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Eureka Seven Ep. 47: Acperience 4


Renton’s sister Diane stands off in the distance. Maeter asks Renton what’s wrong. Diane turns around and Renton tells them it’s his sister. He jumps off the Nirvash and runs towards her, asking where she’s been all this time and saying how worried he was. Eureka shouts out to him to not go there. The sky around Renton turns white and the landscape around him turns into an outside library as he reaches Diane. Diane tells Renton he’s grown a lot since she’s been away. He hugs her and says he thought he’d never see her again. Diane tells him they’ll always be together from now on. Renton looks around and sees a number of people nearby. He asks where they are and where Eureka is. He realizes she, the Nirvash and the others are gone. Diane tells him they’re alright and that this is Eureka’s real home, being shown in the form a library to make him more easily figure out how the Scubs think. She says they’ve made it to the control cluster, the center of all Scub Corals. Eureka finds herself in front of a red door that opens as she approaches it. She walks through the street and seeing the sun in the sky asks about what she should do. She opens up the book Sakuya gave her and says she has to deliver it. Diane walks Renton around and he asks her why she’s here. She pulls a book off a bookshelf. He says if this is just an image the Scub Corals are showing him, if she is a Scub Coral as well. Diane asks him if he thinks he’s a Scub Coral due to being here and says it’s the same with her. She says she followed in their father’s footsteps in investigating the Scub Coral and found herself here. Everything she didn’t understand became easy to understand and linked together. She claims here the information that each individual owns is all shared together and lies don’t exist here. No one here thinks death is unfortunate and stay here because they choose to. Renton says if she and the people here are all humans then what are Scub Coral? She says they are living beings and that the theory proposed by their father is the truth. She says this is Earth and that 10,000 years ago the Scub Coral touched the planet for the first time. A rocket heads out into space and is struck by something as it reaches space. A variety of shooting stars fall as the Scub land on the planet. She says if they were created naturally or artificially not even the Scubs know. When they first gained consciousness they were in the ocean. They swallowed up and fused with creatures living in the ocean to become one. It is the only way the Scub Coral knows how to communicate with others. As they repeatedly communicated, forgetting about time, they became larger than any other life forms on Earth and humanity began to fear them. The Scub Coral did not view it as a threat even though their growth grew more aggressive. This caused humanity to fear them even more and finally humans departed Earth 10,000 years ago. After humans left the Scub Coral merged with every other creature left on Earth and became a single life form. At that point they began to realize that there was no one around them. They couldn’t fuse with anyone and no one was calling out to them. Millennia passed. The vastness of space taught them how important it was to have something other than themselves exist. Renton asks if humans returned to Earth and she says yes, and that it was something that made the Scub Coral very happy. The Scub Coral viewed humanity as the only intelligent life form that showed the possibility of communication. When humans returned the Scub Coral were cautious. They understood that humanity feared them, and they had no means to share their thoughts other than fusion. They wondered if it was possible to co-exist with humans, resulting in the creation of Sakuya and Eureka. Renton says now that he’s here he thinks he somewhat understands what the Scub Coral were thinking, although he doesn’t understand everything about it. He says both the Scub Coral and humans have a question they can’t get the answer to and asks why they don’t think together. He says for that he’ll do anything. He admits to falling in love with a Coralian girl. Diane says the Scub Coral won’t deny his proposition; it’s what they hoped for. However this place will soon be attacked and the limit of questions will be reached. Eureka’s kids sit down and Linck and Maeter start crying, asking when Eureka and Renton will come back. Maurice tells them it’s alright, Eureka will be here and Renton will save them. A man walks up to them, covered in shadow.

