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Eureka Seven Ep. 40: Cosmic Trigger


Sitting with Stoner and Holland, Renton looks at a mockup of the next cover of Ray=out, featuring the photo of him and Eureka. He considers it a bit embarrassing. He asks why they are doing this all of a sudden. Holland says the Gekko will soon arrive at the Vodara Shrine, headquarters of the Vodarac. He says Norb claims that Sakuya is there. Once they are there, they won’t have time for Renton to look the cover over. Stoner says they have to get it published as soon as possible. He hates having to use Renton and Eureka like this, but feels they need speed and the real truth to get through this crisis. He says both will be famous when they come back. Renton says he doesn’t care about being famous. The Gekko descends through the clouds and lands later. Tiptori, accompanied by two others, welcomes Norb, Holland and Happ. Norb is glad to be back but asks if they know what his coming will involve. Tiptori says it doesn’t matter; the land has already been taken over by evildoers. Tiptori asks how the kids are doing and Renton appears with them from nearby. The kids run up to her, saying they want to drink her tea again. She says they’ve grown a lot since she last saw her. Renton feels it’s like running into an old relative. She comments on all of them getting taller and asks where Eureka is. Eureka sits on the Gekko with Talho, a worried look on her face. Talho says she’s sure she’d feel the same if in her position and she doesn’t have to see her if she doesn’t want to, but she thinks she needs to see these people again. Eureka says she isn’t a human and Talho tells her that doesn’t matter, they are all creatures who share the planet. Eureka says there’s no way she can do it, and Talho calls her a blockhead. Outside, Norb says it’s been 40 years as they stare off at the shrine in the distance. Holland wonders how they are going to make it there, past the Myodo Sect who Tiptori says follows the evil teachings. Tiptori says those following Norb’s teachings have been oppressed and spend their day waiting for his return. He thinks it’s better to live on than die following his teachings. Holland asks how they are going to take him there. Tiptori says many refugees are coming here thanks to the recent Antibody Coralian attacks. She points to a lengthy line of people walking against the edge of a cliff. The oppression of the Vodarac faithful has gotten worse than ever and the only place they can escape to is the shrine. She claims the shrine is holding a festival and a saint has been born. Norb proclaims them idiots. Holland wants to take advantage of this to sneak in with the Nirvash. Beforehand, Norb is dragged away by Tiptori’s followers against his will. Eureka’s children watch as he is forced by them to take a bath on the Gekko. Elsewhere on the ship, Eureka asks Talho why there are living creatures in this world. Talho says she doesn’t need to think about the world and the creatures on it separately. She thinks that’s what her child is teaching her. Eureka asks if she’s happy she’s going to have a family. Talho says its half and half and that she’s going to have to take care of two kids now, as Holland is like one. She compares Renton to a child and Eureka says he isn’t like that any longer. Talho teases Eureka, causing her to throw a pillow at her and the two get into a pillow fight. Mischa walks in and asks what they are doing. She says Talho’s body isn’t just for her anymore. Talho says they should go eat. Eureka says humans are amazing as they can carry a child inside them. Mischa tells Eureka she can do the same. In the lounge, Norb says that having washed 40 years of dirt off his skin, he feels like he’s going to catch a cold. The Gekko crew laughs at hearing this. Eureka, Mischa and Talho walk in. Eureka is hesitant to face Tiptori, but Tiptori walks up to her, touches her on the cheek and says this is the path she has chosen. Eureka starts crying and Tiptori holds onto her. Holland says it’s almost time and they need to get ready. Renton asks what they are going to do now. He tells him they will be infiltrating the Vodarac headquarters and have him meet Sakuya. Beyond that he says is for Norb to answer. Norb says once the decision is made, everything will start to move, fast enough that they won’t be able to turn back. Eureka’s children wonder if she is going anywhere and don’t want her to leave without them. They look at the Nirvash. Meanwhile on the Ginga, Dominic is asked by Dewey about the Limit of Questions and says it’s just a hypothesis of quantum mechanics. Dewey says based on what he’s been told by the Ageha Squadron, it’s not just a theory. He thinks they are on the edge now. How things turn out from here and whether the world ends depends on what they do now. He says the Scub Coral copy everything on this planet, turning it into information so after the material plane collapses they’ll head to the other side of the event horizon. He says Adroc anticipated this far ahead as to what will happen. He then calls its nonsense, saying the Limit of Questions would never have been reached had the Scub Coral not come to this planet. He asks why he has to board an arc with intruders who have never apologized. He chooses to live on this land, even if it means destroying the arc. He asks about the current situation and Dominic tells him the attack squad is en route to the Vodara Shrine. Dewey wants the Ginga to head there as he has something he wants it to do. Dominic asks him to stop referring to Anemone as an “it” and that she has a personality of her own. Dewey laughs and says he nearly forgot that fact. Anemone lies on a bed directly in front of The End and suddenly gets up, asking about Gulliver. She realizes no one is here.

