss the recent activation of the Nirvash and Seven Swell effect that resulted. They also speak of the Monarch Project as authorized by Adroc Thurston. Councilmember Coda wants to release Dewey Novak to deal with it, a man they previously had sealed away, despite the objections of the other two, Braya and Kuzemi. Meanwhile on the Gekko, Happ and Stoner relax, listening to the radio and talk about heading to Stroholm, a place famous for its geyser. Renton lies in the dock wondering what he’s doing here. He’s been here seven days and is disappointed that none of the crew have tried to lift/surf thus far. He doesn’t think he has a right to complain though as he’s still in training and has an obligation to watch over the Amita Drive. Talho shows up and tells Renton he’s slacking off as he was supposed to help her after cleaning up in the dining hall. She tells him to deliver a cooler to the workshop to pick up two compac drives and have Holland sign for them. When he shows up on the bridge Renton asks about lifting, but Happ says they can’t stop in a port with a good spot due to their current bad financial situation. They don’t have enough funds to land in an airport. Having gotten the sign off from Holland, Renton gets the two compac drives. Eureka’s three children throw something at Renton and he chases them into the hallway, running into Mischa and Ken-Goh. Mischa asks Renton to come with her to the medical bay where she attaches a lot of wires to him to run some tests. She tells him that Eureka’s told her how well the Nirvash operates when he’s with her. Eureka shows up and Renton gets nervous as he’s just in his underwear. Renton and Eureka head out on the Nirvash to help run some tests. Renton feels as if the cockpit is stuffy and even though he’s in mid-air it feels fake to him. Renton asks Eureka to switch the canopy to invisible mode due to the stuffiness and she tells him he’ll get used to it. Mischa talks with Holland, telling him the Nirvash still holds a lot of mysteries and it isn’t simply Renton’s Amita Drive. Holland thinks it’s a good idea to keep the two of them piloting for a while. Mischa speaks to the effect trapar waves can have on someone’s emotions. Later having landed the Nirvash back in the Gekko, an announcement rings out to head to the dining hall. Eureka touches the Nirvash saying it’s done a good job today. Eureka tells Renton that the Nirvash says it really enjoyed flying with him, and she says she had fun as well. She says she wishes she could feel this way every time she’s riding the waves. Renton thinks of what he can to do keep Eureka happy. Holland announces to everyone that they have no money and that whoever comes up with the best idea to get them money will get a kiss from Talho, after obtaining said money. Everyone freaks out about the reward. Renton thinks to himself of how he’d prefer Eureka’s smile instead. Talho tells Renton that even if he wins, he’ll get no kiss from her as he owes her one having left the compac drives and cooler behind unattended. Renton lays around in the dock some more, thinking of how he’s lost people’s trust and wonders what to do. He spots an ad for a lift tournament in Flint Franc and thinks they should enter it.

Later, Happ presents to the group a smuggling opportunity they have and how they’ll have to take a direct path through Orland with their LFOs to pull it off. The crew worries, as there’s a famous state military base in Orland. Happ says they have seven hours and Holland okay’s it. The crew is dismayed at the small pay Happ says they’ll get. Renton raises his hand saying they can make money through the lift competition, but his idea is completely ignored and everyone leaves. Later, Holland and Happ meet with the smuggler client, who has handed them a cooler. Happ tells Renton that the Nirvash is the fastest LFO they have so they’ll have him deliver it. The Nirvash heads out along with the typeR909 and typeR606. At the military base some soldiers talk about the destruction at Bell Forest and how nothing like that could happen here. Suddenly the alarm goes off as the LFOs head right over the base. Some Mon-Soonos are promptly sent out, but they are quickly disposed of by Holland. Renton is afraid and barely does anything while Eureka pilots the Nirvash. They soon reach an open area with trapar waves erupting from the ground. Holland says there was a recent tectonic shift and a ref boarder like him should know about all the trapar waves that should come as a result. A large amount of trapar waves erupt from the ground soon after. Renton thinks of how he was initially disappointed with Holland and the others but getting to see them lift for real now was worth it. The cooler Renton is holding opens up and a small bag with an organ in it pops out. Later, Renton angrily confronts Happ about it, saying he’d feel more urgency if he knew this was to save someone’s life. Stoner says this was more likely a poor person selling off an organ to pay off their debt. Holland comes in with their pay, saying the client tried to get out of it. Happ says as their mission reward, Talho has to clean the bathroom. Talho says Renton has to take responsibility for this as he didn’t come up with a good idea. Later, Renton is working on cleaning the floor. Matthieu tells him the place where the competition was going to be had weak trapar waves, but they knew there was going to be a lot of trapars in the area they were cutting through today. He says they never lift for money; that’s just the way they are. He tells Renton that the three kids aren’t Eureka’s real children. Talho asks Renton what he’d have done if they were really hers. Renton thinks to himself of how he doesn’t have a good answer for it. We cut to Dewey sitting in a prison courtyard, a large metal ball attached to his ankle as Dominic tells him of the recent events and that the Sage Council is bound to soon reinstate him. Dewey says he doesn’t intend to ignore proper decorum and speaks of a king who runs away from his sins and must eventually accept death to atone for it.


Renton has gotten to join the Gekkostate, but he quickly realizes that it isn’t as exciting as he had hoped. A week into being on the Gekko and little has happened in this time. As the low man on the totem pole, Renton finds himself often having to do chores for Talho and gets barely any respect from the crew. Beyond that, it is revealed that the Gekkostate is broke! It is rare for our heroes in a mecha show to find themselves completely out of resources (it is something that at least the original Mobile Suit Gundam did well), but that is the case here and our heroes have to resort to delivering organs on the black market to make money. Beyond that this episode also introduces Dewey Novak as a prospective antagonist for our heroes.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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