Fafner: Exodus Ep. 10: To the Land of Hope


Roadrunner blocks Kazuki and Soushi’s attacks with a barrier. They break through it and while Soushi is unable to assimilate Roadrunner he manages to locate its core. Roadrunner emits a blast of intense heat and while Soushi thinks their Fafners will survive it he’s not sure about themselves. Kazuki charges in anyway but the blade of his lance is destroyed. Ashoka protects Jonathan and Billy from the blast while Hiroto uses his shield to cover Maya and Akira. Maya wants to go help but Akira tells her there’s nothing they can do. Kazuki tries to attack again but is knocked back and the Mark Sein loses an arm and a leg in the counterattack. Soushi creates a giant worm sphere that sucks up the flames. He throws it at Roadrunner but it tears through it. The Mark Sein regenerates its limbs and lance and charges in while Soushi stops Roadrunner’s movements. Kazuki stabs into Roadrunner but its midsection disappears before he fires. The remains of Roadrunner crumble away and the Neo UN pilots marvel at the miracle they’ve witnessed. Miwa wonders if Kazuki and Soushi will be okay but Yumiko says if they keep using that power it will eventually assimilate them. Miwa says she didn’t know but Yumiko assures her that they came of their own will. Soushi says the core escaped and it will take time to locate but Kazuki says they’ll just beat it again if it shows up. They hear Miwa’s voice and she asks them to protect everyone in Srinagar. Kazuki notes that there’s tens of thousands of people and Soushi wonders if Miwa is really asking them to protect them all. Roadrunner appears elsewhere and begins to regenerate but it’s attacked and consumed by another Festum.

Soushi is met by Maya and the others and she asks him why he didn’t stop Kazuki. Soushi says he won’t make excuses but Maya apologizes because she knows he didn’t have a choice. Kazuki joins them and she thanks him for saving them before walking off. Soushi tells Kazuki to apologize to her and him, finding it unfair that Maya always cries to him but thanks Kazuki. Miwa goes up to them and Soushi wonders if the Mir made her grow. Yumiko confirms it but says the Mir understands making her grow further would endanger her life. Soushi explains how Orihime woke up in response to Miwa’s call and sent them there. Kazuki says they’ve been told to do as Miwa wishes and Miwa says if they don’t protect everyone it’ll be bad when Altair comes. Hiroto films a news report on the destruction and Akira says it’s natural to hate the enemy after this. Hiroto says he’s glad he came because humans should be helping each other. Akira thinks they should just protect their island instead. Ai wakes up in the field hospital and Jonathan tells her they were saved. Miwa meets with Emery and Yumiko sees the Gregory type. Yumiko tries to take out her gun but drops it. Maya picks it up and wonders what’s wrong but Yumiko says she’s fine. She tells Maya to hang onto the gun. Narain meets with Kyosuke, Kazuki, and Soushi, telling them they have to abandon the base. He’s sent messengers out to let the Neo UN know they’re fine so they won’t bomb the place. Kazuki asks about the Mir and Narain says they’ll take the core with them to a new location where it can grow and attempt to contact Altair again. The new location is being kept secret even from Narain to prevent a potential traitor from finding out. The plan is to head to the Dhaka base which will take about two weeks with the 22,000 survivors in tow. Narain knows that Kazuki and Soushi could easily head back to Tatsumiya by themselves but asks for their help anyway. Kazuki, Soushi, and Kyosuke leave and are met by Jonathan. He thanks them and asks what they plan to do. Kyosuke says they haven’t decided yet and are going to report about it now. Jonathan asks how they can get units like the Sein and Nicht but Soushi says they’re too dangerous. Jonathan thinks that he can test if it’s possible anyway even if he has to use his life. The people from Tatsumiya discuss what to do. Akira thinks it’s not possible to protect so many but Hiroto thinks they might not encounter enemies since Roadrunner was defeated. Soushi says there are other Azazel types that will pursue so long as Narain tries to contact Altair. Miwa intends to go with everyone and Hiroto volunteers as well. Since Miwa is unable to contact Orihime Kyosuke says they’ll have to send a high speed craft to deliver their decision. Maya sits alone until Kazuki joins her. He apologizes to her but she correctly guesses that Soushi told him to say that. Maya admits how helpless she felt but Kazuki tells her she fought well enough. He says he wants her to go back to the island but she refuses to leave her family. She apologizes for not finding what Kazuki wanted but he assures her they will. Maya says it’d be easier just to go home and find their own peace but Kazuki wants to believe in Miwa. He’s not sure if protecting everyone will bring peace but that’s what he wants to do. Maya concurs. Ashoka’s core is extracted and its main body disappears. The high speed craft is sent back to Tatsumiya and everyone else sets off for Dhaka.


After a quick but intense fight Roadrunner manages to escape, allaying my fears that the Azazel types wouldn’t pose a challenge. On top of that whatever Festum that was that ate Roadrunner is definitely going to be big trouble down the road. First the characters need to decide what to do next. Akira left the island pretty optimistically but after seeing the reality of things he’d rather just go back home. Maya also considers just going home and worrying about peace for the island. What obligation do they have to thousands of people they don’t know? Obviously a true hero wouldn’t leave those people behind but it’s a very human point to consider. Soushi and Maya are noticing Yumiko’s strange behavior and it’s still not clear if she was revived by the Festum or replaced with one. Jonathan is also developing a bit of a fixation on the power of the Sein and Nicht and I fear he might be his father’s son after all. The exodus has finally begun and it definitely won’t be an easy journey.

Overall Rating

Fafner: Exodus Info

Takashi Noto

Tow Ubukata

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015
Streaming 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015


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