Fafner: Exodus Ep. 13: A Future Within the Darkness


At Neo UN headquarters, an aide named Dylan Basel reports to Hester that with Roadrunner’s defeat the five Azazel types, Ashoka, and Tatsumiya’s Mir are the only active Mirs. Hester says they all aim to destroy each other and welcome Altair to Earth. Altair is still six months away but it is gaining speed. When told Narain believes coexistence with Altair is possible Hester finds it foolish. She says humanity had constantly sent messages of friendship into space and it only brought them close to extinction. She says Altair’s arrival will be the biggest disaster since the arrival of Polaris, the North Pole Mir, and for the sake of their Triple Plan they need to prevent Narain and Tatsumiya from uniting. Dylan goes to see General Dudley Burns and reports that Hester won’t change her mind so bringing Narain to their side will be difficult. Dylan explains that the Triple Plan involves eliminating the enemy, creating a habitat for humanity, and preventing further invasions. However the plan is failing and Burns wonders if Hester has some other plan. He asks if they can save Narain but Dylan says Hester will get suspicious. He adds that only Burns can break the current stalemate so he needs to act carefully. Maya and the others return to camp. Kazuki tells Soushi they could have saved the civilians if they had gone out and Maya apologizes for being unable to do so. Soushi says they probably couldn’t have made it in time anyway and it was likely that way by design. The Esperantos and Miwa should have been able to repel the Festum, but Miwa was afraid. She only shows fear of the Azazel type and Kyosuke realizes it’s following them. Soushi thinks some one is calling it but there’s no solid evidence. If such a person did exist they’d be the real monster. Festum arrive to attack Tatsumiya again and Walker appears to watch. The Festum break through the shields and Sui launches to lead them. Sakura successfully boots up her Mark Drei as well as the unmanned Trooper Model Fafners. The battlefield is set up and the Fafners launch with the exception of Canon’s Mark Dreizehn. In her cockpit Canon is confused by the strange images she’s seeing. Sakura and the Troopers take out two Festum. Fumihiko wonders why they can’t send Canon out and Orihime says Canon just doesn’t understand her power. Orihime adds it’s a power that she’s been waiting for. Canon tries to start her Fafner again but sees a vision of Kazuki fighting the new Azazel type. She tries again and this time sees Festum attacking the main island. She notices her Fafner has been recording data and when she has it display the dates she realizes she was seeing the future.

A Trooper is destroyed and Sakura starts acting strange. She says it feels like there’s a lot of her and if one is lost there’ll be another. There should only be four Troopers but seven are detected, and then twelve. Orihime says Sakura understands her power and the Troopers keep multiplying. Sakura is unable to tell which is the real her and Kenji requests the system to be shut down. Orihime tells Fumihiko not to be afraid of sacrifice so he keeps the system on. Canon finally launches and requests a change in plan. She says enemies are outside the battlefield and tells Reo to relocate the whole unit. After some encouragement from Canon he decides to give it a try and teleports everyone besides Canon and Sakura to another island. An enemy field appears there and starts spawning Festum that break through the shield. Inspired by Canon’s words the pilots use their SDP to destroy the enemy field and hold off the Festum. Canon tears through Festum at Sein levels of speed and the Troopers keep multiplying. Fumihiko realizes how important the wills of the pilots are and Orihime says if they hadn’t found their courage the island wouldn’t have a future. Fumihiko wonders if that’s related to Orihime’s power. Canon sees three possible futures with the same timestamp and is anxious at the idea that she has to choose. The remaining Festum are destroyed and the extra Troopers vanish. Walker lets out a scream before disappearing and Orihime explains that it’s angry because it can’t understand the island’s power. Soushi and the others reach the next camp and note how much faster they’ve been going. Akira wonders if Kazuki could have protected the civilians but Hiroto tells him fretting over it won’t bring anyone back. Akira asks if Hiroto is still glad he came and Hiroto says he is. He now knows why hatred exists and that the peace given to them by the island prevented them from hating the world. Hiroto wants to spread that peace throughout the world but Akira wants to go home in case it ends up like Srinagar. Hiroto tells him to have faith in their comrades. Kazuki brings Maya some food and apologizes for saying he could have saved the civilians. He also apologizes for being unable to stay in a Fafner for longer, forcing Maya to push herself. The Gregory type appears before them with many other spirits and tells them to hurry up and join him. It then vanishes. Canon pays her respects to Shouko’s grave when she has a vision of the island destroyed and everyone dead.


I sure wasn’t expecting to see that Burns is still alive. It’s nice that he’s going to be an ally because the Neo UN under Hester’s control is pretty awful. The exodus is moving a bit more smoothly now, but the pilots are still upset that they couldn’t protect anyone last episode. Some one is leading the Festum to them, but who? Is it that creepy Gregory type or some one else? On Tatsumiya Sakura and Canon return to the battlefield and develop their SDP. Sakura can duplicate Troopers while Canon can see the future. They inspire their juniors to stop being afraid of their powers and Walker is not pleased. The battle animation is particularly amazing here, especially when the Troopers were swarming the Festum. Just when you think it’s okay to catch your breath, once again the show pulls the rug out from under us and shows us the future is filled with death and despair. But the future can be changed, right?

Overall Rating

Fafner: Exodus Info

Takashi Noto

Tow Ubukata

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015
Streaming 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015


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