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Eureka Seven Ep. 45: Don’t You Want Me?


Several boarders watch as crafts blast off into space. A broadcast talks about how, as covered in Ray=Out, 53 lifting spots have been confiscated by the military. The broadcast says they are trying to take the spots, the waves and the very land. In space, Holland battles a military craft on his Terminus typeB303. The Gekko assists by blasting an oncoming KLF while Holland takes out the last one. The broadcast says based on conversations between Norb and Dr. Greg, the world is about to be caught up in something extraordinary. Uno briefly talks to some military officers, “Sold Out” signs all over his truck. Once they leave he provides a hidden copy of Ray=Out to a local boarder, telling him to share it with his friends. The broadcast asks if they should find something to do about this situation. Meanwhile on the Izumo, Dominic sits in his room with Gulliver, the orders Dewey gave him crumpled up and on the floor. He thinks back to what he saw in Warsaw. Jurgens comes in and tells him he’ll lend him a high speed pod. Dominic admits riding on his own won’t accomplish anything. He feels he first needs to stare at the truth to save the people on this planet. Jurgens says in print you can write about anything; but there’s a need to verify something to determine whether it’s the truth. He feels they can wait to crush Gekkostate until after that occurs. Jurgens reaches out to Holland via video, saying he wants to talk with Dr. Greg. He says only he and Dominic will come on board the Gekko and their KLF squads won’t attack while they are on board. Ken-Goh thinks he’s an honorable man so Holland consents. Maria tells Jurgens she doesn’t agree with this and he tells her she can order the KLFs to attack if they don’t hear from him in an hour. Jurgens and Dominic head over towards the Gekko, where Holland, Talho, Happ and Stoner wait for them. Jurgens asks if what is in Ray=Out is the truth. He says they don’t have time for idle chit chat and demands to know where Dr. Greg is. Greg comes out on a fork lift along with Mischa. He holds a disc in his hands, saying he got tired of explaining over and over again. Meanwhile Eureka flees through the woods, telling Renton and the others to leave her alone. She falls over and grabs her arm. Maurice hesitates to run up to her, but Renton does so. Eureka wants to flee but Renton holds her back. She tells him to not look at her arm. She says she thought they’d finally be together and that this is so cruel. Renton puts some mud over her arm wondering if this will stop the swelling. She says it doesn’t matter; she’s not a human like the rest of them. Renton says he couldn’t see what was going on. He says he knows what to do and starts striking his arm with a rock, saying if his arm swells up they’ll be the same. He promised they’d always be together and that he’d protect her. He says its okay for her to smile. Eureka calms down. Maurice walks up with the rifle in his arms and demands Renton get away from Eureka.

Eureka tells Maurice to stop. He asks why she’s so into Renton and reminds Eureka that she killed their actual mothers. She took their mothers away from them and now thinks she wants to run away without them. He says she should love only him and that he’s much more useful than Renton. Maurice blames Renton for Eureka’s body changing. He says to turn it all back to the way it was. Eureka steps in front of Renton. She pulls the uniform off her shoulder, showing that the green swelling is spreading to her body. She asks him if he doesn’t like her because she looks like this and if he hates that she smiles after what she did to his real mom. She says she loves him and doesn’t want him to go through what she went through and regret it for the rest of his life. Maurice tears up and lowers the rifle. Eureka goes up to Maurice and hugs him. All of Eureka’s children start crying and go over to hug her. She says she’s been watching them all along and says how they’ve grown. Renton picks up the rifle and says that once he’s grown up, tragedies like this should be the distant past. Until then he says he’ll always do his best for him, as he loves him as much as Eureka does. Meanwhile on the Gekko, Jurgens and Dominic finish watching Greg’s video. Holland tells them Renton and Eureka, the two on the core have gone to the Promised Land with the Nirvash to communicate with the Scub Corals. A transmission is made back to the Izumo, Jurgens tells Maria to broadcast the video from Greg to all the ships and KLFs in their fleet. A video of Greg, Norb and various members of Gekkostate talking about the corals and their relation with the world is played before numerous members of the military. Jurgens and Dominic start departing from the Gekko. Jurgens says there are two paths, one to stand and protect this planet or two, to accept it all. Dominic says there’s really only one path and Jurgens says he’s right. Over a loudspeaker, Jurgens says the military exists to protect the general populace, but power has been usurped by a select few trying to annihilate this universe. The Izumo will now withdraw from the military and declare a cease fire with Gekkostate. They are going to team up with Gekkostate to defeat the faction controlling the military. Dominic tells Holland and the others about how Dewey wants to destroy all the Scub Coral and that he wants to work with Gekkostate to stop him. A KLF starts firing on the Gekkostate and is stopped by another one. The pilot of the KLF says they should listen to what they have to say. Jurgens asks why many had to sacrifice their lives for a pursuit of power. Dominic says he wants to fight to save all of mankind. Holland says he gets disgusted with all this goody too shoes talk. Dominic admits he wants to fight for someone he is infatuated with, and that he doesn’t want her to suffer any more pain. He says she is the pilot of theEND, Anemone. Jurgens says those who don’t agree with him and Dominic can leave. He thanks anyone who offers to stand up and help save this world. Later, an Ageha Squad member reports to Dewey about the mutiny. He says they can do as they wish; there’s nothing they can do to stop them. The upcoming operation is what matters. Anemone simultaneously laughs and cries while looking at theEND. Maria reports to Jurgens, saying 88 members of the Izumo will be going along with him. He enters the bridge and says they’ll all be busy. He pulls out a cigarette and she tells him no smoking is permitted here. Dominic continues to plea with the Gekko crew. Holland says he’s just like someone else they all know. Holland tells Dominic to brace himself. Meanwhile on the beach, Linck and Mater sleep while Maurice starts hitting his arm with a rock as Renton was doing earlier. He looks outside, seeing Renton and Eureka, having fallen asleep, resting against the Nirvash as the sun rises on the horizon. Later, Maeter and Linck, having gathered some fruit show up before Eureka. Maurice who has joined them hands a piece of fruit over to Renton. Renton is unresponsive and collapses.


Continuing on events from the prior episode, most of this episode is dedicated to Jurgens, Dominic and much of the Izumo crew defecting from the military to join up with the Gekkostate. Dominic in particular has come off as a rather sympathetic character throughout the show so I expected something like this would eventually happen with him. The episode puts some effort in showing that the Ray=Out publication and the messages from Gekkostate being spread around are really starting to have influence. That it was also able to get Jurgens and most of the Izumo crew over to Gekkostate’s side is quite beneficial, given the organization has largely been fighting all this time with just the Nirvash and its LFOs. The storyline with Renton, Eureka and the kids continues to stall, although at least they have finally resolved the aspect of the storyline about Eureka being fearful about the changes happening to her body. While I have greatly disliked Maurice as a character for much of the show, and was especially feeling that way when he threatened Renton with the rifle here, it being derived from the fact that Eureka killed his mother and that Renton appeared to be taking her away from him ended up being fairly effective.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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