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Eureka Seven Ep. 44: It’s All in the Mind


On the Izumo, Dominic tells Gulliver to get off of his bed but it just sits there non-responsive. He wonders who sent him here and wonders if it was Dewey. He pulls out the orders Dewey gave him then shakes his head and tells himself his priority is to find a replacement for Anemone. He tries to pull Gulliver off the bed to no avail. Dominic goes to Maria asking her how long she’s going to make him wait. She says due to a thundercloud they haven’t been cleared to land and he can use one of the high speed pods if necessary. Dominic goes to Jurgens who tells Maria to request clearance to land as there’s been a break in the clouds. Meanwhile on the Gekko, Holland, who is on a hospital bed with an IV is frustrated about how long he’s been here. He thinks they must hurry so people know of the danger. He wants to do everything he can before it’s too late and begs Talho to let him go before passing out. She thanks Mischa and Morita. Morita says that LFOs of the type Holland used were before limiters and required the pilot to take a neuro-stimulant and another drug to force slumber after piloting it. Talho calls it an awful legacy from the dawn of humanoid mobile machines. Morita calls them machines that should have been sealed away although feels some responsibility for their creation. At this rate Holland could die. Talho recognizes this but feels that they can’t give up. Meanwhile, Renton walks the Nirvash through the woods but thinks it’s dangerous to go any further. He wants to go back to where they were, but Eureka says no. The kids feel worn out sitting in the Nirvash. Eureka points to something on the horizon. They reach a cliff over the water. In Warsaw, Dominic, Maria and Jurgens are being driven through the ruins of the city. Dominic is surprised it’s still like this 10 years after the civil war ended. Many have fled as refugees, not waiting until reconstruction. He says this is what happens to a tower state after the tower falls. Jurgens asks for them to stop the car and steps out, looking at a destroyed house. Dominic asks what he’s doing and the driver says Jurgens was originally from here and lost his wife and 2 daughters here. Dominic doesn’t seem to care and honks on the car’s horn. The driver pushes him away. Jurgens gets back in and apologizes for the stop. The car keeps going. Dominic asks him if he thinks he’s the only one who has lost people in the war and says he’s not the only one in pain. The Nirvash has returned to the beach and Eureka sits silently in the cockpit. Renton sits on the beach with Maurice. Renton mistakenly thinks they are somewhere in Africa. Maurice says it doesn’t matter; they’re stuck here until they die. Renton says things will work out; they’ve always managed to get by. Maurice says this isn’t anything like before. None of the others from the Gekko are here; Eureka’s going crazy and isn’t getting better. Maeter and Linck run up with some fruit they found in the woods. Maeter asks Maurice to come but he just sits down on the beach and doesn’t talk. Linck and Renton head off and Maeter gives Maurice a fruit before joining them. Maurice throws the fruit into the water. In Warsaw, the car carrying Dominic and the others is let through a gate and arrives at a large building. Inside they are greeted by Deckard, and old man who claims he is from the Novac Foundation.

Dominic asks Deckard if they have met before. Deckard says once before, when he delivered “it.” Deckard brings them into a room where numerous children suffering from desperation disease are held. Dominic asks if any of these girls are going to replace Anemone. Jurgens asks where they came from. Deckard says there’s no shortage of test subjects in this city. He says this place was also known as Joy Division and an officer should know that. He says they should get going; they’re making the next Anemone wait. On the beach, Renton and the others eat the fruit. Eureka says she’s had enough and gets up. Renton tells Eureka she should stay, that she is acting strange and should stay with them. He claims she’s making the kids worry. He walks up to her and says they should calm down and solve this problem. He touches her on the shoulder and she says to not touch her and runs off. Maurice runs after her but she tells him to also not follow her. Deckard brings Dominic and the others into a room where three children are hooked up to a machine. Deckard says their plastic surgery skills have improved quite a bit since the last attempt. In the past, Anemone mindlessly attacks Antibody Coralians in theEND. Scientists attach something to the eyes of one of the test subjects. Deckard claims their levels are lower than Anemone’s were but Dewey asked for three to be ready as soon as possible. The children are each injected with drugs and the reaction of their eyes is studied. Deckard says Anemone was quite special due to her high drug tolerance and dependence on the Zone. By injecting stimulant, he claims one can be brought back to reality briefly, but in that sense she was special as well. She was the most special of the subjects found in this town. Dominic thinks back to Anemone fighting in theEND. The test fails and all three of the children are pronounced dead. Deckard apologizes, now he won’t be able to choose one of these three and asks him what he wants to do. Dominic heads to the bathroom to throw up. He then heads out to the hallway where Jurgens and Maria are waiting for him. He reports to Dewey to tell him of the children all dying and that there’s no one to replace Anemone. Dominic and the others return to the car to be brought back. Dominic says he lost his family in the war as well and thought he knew the pain of living alone more than anyone. He says that’s why he wanted to support Anemone. Even knowing the effect the drugs were having, he did as she wished. He feels that if he can find a replacement he can save her from that life. But that would require him to choose someone else. Jurgens hands him a copy of Ray=Out and asks him if what is in it is the truth, about the Antibodies and collapse of the material universe. He asks if this is all set up by Dewey and that if he knew innocent civilians would be impacted. On the beach, Renton pulls a large duffel bag out of the Nirvash, telling Linck that Holland told him to use it if necessary. Inside is a rifle. Maeter shouts out to Renton as Eureka has disappeared from the Nirvash. Maurice runs off calling out for Eureka. Renton tells the other kids to stay here and runs after him. They find Eureka sitting in the sunlight, the green spots on her arm have grown and some now appear on her neck and face. Eureka runs off, and Maeter and Linck run after her. At Warsaw, orders are provided to Jurgens, Maria and Dominic to head to Tresor Laboratories as they believe members of Gekkostate to be there. They are ordered to capture them and the laboratory workers. Jurgens asks if there is anywhere they can replenish their supplies before heading there. Maria announces to the crew that they will be heading to Tresor Laboratories. Dominic pulls out the orders and crumbles them in his hand, saying he’s made his decision. Anemone lies silently before theEND, with the anemone flower Dominic gave her in her hand.


Much of the focus of this episode is on Dominic, and the content there is quite good. We kick off with a rather funny scene between him and Gulliver, but things become far more serious the rest of the way as he heads to Warsaw to pick a replacement for Anemone. The fact that they have been experimenting on children, often killing them as a result, is quite horrifying. To this point in the show I’ve been under the impression that Anemone was another humanoid Coralian like Eureka or Sakuya, but from this episode it appears that was not the case and she was an experiment subject found in this town. Dominic clearly hoped that there would be a replacement for Anemone to take away the ordeal of her having to pilot The End, but realizes by episode’s end that would just force it on someone else. His part of the storyline also features some nice development for Jurgens, who has appeared a number of times throughout the series but only has his back-story told now. With him reading Ray=Out, one wonders if he is going to defect from the military. The other main focus of the episode continues to be on Renton, Eureka and the children on the beach. In contrast to the Dominic storyline this comes off as quite weak. We’ve already spent two episodes here with really the only development being the changes happening to Eureka’s body. Eureka is clearly worried about how Renton and the children will react to it, causing her to become very withdrawn. This comes off as quite unnecessary as Renton has already proven that he still loved Eureka after she was disfigured approximately 25 episodes ago. It appears to be drama included just to pad out the storyline or add some temporary conflict. I assume the name of the character Deckard in this episode is a reference to the protagonist of the famous sci-fi movie Blade Runner.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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