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Eureka Seven Ep. 49: Shout to the Top!


Aboard a plane about to take off, a wife asks her husband why he’s checking into stocks at a time like this and he claims he can’t help it, as it costs a lot to treat Desperation Disease for their daughter Jessica, who is sitting next to them. Suddenly Jessica speaks, saying she knew how worried they were about her and that the bus is about to arrive. Looking outside a bunch of projectiles start striking the ground nearby. Jessica says they’ll be together from now on. A projectile strikes their plane, blowing it up. Projectiles strike a city and pass through the air above William. William notices his wife standing up at the doorway of their home, her Desperation Disease cured. In Warsaw, Deckard is shocked to find the various children they are experimenting on are now able to get up and walk around. Jurgens sends over some data to the Gekko. Debris has destroyed 31 of the remaining 157 towers on the planet. Holland finds it hard to believe, but Woz confirms it. The Scub Coral is able to bend the laws of physics at will. Jurgens claims a large pit has opened at the Tenshan Mountains. By hacking into a military satellite they were able to find it, finding the space beneath it impossible to analyze. Holland says this is all due to Dewey’s plan, although Talho claims they don’t know that for sure and it’s too soon to lose hope. Holland tells them to continue the operation and break through to the Tenshan Mountains. Meanwhile the Nirvash lies still on the beach. Eureka’s kids ask what happened and if it’s the end of the world. She tells them not to worry. Renton is distressed over not being able to do anything to protect the Control Cluster and starts sobbing over his father and sister. The children hug him and tell him not to cry. Renton asks Eureka if she is doing alright physically and she says he’s okay. Renton asks about the Nirvash and Eureka claims she can’t hear their voices anymore. Renton says to calm down and that they can’t fall apart now. The Compac Drive turns blue and the Nirvash starts operating on its own, crawling across the beach. On the Ginga, Dewey announces that they have reached the final stage of the battle for the survival of mankind and that their real battle begins. With them having destroyed the central core of the Coralians, they’ll begin attacking indiscriminately. He claims the Coralians will not be able to live longer than 1,246 seconds and that the Ginga will now invade Coralian territory and finish them off. He asks them to hold out for those 1,246 seconds and that the fate of mankind rest on their shoulders. Jurgens turns off the broadcast. Holland believes that there must be something where the Ginga is headed that Dewey doesn’t want other people to see. Holland believes it is the Nirvash. Jurgens asks how they are going to get past the 13,000 military crafts ahead of them and Holland says it’s time to whip up a miracle. Jurgens says he has a favor he wants to ask, that the Gekko dive into the pit on its own and that the Super Izumo act as its shield. Jurgens claims it has five times the fire power than the Gekko and will be better equipped for it. He tells Holland he’ll leave Dominic and Anemone to him. Holland calls him a show off and says he dare not die. The Nirvash stops moving and Eureka says he is in tears after accepting everyone’s pain. He thought he’d be able to fulfill his mission but as he lacked his strength, everyone is gone and he’ll have to take their place. Renton says it wasn’t due to the Nirvash’s powerlessness but rather it was their fault and the Nirvash shouldn’t say such sad things. Maeter claims a mountain is falling down from the sky. Looking at it, they realize the Ginga has arrived right above them. Spotting the damaged Nirvash, an Ageha Squad member claims they should be able to carry on the operation as planned. Dewey says they should begin. A number of explosives are released from the bottom of the Ginga, striking the Nirvash. Watching from nearby with Anemone, Dominic calls Dewey a monster. The Gekko descends towards the Ginga from above, although it is quickly detected by the Ginga‘s crew. The Gekko fires at it but a barrier shields the blast. Dominic and Anemone are almost hit by the blocked beams. Eureka tells Renton to look in the distance and he realizes the Gekko has arrived. A variety of anti-aircraft explosives launch at the Gekko with no success. Holland takes off on the Terminus typeB303, surprising Dewey. He is frustrated at Holland opposing him yet again.

