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Eureka Seven Ep. 43: The Sunshine Underground


Several military craft fly over Temple City. Dominic, who is on the ground with some other soldiers, says the world has completely changed. He says he thought this was the sight he wanted to see and that he was prepared to see it. Looking at the ruins of the typeR909 he questions about why he’s having these feelings. Unable to take the sight of things, he starts to vomit. While bending over, he spots a flower nearby and says Anemone. Dominic later visits Anemone in her room, where she sleeps on her bed. He brings her the anemone flowers he saw. He says it’s a coincidence he found them. She asks if he knows the meaning of Anemone and says it’s the disappearance of hope. She thinks this is an insult representing her many failures. Anemone asks Dominic if he thinks he can save her from this and he says he can. Dominic kisses her but she pushes him aside. She asks how he can say that and says he knows nothing about her. She tells him not to cling to her in desperation. Meanwhile, the Nirvash has landed on the shore, and Renton, Eureka and the children have gotten out. Renton says they are underground, in the true Promised Land. Maeter asks if that means everyone else is above them and he says probably. The kids wonder about what happened to Holland and the others and start worrying about them. Eureka tells them to stop. Linck says he wants to go back, but Eureka says they can’t, that there’s something they have to do first. Renton asks what they have to do and she says she doesn’t know. Renton is surprised as she has met Sakuya. Renton asks to himself where they are. Back on the surface, a number of people camp out around the city. Dominic drives past with Anemone in the backseat and comments on the refugees being this far out. The car arrives at a mansion where Dewey is waiting for Anemone. She gets out of the car to greet him. Dewey hands Dominic an envelope, saying it contains orders. Anemone calls for Dewey and he departs to bring Anemone inside where a ball is being held. Dominic opens the order, finding that it is about selecting a new rider for theEND in Warsaw. Dominic says sorry, but this is the only way she can be saved. He drives off. Eureka sits by herself on the beach. Linck draws in the sand with Maeter watching. Renton walks up to Eureka and asks what they are going to do. Linck says the water here is salty. Renton puts his fingers in it and confirms. Maurice, who had been sleeping in the Nirvash cockpit, wakes up. He brings over something that was in the seat next to him, which Norb had left there. Renton wonders if he left it here on purpose. Eureka opens it up, revealing it to be a book, with the title Earth on the cover. Renton tells the kids Earth is the planet that humanity lived on before coming here. Eureka opens the book, showing a map of the world, and turns to a page labeled ocean, which the kids and Renton realize is what this place they are at is called. Renton looks around them and asks if this is the Earth. At the ball, Dominic thanks the attendees for coming. He says they need to take each other’s hands and bring forth a new era and new order. Military officers and nobles in the crowd whisper to each other. As the clock rings midnight, Dewey says welcome to the New Year.

