Fafner Ep. 19: Sight (Maya)


Maya visits Shouko’s grave and tells her she’s going to fight. Maya goes through some tests and everyone is amazed at how well she’s doing. Soushi says that she’s best suited for rear support and Tsubaki thinks he’s being prejudice. They run a simulation and everyone is shocked when Maya hits all the targets. Kyouhei thinks she’ll make a great sniper. Cannon asks why she can’t pilot the Mark Sein and is told that she needs a special element to pilot a Nothung model. Mamoru wants his Fafner modified too, and Kenji jokes that they can let the UN do it and then steal it. Kazuki tells them to stop because the Mark Sein has the power to destroy everything in its path. Soushi says that Maya isn’t suited for real combat and Tsubaki thinks he’s afraid to let her into the system. She asks if Maya and Kazuki were in danger, who Soushi would prioritize. He doesn’t respond. Yumiko works away and Michio asks why she didn’t go see Maya’s training. Yumiko says she’s planning a Lantern Festival and Rina comes in. She says Maya was amazing and that she’s ready for real combat. Yumiko wonders if they really need more pilots and Michio says they don’t know when the Festum will attack in large numbers. Chizuru and Fumihiko talk in Kouyou’s room and Chizuru says how scared she is. Fumihiko says they have to be strong for the children and that thanks to her research, they are able to extend the lives of the pilots. Maya stumbles around the halls with Kyouhei following her. She falls down and comments on all the Kyouhei’s spinning around. Kazuki finds them and asks what happened. Kyouhei says she got drunk off her synergetic code, which he calls beginner’s high. Kyouhei leaves and tells Kazuki to take her home. Maya gets Kazuki in a headlock when Soushi and Tsubaki walk by. Kazuki asks Soushi for help but he says he’s busy and leaves. Tsubaki says Soushi’s not honest and Soushi says he would protect everyone inside the Siegfried system, as a response to her earlier question. Maya and Kazuki walk home and Maya says she was happy she could see what everyone else saw. Maya says that she will change too and Yumiko and Michio walk up to them. They say they’re going to celebrate Maya’s training and invite Kazuki. Kazuki says he can’t because his dad is coming home, but Michio says they can invite Fumihiko too. Michio and Kazuki prepare dinner while the Toomi sisters set the table. Yumiko comments on how good Kazuki’s cooking is and tells Maya she should go live with him because her cooking sucks. Michio hears a car pulling up and runs to the door. Chizuru walks in and Michio offers her slippers. The doorbell rings and Fumihiko arrives. He and Kazuki sit alone at the table and Fumihiko asks if Kazuki eats there often. In another room Chizuru asks what Yumiko is thinking and Yumiko says she knows she’s actually happy. Cannon informs Youkou that she’s finished washing the dishes and Youkou offers her some tea. Cannon asks if it’s an order and Youkou says it isn’t. Cannon admits that she doesn’t know what to do when there are no orders and Youkou says her only order is that she can be troubled when ever she wants. Sakura and her mother pray and Sakura says killing as many enemies as possible is her offering to her father. Fumihiko says dinner was good and Chizuru apologizes for Yumiko. Fumihiko says he was reminded of why the island was made in the first place and that they should support the growth of their children. Michio and Yumiko spy on this conversation, and congratulate each other. Maya and Kazuki wash dishes and Kazuki says some things never change. At school, Cannon asks what a lantern festival is and Sakura explains it’s to honor the dead. Mamoru asks if they’ll do it for Kouyou too and Kenji says he isn’t dead. Cannon asks who Kouyou is and Sakura says he’s some one she couldn’t save. Maya says they should go see him again and he might wake up if they all call to him. Kouyou bangs on the glass of his tank.

Solomon detects Festum, but doesn’t recognize them as enemies. Fumihiko orders everyone to launch and Tsubaki activates the island’s defenses. The Fafners get into position and Soushi tells Maya to follow his orders to fire. The Festums break through the Welle Shields and the island defenses shoot them down. Everyone is surprised they were shot down so easily, but the Festums turn into blob type things with multi eyes. The Festum advance but don’t attack. The Fafner’s attack, but they do nothing. One assimilates Mamoru’s shield and Kenji blindly fires. He manages to hit one of the eyes and the Festum is destroyed. Soushi tells everyone to aim for the eyes and Michio and Cannon each take one down. Sakura runs out of bullets and the Festum grabs her. The others show up and Cannon says she’ll kill Sakura because she is not from the island. Kenji attacks her and Soushi freezes his weapons. While everyone argues, Maya asks why her weapon is locked. He says if she fires, the Festum will come after her and she says that’s fine. She shoots off Sakura’s Fafner’s arm and the Festum goes after her. Kazuki destroys it but another one comes at Maya from above. Maya aims up and destroys the last Festum. Fumihiko tells everyone to go meet the pilots and Sakura’s mom runs off. Sakura hugs her mom and cries while Cannon walks off. Youkou is there and she welcomes her back. Maya falls to her knees, shaking, wondering why she’s being scared after it’s over. Kazuki helps her up and Chizuru is relieved. Soushi walks away and Tsubaki asks if he wants to get something to eat. Soushi says she should stop treating him like that because he’s her big brother. Everyone is glad their loved ones are safe.


The first half of his episode was quite fun. Drunken Maya was hilarious and we have a repeat of the dinner from episode ten, but this time Fumihiko and Michio are involved. It’s quite apparent now that Chizuru has feelings for Fumihiko and Yumiko and Michio are playing matchmaker. Kouyou makes his return after being off screen for so long. He was comatose last we saw him, but now he’s acting up. This episode marks Maya’s first battle. Throughout the whole series, she has regretted not being able to do anything but now she has her chance. She does surprisingly well in combat and her skills might even rival Kazuki’s. Kazuki and Maya’s relationship also continues to develop and it’s quite obvious that Soushi is jealous. We’ll see if this love triangle goes anywhere.

Overall Rating

Fafner Info

Nobuyoshi Habara

Tow Ubukata
Yasuo Yamabe
Kazuki Yamanobe

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 07.04.2004 – 12.26.2004


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