Fafner: Exodus Ep. 6: Blessed Time


Festum crystals appear on Miwa’s hands as she says hello to Ashoka. UN Fafners arrive to escort the transports and Maya wonders why they’re protecting them with no enemies around. Walter Barghest welcomes them and Kyosuke notes they’re using an open channel. Such things are supposed to attract the Festum but none are around. Kyosuke wonders if that’s because of Ashoka’s protection. They land in Srinagar and disembark, Maya once again wondering about the heavy guard. Narain suggests they rest but Miwa wants to talk to the Mir right away. Soushi, Seri, and Chizuru go into the core’s room to find her out of her tube. Seri calls out to Tsubaki, but the new core tells her not to call her by her mother’s name. The core orders them to gather Fumihiko and Kazuki and tells Seri to carry her. When Seri picks her up, the core quietly expresses how happy she is to finally meet her. The core then tells everyone they have to hurry because Miwa and the others might die. Hiroto reports as they drive through the city and Maya realizes the soldiers are protecting them from the people. They arrive at the base of Ashoka which they call Varca. Yumiko releases it’s a shrine and they head inside. Miwa notices a young boy mixed among them who quickly disappears. They descend in an elevator and Narain gives Hiroto permission to film. Akira, the one holding the camera, sees the little boy who then appears before everyone. Jonathan tells the boy to disappear and it does so. He explains it’s a Gregory type Festum, which is basically the ghost of an assimilated person. Narain assures them they don’t harm humans. They reach the bottom of Varca and Miwa approaches Ashoka. Her mind is sent into deep space where she meets Altair. She sees an image of a meteor crashing into a planet and starts being covered by Festum crystals. Emery brings her out of it and Miwa says she could do it if she was bigger. Emery warns her about growing that way and Yumiko runs to her daughter. Miwa explains she saw a big star but couldn’t talk to it because she wasn’t old enough. Emery adds that the Mir tried to make her grow because Miwa wished for it, but Emery assures Yumiko she’ll protect Miwa. The Azazel type code named Roadrunner moves towards Srinagar and Neo UN HQ detects it. They confirm Walker is still perusing Tatsumiya and decide not to tell Narain about Roadrunner. Their leader, Hester Gallop, declares that Narain and Tatsumiya have thrown aside their dignity as humans to assimilate with the Festum. It goes against their plan to save humanity, the Triple Plan, so Hester orders a nuclear strike. One of her subordinates object, saying Narain holds great influence over the army, but Hester says they’re not attacking Narain but those assimilated by the Festum. She says they’ll return the Earth to human control and that Narain will be happy to sacrifice himself for that cause.

The new core gets dressed and meets with Fumihiko and the others. They’re surprised that she woke up so quickly but she says her and the Mir believed she’d die if she stayed young. She says the cause was their decision to fight and she doesn’t oppose their choice. The core orders Kazuki and Soushi to go save Miwa, saying the Azazel types and humans will be their enemies. She explains that Kazuki and Soushi are two powers as one, and Tamotsu realizes she wants to put them in the Mark Sein and Nicht. The core says that’s their blessing, a power granted only to them. Soushi and Kazuki agree to go and the core tells them to protect not only Miwa but everything Miwa wishes for. Kazuki asks for the core’s name, but she doesn’t have one. The core senses Walker approaching and Fumihiko orders everyone to battle stations. He tells Kazuki and Soushi to get ready to leave and the core asks Seri to give her a name. Canon gets the Fafners ready but notices the Sein is being activated. Mai starts working as an operator to replace some one sent on the expedition. The core joins Fumihiko in the command center, explaining that Tsubaki wanted to be outside during battle because she had the ability to read everyone’s minds and convey that to the Mir. The new core’s powers are different. Soushi and Kazuki suit up and Soushi tells Kazuki he can still back out. Kazuki reveals he’s been thinking about how he wants to meet his end and Soushi admits to the same. Kazuki asks about Soushi’s eye but Soushi says he got his sight back like Kazuki did. Kazuki notes how he’s killed so many enemies but it’s the Festum’s power that keeps them alive. Soushi adds it also lets them pilot the Sein and Nicht but warns that the assimilation phenomenon will hit them hard. Kazuki knows they can do it together. Kazuki approaches the Mark Sein when Canon enters. She asks him why he has to go and he says he’s been taught how he can use his life. She begs him not to go but he just thanks her for trying to stop him. Miwa’s medical check turns out fine and Yumiko falls asleep next to her. The Gregory type watches them and when Yumiko wakes up Miwa is gone. Yumiko hears Miwa call for help and finds her daughter in an older body. Roadrunner attacks the city and Narain is told one of their defensive lines have vanished. A Delphine type Festum appears in the city and Kyosuke tells Hiroto and Akira to gather everyone. The Delphine type attacks the room Yumiko and Miwa are in.


There are quite a number of interesting developments here. The new core is awake and while she does come across as pretty bossy there are hints of some dere to go with that tsun. Miwa meets with Ashoka and Altair, which leads to a scene reminiscent of Awakening of the Trailblazer. Like there, it’s all the stronger for having no dialogue. I’m not sure why Miwa’s physical limitations prevent her from talking with Altair, but despite Emery’s efforts she gets an age up anyway. I always thought Miwa was a bit too mature for a 4 year old, but this is ridiculous! The Neo UN once again has to screw the pooch by refusing coexistence and sabotaging Narain’s attempts to achieve it. I’m sure it’ll work out for them as well as all their other plans have. Kazuki and Soushi finally head out which isn’t surprising at all since it was spoiled in the opening. We have to watch poor Canon get her heart broken but Kazuki has decided he’d rather use his life to save the world than waste away in the kitchen. Can’t say I blame him.

Overall Rating

Fafner: Exodus Info

Takashi Noto

Tow Ubukata

Mechanical Designer:
Naohiro Washio

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saito

26 episodes

Japan 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015
Streaming 01.08.2015 – 12.25.2015


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