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Eureka Seven Ep. 9: Paper Moon Shine


Tiptory apologizes to the Gekkostate for forcing them into such a difficult position. She says they’d have to go to Ciudades Del Cielo regardless if they wanted to see Norb. She claims it can be Destiny’s Gate to anyone who goes there. Later, having landed, the Gekkostate crew readies themselves in case they need an emergency takeoff. Talho thinks they’ll be off as soon as they drop Tiptory off. As Holland and Happ see her off, Tiptory hands them a bottle filled with a glowing yellow liquid. Holland doesn’t want to accept it, but she says they may need it in the future for a time of difficulty. Renton excitingly rushes over to Moondoggie about his new surfboard but Moondoggie tells him they’ll be taking off soon. Renton recalls how Holland said he’d go anywhere if it had good waves and notices Tiptory walking off. Moondoggie goes to get his board saying they can surf while the ship replenishes its water supply. Happ, Talho and Stoner question why Holland doesn’t want to ride the waves while he’s here. Holland gets angry upon realizing Renton and Moondoggie have headed out. He soon reaches them and punches Renton in the face after he praises the local waves. Holland refuses to explain why he hit him and punches Renton again. Renton says he gets it and runs off. Linck, Maeter and Maurice speculate on Eureka, who looks rather sad as she stares at a giant structure in the distance. Renton flies by on his board and she tries to ask him what happened. Renton heads into the ruins of the city nearby and not watching where he is going, hits a street sign. Finding some charred remains, Renton realizes this isn’t a city of old ruins but was rather destroyed by an attack recently. Someone spies on Renton from a nearby building. Renton jumps on his board but crashes again, this time after flying into a clothesline. He promptly runs into Tiptory, who is with several others. On the Gekko, Talho asks Holland where Renton has gone. Eureka soon appears and asks him the same but he doesn’t answer. Renton sits at a table in a trailer house with Tiptory who claims there’s a monastery inside. He asks if the Vodarac is really an antigovernmental organization, surprised at how she is not like the evil type of people he heard about in school. She claims this is an angry land that doesn’t just belong to humans. Eureka rides over the city in the Nirvash looking for Renton. Renton asks Tiptory why they have come here and she says it’s because of Destiny’s Gate. It is the land of the Vodarac, despite its current state. Several years ago the town was attacked by the military who slaughtered those who were here simply for their belief in the Vodarac. A man appears and says a White Demon is approaching. Renton hides inside a trailer as it arrives, but soon finds it to be the Nirvash and Eureka. The locals start throwing rocks at Eureka and he runs out to protect her. Those around claim she is a dog of the military and Eureka claims she used to be. An alarm goes off and Tiptory says they need to flee as a scheduled bombing is to occur. Renton spots a military battleship approaching in the sky above.

The Gekko also spots the military battleship, although they are unable to fire their main cannon at it. Holland has gone out in the typeR909 to get the Nirvash. Talho says they’ll head out ahead of him. The bombing soon commences. Renton asks Eureka why they threw rocks at her and she says it’s her own fault and can’t be helped. She says she killed many people here. We flashback to the city being attacked. She says as a member of the SOF special forces their mission was to annihilate all the people living in the town. We see Eureka firing upon a group of people as she admits to Renton that Gekkostate used to be part of the military. She says she couldn’t believe in anything other than the Nirvash and Holland and would simply obey orders. A group of people are able to knock the Nirvash into a pit but Eureka comes out with a machine gun and shoots them all. Pushing aside the bodies Eureka is shocked to find Maurice, Linck and Maeter there under the pile of bodies. Renton figures out and Eureka admits that Holland led the attack on this town. Renton tries to excuse it but Eureka says this is part of being at war and he is part of it now too. The Gekko takes off. Hilda comforts the three kids about Eureka coming back. Eureka says they intend to atone for their sins but the most important thing is for them to stay alive and complete their mission. Renton figures out they brought him along so they will be able to fight with the Nirvash. Renton asks Eureka why she and the others rescued the kids and that they must have left the military because they didn’t want to kill innocents. He says she is lying to herself. Eureka doesn’t want to head out and cause trouble for Holland but Renton gets on the Nirvash wanting to stop the bombing. The Nirvash promptly falls over, but Eureka says she’ll come with him as the Nirvash is telling her to do so. They quickly take off into the sky and Renton plans to head through two towers to quickly approach the military battleship. The battleship spots the oncoming Nirvash and fires at it but it does not good as they promptly take it out. Watching, Holland says this isn’t Eureka’s normal fighting style. Renton tells Eureka to look towards the moon and that this is a place that makes everyone choose something, including her. He says what she chose to do here a long time ago is amazing and that he still believes in her despite what she’s done in the past. Eureka says she’s changed since he came and joined them. Renton thinks to himself of all he wants at this moment is to help Eureka. Later on the Gekko, Renton tells Holland that it’s entirely his fault. Holland asks him about the new board he made, but Renton says he’s lost it. Holland hands him a wheel saying he can put it on his next board. As long as he has it he’s an official member of Gekkostate. As a member he can’t head off on his own. Talho brings Renton to his new room and tells him his first duty as an official Gekkostate member is to clean it. In the dock. Eureka asks the Nirvash if she’s really changed.


Things pick up a bit here for our best episode in a while. To this point Renton has totally idolized Eureka and Gekkostate but here we finally learn of their dark past; that they were a member of the military and brutally slaughtered innocent people. The Gekkostate now fights against the military as an independent entity in part to atone for their sins. Despite her past, Renton still is totally dedicated to Eureka and here spurns her into action as the two of them destroy a military battleship bombing the area. Ciudades provides us another interesting locale for this episode with both the ruins of the town and the large towering structures around it. Renton also finally is officially accepted into Gekkostate at episode’s end. I’m sure he’ll be happy to have a room rather than sleeping in a tent on the ship’s deck!

Overall Rating

Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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