Fafner Ep. 15: Scream (Memory)


The UN asserts its control over the entire island and Seri wonders if her parents are ok. An UN officer goes to the shelters and tells them they will stay there until they finish inspecting the island. Burns says not to let their guard down and says it feels good to be sitting in the commander’s chair. Yukie scours the island for the core and the Fafner pilots play Old Maid to pass the time. Mamoru is loosing and Kenji wonders how many games they’ve played. Soushi asks Fumihiko why he didn’t let him fight and he answers that he can’t fight humans. Soushi asks if he has ever spilt blood before and Fumihiko says he has more than he would have liked. He asks Soushi to save Kazuki if the UN ever made him shed blood. Fumihiko says that he trusts Kazuki, but he doesn’t think Kazuki trusts him. Kyouhei prepares to take off and Maya says she wasn’t able to do anything again. Kyouhei says that’s not true because her presence is what saved Youji in the end. Akane tells Kazuki that she was instructed by Youji to hand the Mark Sein over to him. Kazuki asks what happened to Youji and she says he doesn’t exist anymore. Akane says they won’t allow her to stay any longer and Kazuki asks if she’s really his mother. Akane says she doesn’t exist and that she is a Festum. She tells him to get in and teleports away. She teleports in front of a giant blob that is actually Idun and says she has something to say. Idun says they have restricted her existence. She says their job is to understand humans but Idun says they don’t understand her. Akane asks how they can have a conversation if they are one. Kazuki gets into the Mark Sein and notices that his body is completely different. Akane says that another Mir has given them individuality. Idun says that they don’t accept her and he eats her. Kazuki sees this and attacks Idun in a rage. Kyouhei and Maya fly overhead but they don’t see Kazuki. Kazuki and Idun break through the surface and they grapple. Other Festum on the surface attack and the Mark Sein takes damage. It starts secreting a strange liquid and the ground turns into lava, sucking in the Festums along with Idun and Kazuki. Idun rises from the lava as a giant beast and Tatsumiya’s core says that is has been born. She wonders what Kazuki will do next. Kazuki remembers back to when he asked Fumihiko how his mother died. Fumihiko says it was his fault. Kazuki then sees a younger Soushi and says it was his fault Soushi lost his eye. He wonders why Soushi didn’t tell anyone and that because of his wound, he can’t pilot a Fafner. Kazuki demands to know if he hates him and that’s why he wants him to fight and die. Kazuki says he always though some one like him should disappear and Tatsumiya’s core appears to him. She says that Soushi’s wound is what made him what he is today and that he’s grateful to Kazuki. She asks why Kazuki wounded him, and shows him what really happened. When they were younger, they heard ‘Are you there’ over a radio and it caused Soushi to form a Festum like crystal in his hand.

Kazuki some how took out Soushi’s eye, causing the Festum crystal to shatter. Kazuki wakes up and a vision of little Soushi asks Kazuki if he’ll become one with him. The Idun monster continues to absorb Festums and tries to get Kyouhei too but he dodges. The core says that in the beginning, all were one and people are trying to return to that place. Seri asks if it’s a fairy tale and the core says it’s a tale of them and the universe. The Soushi apparition says that Mir elements were grafted to their genes and that he was born to protect the island’s core. He says he wanted to become one with Kazuki. The core asks Kazuki if he will move forward or go back to when all were one. Kazuki says he just wants to talk to Soushi again and the apparition disappears. The core says he has chosen to remain because conversation is the proof of one’s self and she thanks him for showing the path she should take. Kyouhei says they should leave, but Maya wants to stay and find Kazuki. The Idun monster starts eating itself and dries up. The Mark Sein breaks out of the monster and Kazuki sees the plane. He wonders what Maya is doing there before he blacks out. Night falls and Seri says that night is the best time to catch stag beetles as the core listens intently. She says she hates setting traps, so she maps the area in the day and goes back at night. The core says she’s a kind person and Seri asks what her name is. She is about to answer, but she senses a horde of Festum approaching the island. Michio secretly watches Yumiko with some flowers when Cannon calls out to him. He tells her not so shout his name so loudly. A UN officer asks Mamoru’s dad if they’ve hidden anything else and he tells them to find it themselves because he has a manga deadline. The alarm goes off and Burns says to launch the Fafners. Youko says their pilots haven’t been tested and Burns says they are the elite and will do fine. Yumiko tries to get into the commander center, saying the UN people can’t handle it but the guards won’t let her in. Michio says to let her pass. He asks how she’s been doing but she pretends not to know him. Cannon tells Michio it’s time to launch and wonders who Yumiko is. Back at the base, Maya opens the Mark Sein’s cockpit and cries as Kazuki wakes up. Kazuki wonders if she’s really there and she says she is. Kazuki asks where Soushi is, and Maya says he’s waiting for him back at the island. Kazuki says he thought he could understand Soushi better if he saw outside the island too. He says he was afraid that he didn’t exist and that he should disappear. Maya tells him they should go back so they can talk some more. Maya helps him over to Kyouhei and Kazuki asks if he knows how his mother died. Kyouhei says that she was killed by Festums instead of Fumihiko. Kazuki thanks him for telling him that and Kyouhei says they should return. Kazuki says he can’t look at the island the same way he used to, so he’d be going there for the first time. Kyouhei says Soushi said the same thing.


This was one epic episode. Though some of the dialogue is confusing and some of the topics are similar to those discussed in Evangelion, the episode is still good. Kazuki gets the Mark Sein but doesn’t really do anything with it. Idun does some weird things in this episode, and he seems to be gone for good now, but I doubt that. Kazuki has a tearful reunion with Maya and one wonders how their relationship will develop. They’re not out of the woods yet since Tatsumiya is under attack by a new Festum and it’s time for the main cast to reunite.

Overall Rating

Fafner Info

Nobuyoshi Habara

Tow Ubukata
Yasuo Yamabe
Kazuki Yamanobe

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 07.04.2004 – 12.26.2004


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