Eureka runs her way up some stairs. Renton asks what Diane means. She says most of the Scub Coral are sleeping now to avoid reaching the Limit of Questions. With the destruction of the control cluster, every Scub Coral on Earth will be awakened and the universe will be torn apart. She says everything will be consumed including the Earth. Diane says there is a chance before the control cluster is destroyed, if humans and Scubs fuse together. As part of the Scub Coral human beings can exist as pure thought, like her. She says this is the only way. She says 3,000 years ago the Scub Coral experienced the Limit of Questions once but evaded the situation by going into hibernation. They later learned that another universe existed on the other side of the tear of the universe. There is no time left and if the Limit of Questions is reached no living being on the planet will be spared. Renton asks if she’s going to just give up and if they haven’t reached a point where they can acknowledge and communicate with each other. He says both Eureka and he were born on the same planet. He says they should tell everyone about that and that humans and the Scub Coral have been living on the same planet for 10,000 years. There is a hatred right now between both sides but he thinks there’s still time. He says Eureka isn’t human and that their grandfather would be shocked if he brought her to Bell Forest as she looks now. He may not be able to accept Eureka as she is now, but despite that he wants to take Eureka with him and show her and everyone in Gekkostate the place where he grew up. Diane has a dejected look on her face. Renton asks her if she wants to live together with them and says he wants her opinion, not the Scub Coral’s. He says she told him once if he believed they’d see each other again and that he believed in that all this time and it’s why he’s here in front of her. He says no matter what they he and Eureka have decided they’ll overcome it. At that time Eureka and the kids are saying the same thing to Adroc. Eureka says that while there are a lot of bad things on the surface, with Renton by her side she was able to get through them. Renton thinks to himself of how he’s here now due to encountering Eureka. He wants to live on this planet along with everyone else. Diane says that’s impossible, that humans won’t survive if they don’t fuse with the Scub Coral. Renton says he’ll stop the attack on the control cluster with Eureka. Eureka says the same thing. Renton makes his way up to where Eureka and the others are. Renton and Eureka hug each other and he tells Eureka he’ll never let go of her again. Eureka’s kids complain about Renton only hugging Eureka. Renton notices that his father is behind the kids and walks up to him. Renton grabs his father by the hands. Diane makes her way up and says that the control cluster has decided to wait for the two of them to stop the attacks on the surface and they should hurry. The Nirvash appears before them and Eureka says it is telling them to go back. Renton looks at the kids and Eureka and they get onboard. Diane tells Renton they’ll always be with him. Renton and Eureka look at the Compac drive and put their hands on it together. Renton thanks his sister and father and looks to the sky, saying they should go back to where they should be. The sky glows behind the Nirvash. Meanwhile, the Gekko and Super Izumo descend as a broadcast plays on the news about the Defense Department announcing it as the second Summer of Love. Panicked people try to flee the capital. Various Gustav ships in the sky prepare themselves just outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. The countdown reaches its final 90 seconds. Dewey starts making an announcement to the world, revealing that they are on the Earth. He says it has been controlled by an aggressive unknown life form, the Scub Coral. He asks if they came here to bow down and live in fear of the Scub Coral and should think of why humanity had to leave this planet in the first place. The final attack of the Scub Coral will come soon. Adroc and the sages are no longer here to save them, but as a soldier and human he can’t wait for everything to happen. With the survival of humanity at risk they will rebel against the Scub Coral and take back the Earth. The countdown concludes and an Ageha Squad member brings a button to Dewey enabling him to fire craft Ortorio #8.


We have some very big revelations this episode as Renton encounters his sister and learns the truth about what has been going on with this planet. Most notably, the planet that the entire show has taken place on actually is the Earth, which humanity left and returned to. It is now more than 10,000 years into our future. We also learn about how the Scub Coral first made it to the Earth and how they can only communicate with beings by fusing with them. Eureka Seven seems to be one of a great many anime that is taking inspiration from Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Childhood’s End in regards to Diane’s claims that humanity can live on by fusing with the Scub Coral, a hive-mind type being. While being a human, Diane seems to be taking a role here of communicating the will of the Scub Coral, somewhat odd in that Eureka and Sakuya as Scub Coral life forms themselves didn’t know of such things. I presume she and the other humans are those who have accepted the option of fusing with the Scub Coral and continue on existing that way? Or Renton didn’t actually meet his sister here but rather was communicating with the Scub Coral who took that form to make it easier to communicate with him. Somehow Renton and Eureka’s will is able to get through to the Scub Coral who provide them one last chance to stop the attack and save the universe. It was interesting to note the name of the rocket for which the Scub Corals struck as they first approached the Earth – Eureka.

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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