Fafner: Exodus Ep. 11: Transformation


On Tatsumiya Island the Fafner team use their new abilities to finish off a squad of Festum. Orihime says they still need to learn more about their powers and the Festum because the side that can understand their opponent will defeat the side that can’t. Rina announces to the others they’ll be having a training camp and Sakura notes how energetic they are. She can’t say the same about Kenji and offers to board the Siegfried system with him. He declines and says he’s worried about the pilots but Sakura says he should worry about himself. The mechanic team checks over the Fafners and note how they’ve had to postpone the development of the unmanned machines. Orihime has dinner at Seri’s place and Seri’s mom Suzuna dotes on her. Ikumi notes how Orihime is friendlier than past cores and there’s nothing abnormal about her. The whereabouts of Walker are unknown and the pilots are suppressing the assimilation phenomenon. All pilots have been showing Super Dimensional Power, or SDP, used by the Festum. Seri can regenerate, Rina can power up weapons, Mimika can create a barrier, Reo can teleport, and Sui can pull distant objects close. Experiments involving switching Fafners showed that the SDP is unique to the pilot and only occurs when piloting their own Fafners. Ikumi says it’s like a Gordian crystal, which is what created Tsubaki and the Well of Urd. Fumihiko tells the others to keep investigating and that learning their enemy’s powers first will be the key to victory. Seri’s grandfather Masaki asks Orihime why the Gordian crystals appeared now but Orihime counters by asking why the Fafners didn’t change very much. Masaki says there’s nothing to change and if they were to change it would be caused by contact with an unknown civilization. He asks if the Neo UN’s arrival changed the island but Orihime says Altair is the bigger problem. She says all the Mir fragments on the planet are reacting to it and they’re all searching for a future that isn’t destruction. Sui eats dinner alone and goes to see his mother when he finishes. He thanks her for the meal and sees she’s working on a second L Plan. He doesn’t think Fumihiko will approve it and tries to assure her that they’ll protect the island but his mom sternly tells him to leave it alone. Sui goes to the living room and wonders if his sister returned they’d be a family again. He tries to us his SDP to bring her back but nothing happens. Rina takes a bath and notes how sleepy she’s been lately. She falls asleep and disappears only to appear on Sui’s bed. Sui’s father comes home and finds a wet protection charm. Rina wakes up and screams, alerting Sui’s parents. Rina comes out of Sui’s room wrapped in a bed sheet and asks to borrow some clothes.

Mimika and Yuuko have some cake and talk about Fafner piloting. Mimika says she doesn’t remember battles too well and that she gets the feeling something bad is going to happen. A barrier then appears around her. Chizuru and Fumihiko have dinner together and wonder if their kids are all right. Fumihiko says they’re adults now and they should believe in them when the phone rings. Reo practices his sword swings when he starts randomly teleporting. Fumihiko and Chizuru are at Mimika’s house when Reo teleports inside her barrier. Reo sees Mimika is crying and says he can tell how scared she is during crossing. She says she feels like something bad will happen soon but Reo assures her that he’ll protect her. She cheers up and asks Reo to cut the barrier. He’s not sure that’ll work but tapping it with the hilt of his sword breaks it. Ikumi handles things at Sui’s house and Rina threatens to kill Sui if it happens again. Orihime wakes Seri up early and forces her to go bug hunting. Yuuko finds Reo’s charm and sees Mimika’s picture in it. She tells Mimika to give the charm back to Reo, adding that she approves of him to Mimika’s confusion. The pilots go to the training camp held at Saki’s place and Kenji starts things by telling them to report any other changes. Sui’s father opens the charm he picked up and finds a picture of his family inside. The high speed craft makes it to the island and reports on the situation in India. Fumihiko declares that they’ll move the island to meet with the expeditionary force. The pilots make dinner together and Sui says how nice it is to eat with others. Rina asks why he doesn’t eat with his parents and Sui says that they’re always busy. Saki arrives and shows them the footage Hiroto shot. Sui realizes how peaceful their island is and Sakura is happy to see they’re all okay. The kids get ready for bed and Mimika returns Reo’s charm to him. Canon tells Sakura that she’s been thinking that she can still fight so she can no longer criticize Kazuki. Sakura reminds her that her batteries are almost dead and that their job now is to train the new kids. The next day Festum attack and after the battle the pilots hit the bath. When they get out Reo notices a hole in his chest and Sakura sees black spots on Mimika’s back. Seri starts assimilating anything she touches and Rina falls unconscious.


Some great callbacks to the first series this episode. The training camp, the skipped over battle, and the bath with Gobain helmet shenanigans all happened previously but this time with a new twist. The pilots’ new powers aren’t limited to just their Fafners and hijinks ensue. That coupled with Orihime’s antics provided some good comedy. I must compliment the show for how well it’s handling its characterization. We get ample time to get to know the new pilots but the returning cast are in no way neglected. At the moment I feel the most for Sui. The way his parents are so fixated on the child they lost that they ignore the child they still have just isn’t fair. Hopefully by bringing back his sister’s charm Sui’s situation will improve a bit. Speaking of, there’s been quite a bit of retconning in Exodus. It was mentioned all pilots get those charms but they never appeared before and pilots only started having ring marks on their fingers in this show. Saki is apparently Ryou’s sister, but she wasn’t mentioned in Right of Left. I don’t particularly mind this sort of thing, but it is worth noting. Things were going pretty well for our heroes but of course this is Fafner and power always has a price.

Overall Rating

Fafner: Exodus Info

Takashi Noto

Tow Ubukata

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015
Streaming 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015


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