LFOs fires at the Super Izumo. Jurgens asks Maria what she thinks of the situation. She claims they are only alive right now because the army is battling the Antibodies. One of the crew members detects a civilian signal. It is the Abukuma from Tresor Laboratories, which is boarded by Dr. Greg. He asks where the Gekko has gone. Meanwhile, Holland and Renton have gotten in contact and Renton and Eureka are insistent that they can pull things off. Holland says they make a nice family. He tells Talho to cover him as he’s going to take over the Ginga‘s bridge. He tells a hesitant Talho that he’s the only one who can stop his brother. The Gekko and typeB303 fire at the Ginga, although it is blocked by a barrier emitted by several small crafts guarding the front. The crafts start firing upon the Gekko and typeB303. Dewey claims it’s too late no matter how much Holland fights back, although if he wants to settle things to be his guest. The Ginga fires more lasers and missiles at the Gekko which fires back although it takes a few hits. The typeB303 forces its way towards the Ginga. Holland flashes back to Renton saying that he and Eureka are along with the Nirvash going to become the Control Cluster. He tells Holland he saw his sister and dad there and they told him that as long as it exists, the Scub Coral won’t attack. The Scub Coral won’t attack if the humans don’t attack it. He says they converse with the Scub Coral about how everyone can live on this planet together. There’s a chance they won’t make it back but humans can exist inside the Control Cluster and they won’t be there alone. Holland feels frustrated that adults have caused the young to have to do such things. Holland continues his charge towards the Ginga and the typeB303 breaks its way into the ship, blasting at it from within. Dewey merely smiles at the reports of the damage done to the ship by the bridge crew. The Ginga starts drifting away from the Nirvash. Eureka, Renton and the kids put their hand on the Amita Drive and tell the Nirvash its time to go. A green light emits from the Nirvash and trapar waves are detected by the Ginga‘s crew. Dewey tells them to calm down and abandon ship. Eject pods start departing from the Ginga. The Gekko is unable to detect Holland’s signal but Talho believes he’s still alive. A gun-wielding Holland uses grenades to make his way to the Ginga bridge and initially finds it empty before a hidden Dewey attacks him with a sword. Dewey says he can’t lose to kids just yet and Holland says old men should know their limits. Dewey’s sword quickly breaks and he gets frustrated at it being fake. Holland shoots at him but Dewey hides behind a chair, claiming he’s protecting the dignity of humanity. Holland rushes up to where Dewey was and finds him gone, permitting Dewey to sneak up from him behind and knock him down. Dewey says he’s trying to atone for their sins and through it will protect the dignity of mankind. Dewey claims this planet was violated by the Scub Coral 10,000 years ago. Individual bodies were lost and its dignity was destroyed. He asks why this planet needs to live on after receiving such treatment. Holland says if he wants to die so much he should do it himself, and Dewey counters with saying he doesn’t want to be lonely. Suddenly the Gekko approaches and crashes its way into the Ginga‘s bridge. The Super Izumo also approaches from above and Jurgens says to stop. Greg, now on board the Super Izumo says they can’t kill Dewey and it’s a trap. Holland gets up as the bridge of the Ginga burns around him. He finds Dewey standing behind him, claiming he has embedded karma with him and will purge this distorted world and protect its dignity. Tearing open his shirt he reveals that he has an Amita Drive in his chest. He says he’s become one with the planet and that his life is this planet’s life. Dewey puts his pistol to his head and pulls the trigger. Anemone starts having negative reactions as if she’s being electrocuted by the collar she wears on her neck. Talho makes her way onto the Ginga bridge telling Holland to not kill Dewey but finds Holland standing before his dead body. Holland says he was too late and couldn’t save his brother. He and Talho say everything they did was too late. The Nirvash starts losing its grip and Eureka is having a negative reaction similar to Anemone’s. She begs the Nirvash to save everyone and claims she can’t keep her promises. She waves goodbye to Renton and collapses off the Nirvash. The rest of Eureka’s body turns green and a red blast emits from her.


Another great episode here with the show rapidly coming to a close. We are provided a pretty thrilling battle between the Ginga and the Gekko which continues to escalate as Holland make his way onboard and the Gekko crashes into it. We see the final showdown between Holland and Dewey; I can’t say I expected it to resolve with Dewey killing himself. Beyond the Amita Drive in his chest we don’t get an explanation on why his life is now tied to the world’s fate so I hope we get more of an explanation in the finale. Although I still think the odds thrown out there of 13,000 ships against two was quite ridiculous, we do at least get an appropriate explanation that the need to fight off the Antibody Coralians largely kept the military’s resources occupied during the battle. Renton and Eureka believe they can replace/restore the Control Cluster and save the world, although the adverse reaction to Eureka upon Dewey’s death may disrupt that. Everyone with Desperation Disease suddenly being cured was an interesting thing to see occur and something I wasn’t expecting to receive any further plot resolution.

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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