Military crafts ascend through the atmosphere as the ball continues. Dewey tells Anemone that these are the military officers who hold power and the noblemen who held it before them. Anemone says she is disgusted by both of them. He says neither of them knows, but the music being played for them is an imitation. The musicians playing are actually imitating sound being played from a recording. He claims they are thankful for it even with it being imitation. Dewey claims to be a descendant of those who headed into space and brought everyone here. But the crown here is for a sacrificial king, intended to calm the lands. The military crafts launch missiles towards the ground but are intercepted by the Gekko, which destroys them. In the past, Holland’s mother giving birth to him while Dewey and his father watched. Dewey claims Holland came into this world killing his mother. His father took this as proof that he was the sacrificial king. He says that, perhaps due to loving him, he chose Holland. Although Dewey doesn’t actually know the truth, all that matters is that Holland was chosen. There’s a photo of Holland with his father with Dewey off in the background. The Gekko fires at and destroys one of the military crafts, then launches missiles at the other two. Holland is able to destroy several missiles launched towards the Gekko with his LFO, the Terminus typeB303. Dewey claims his father never made Holland do anything, so he had to do it himself instead, including a ritual. A younger Dewey put on face paint and pull out a sword. He then heads into a room to slay his father. The battle in the atmosphere between the Gekko and military ships continues. Dewey claims the ritual involves slaying one’s father and letting the blood come into the earth the calm the land. He says perhaps their father didn’t make Holland do anything since he already killed his mother. Later, Dewey heads outside, blood in his hands and Scubs suddenly break out from the ground beneath him. After, a number of nobles around Dewey claim the tectonic shifts occurred because someone who didn’t deserve to perform the ritual had done so. As a result, the privileges their family had were taken away. Later, their home is being torn apart as Dewey and a young Holland watch, then depart. Dewey claims Adroc showed the crown was nothing more than that of a clown. The sacrificial king had died and a scientific king had emerged. He cursed all who thought a ritual so filled with hatred would cleanse the land. He also cursed himself. The music concludes and Dewey and Anemone stop dancing. Dewey claims this is why he desires to purge it all and make the sacrificial king the true king. The music starts up again and someone asks Anemone to dance. Dewey walks out of the room as she does so. Meanwhile the Gekko has landed. Talho tries to wake up Holland and confirms to him that they took down all the enemy crafts. Talho removes some cabling from his helmet and asks if he had to go this far. He claims yes, that he has his reasons. The Limit of Questions is near and he thinks Dewey has found where the Coralian core is. He says from Dr. Greg’s calculations they have 2 months at the most. He knows what he’s doing now won’t make much of a difference, but he wants to buy the kids as much time as possible. Talho grabs a hold of him and says she’s sure Renton and the others are doing their best, as should they. Meanwhile on the beach, Maeter points out some sizzling in the sky to Renton. She asks how it can be the sky when there is something above them. Eureka and Maurice walk back towards them. Renton claims the rocks in the area are too brittle for the Nirvash to be able to crawl over. Maeter asks what will happen to them. They are now out of water and food and Renton asks what they should do. Eureka only says she doesn’t know. Renton grows frustrated and says they are trapped. Maurice steps between Renton and Eureka. Linck walks up saying he found something amazing and shows a piece of amber. Inside is a ring, with the initials R and E on the inside. Renton pulls out the same ring from his pocket and is surprised, although doesn’t say anything. Anemone is in the ballroom by herself and spots a white hair on her shoulder and realizes it was Dewey’s. She calls out for Dominic to come and get her. Dominic meanwhile has returned to the Izumo, to the disgust of Jurgens. He is frustrated, saying he’s acting like a taxi. Dominic asks for them to head to Warsaw. Jurgens says he should carry that heavy bag himself. Dominic brings a heavy suitcase to a bedroom, opening it up to find Gulliver inside. He asks Gulliver what it is doing here. Gulliver sits on the bed quietly, crushing it in the middle due to its weight. The Izumo takes off. The Nirvash tries to climb the cliffs. Eureka wonders if the Nirvash is alright. Renton says they need to ensure they get past this cliff first. The Nirvash loses its grip and falls back down to the beach below. Later, the kids sleep while Eureka sits by them at a fire and Renton works on repairs on the Nirvash. Renton doesn’t think the Nirvash is broken but is unable to explain what is wrong with it. Eureka thinks he should be able to find out as a mechanic. Renton says she should be able to figure out how the Nirvash feels. Eureka is silent and walks off. Later, Eureka sits silently by the Nirvash. Pulling up her sleeve, she sees green glowing spots on her arm.


Renton, Eureka and the kids are now in the Zone, which appears to be an inlet in Japan. Due to the lack of trapar waves and insufficient performance from the Nirvash they are unable to get out. Despite how close the two have gotten to each other over the course of the show, this episode seems to be building up conflict between the two of them for some indeterminable reason. As we’ve already had this type of storyline in the past, I question the need to have it again here. A second storyline in the episode, one I enjoyed considerable more shows us Dewey and Anemone at a ball and we get reveals of Dewey’s back-story including the fact that he killed his own father as part of a ritual that was deemed a failure. Due to her lack of success it seems that Anemone is going to be replaced as a pilot of theEND, although she doesn’t know it yet. The third focus of the episode is the Gekko crew fighting off what appeared to be another attempt by the military to launch missiles into the land to spurn an Antibody attack. Beyond seeing a new LFO for Holland, the Terminus typeB303, there isn’t much to take away from this plotline.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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