The lengthy line heading towards the Vodara Shrine continues on. Many members of the Gekko crew are in the line, covering themselves up, pushing forward a large turtle-shaped parade float. Renton looks down and realizes this is the Vodarac headquarters. Eureka says Sakuya is here. As they enter the town area, Stoner secretly starts taking some photos with his camera. Tiptori says they are holding the Love Parade even though a true saint hasn’t been born. Norb asks if the Myodo haven’t realized that Sakuya closed her heart to protect this place and calls them all idiots. Tiptori heads off on her own. They approach a large wall. Renton realizes Sakuya is on the other side. They continue heading onward. Within the Nirvash, hidden underneath the float, we see that Eureka’s children are hiding inside the cockpit. Maurice accidentally starts moving it, causing the Nirvash to stand and destroy its turtle covering. Vodarac followers call it a white devil and start fleeing in terror. The Gekko crew grab their weapons and it is revealed that several other floats have been hiding LFOs as well. Talho has Moondoggie take off with the Gekko. Eureka opens the cockpit of the Nirvash and realizes the kids are inside. Renton and Eureka get inside and Norb joins them. Holland and the others fight off the Myodo followers as the Nirvash heads forward, through another wall. Beyond it they find the entrance to the Vodara Shrine. Matthieu and Hilda’s LFOs quickly catch up with them. Holland says they’ll establish their defensive line here and tells Renton to keep heading on, which he does so in the Nirvash. Holland says they’ll defend this place with their lives until they see a result. The Nirvash heads through the shrine, passing the skeletons of several deceased followers. Norb calls them fools who melded themselves with compac drives to try and reopen Sakuya’s heard and died in the process. He says they are fools, not saints. Renton hits the brakes as they hit a dead end. Norb pulls back his robe, revealing the compac drive in his chest and a path downward opens up before them. The Nirvash lands at the bottom in a large chamber. Norb opens up the cockpit and starts getting out. He claims there are no trapars here as in that form, they are a poison for Sakuya. A large green spherical structure is before them, which he calls Sakuya’s bedroom. Pointing to an entrance, Norb tells them to continue the Nirvash forward. The Nirvash crosses a bridge into the structure, revealing a cave-like inside. With it being pitch black, Renton stops the Nirvash and they look around, unable to see anything. Eureka says Sakuya and light appears before them, showing a large flower lying on a body of water. The compac drive on Norb’s chest glows and he says he has returned.


Thankfully last episode’s excursion was a onetime thing and we get right back into the main plot here as the Gekko heads to the Vodara Shrine. Eureka’s kids interfere, which could have spelled disaster, but surprisingly the Gekko‘s crew and the Nirvash have little trouble getting through after the accidental revealing. The lack of the military forces and any KLFs to hold back the Nirvash sure helped. Hiding the Nirvash and other LFOs via parade floats makes me think of a similar scheme used in an episode of Turn A Gundam. Our brief check in with Dewey and Dominic shows that despite his public praise for her, Dewey doesn’t treat Anemone like a real person and it’s really just Dominic who cares about her. The episode provides some light moments with Talho and Eureka’s pillow fight and the reveal that Norb hasn’t taken a bath in 40 years until one is forced upon him. With the show’s final cour upon us we once again change the opening and ending sequences, providing us the best opening sequence since the first and an ending sequence that is on par with the previous one. The one down side is that the opening sequence appears to contain some spoilers in it.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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