Fafner: Exodus Ep. 15: ROE Alpha


Dustin’s unit opens fires on the Festum and Narain’s forces equally. One of Dustin’s men goes to recover Hiroto’s Fafner and another sets a targeting point for bombing while Dustin goes to look for Billy. Narain learns of the attacks and orders a retreat. The Azazel type overpowers the Mark Sein and Soushi tells Kazuki to be more careful. Maya detects the approaching bomber craft and goes after it. Akira tries to attack the Fafner recovering Hiroto’s but is stopped by Keith. Billy helps Akira and Dustin tries to get his brother to go with him. UN aerial forces bomb the main camp, killing lots of civilians. On Tatsumiya’s carrier, Olga Katina Betrenko tries to contact Dustin’s forces but the bridge is attacked. Soushi realizes the clouds is the enemy’s field and they need to destroy them. Kazuki hears Miwa’s voice asking for help and Soushi realizes the camp is under attack. Kazuki tells Soushi to help the camp while he deals with the Azazel type. Soushi warps away and the Azazel type laughs at the humans for fighting amongst themselves. Soushi warns the UN forces to leave as Maya approaches the bomber. She hacks the bomber and begs the crew to stop. Dustin knocks away Akira and tells Billy to go with him. His attempts get interrupted when he’s told the bomber might be destroyed. The bomber’s captain ignores Maya’s pleas and she has no choice but to destroy the bomber before the nuke is launched.

Kazuki manages to wound the Azazel type and it screams to the sky. Kazuki wonders if it’s talking to something and a Festum is shown up in orbit. Soushi attacks Dustin’s men, forcing them to retreat. The Azazel type also retreats. Olga apologizes to Yumiko for getting injured and laments her inability to stop humans from fighting each other. Akira wants to go searching for Hiroto, sure that he’s still alive. Soushi doesn’t deny the possibility but says they need to focus on escaping. Kyosuke says they need to send a high speed craft to inform the island of what happened and wonders how Maya’s doing. Kazuki tries to comfort Maya and tells her the next time something like that happens he’ll handle it. Maya doesn’t want that and says it’s strange that she feels sad but no tears come out. Kazuki asks if she wants to return to the island but she says she’ll be fine. Jonathan asks where some of their troops are and he’s informed that they surrendered along with some civilians but were slaughtered all the same. Walter suggests they run instead of fighting back but some one asks where they’re supposed to go to. Hiroto’s Fafner is dismantled and his remains are put in a cooler. Keith presents it to Dustin and asks him about Billy. She’s surprised he ignored ROE Alpha for his brother, but is okay with saving Billy while killing everyone else. Narain outlines their new travel plans. They’re to head north to a wall built to contain the Festum and to continue on to the Khabarovsk area where their land of hope is. It will be a long and hard journey but it’s the only way they can avoid fighting their fellow humans. Many civilians either kill themselves or try to go back and it takes a whole day to convince them to struggle for hope. Olga is sent back to the island on the high speed craft and Kyosuke tells Yumiko he’ll send her, Miwa, and Maya back next if something else goes wrong. Akira continues filming with Hiroto’s camera and swears he’ll save him. Kazuki looks to the sky and says there’s another enemy up there. Soushi doesn’t know if that enemy called the UN, but he does know that Tatsumiya is the only one they can trust. Miwa and Emery asks Soushi to help them call some backup. They can’t say who that backup is out loud so Emery projects an image of a human shape in a tube directly into Soushi’s mind. Soushi says it’s a gamble but Miwa believes it will come. Kazuki is impressed the girls haven’t given up and Emery says they can only move forward because Kazuki and Soushi are there. Two days after the UN’s attack, the exodus heads to its new destination.


Exodus continues with the heavy hits as things turn into a three way battle. For all his talk about how ROE Alpha is absolute Dustin has no problem ignoring it to try and save his brother. Not only is he a murderer, he’s a hypocrite too. While he’s far from likable it does make him a more complex character which is much needed when put next to Hester’s cartoonish villainy. Maya takes her first human lives and that doesn’t sit well with her. This is nothing new in the realm of mecha anime but at least she’s handling it a lot better than some others I could name. Akira believes Hiroto is still alive but we know he’s currently a pile of hamburger inside a box. That scene plus the one of civilians killing themselves and their families brought things to a new level of darkness. They need help bad, and it looks like the Mir from the movie might be the one to come to their rescue. I’ve been wondering what happened to it.

Overall Rating

Fafner: Exodus Info

Takashi Noto

Tow Ubukata

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015
Streaming 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015


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