Fighbird Ep. 14: Burn Up! Guard Fire


At the Teppei dam reservoir, the workers comment that the weather is too good and hope for it to rain soon. Suddenly, a tornado appears and sucks out all the water. The news reports water shortages around Tokyo and expects the situation to get progressively worse. Katori, Kenta and Haruka discuss the situation with Guard Fire and Guard Rescue. Guard Rescue thinks they can’t do anything since it’s a natural phenomenon, but Guard Fire is worried about being unable to put out fires properly. Kenta tells him to wait for Hiroshi to complete a device that will make it rain, but is interrupted by the appearance of his friend Akira. Akira wonders why Kenta is talking to a fire truck and Haruka explains that Kenta likes them. Akira says that sports cars are much cooler than fire trucks and leaves, causing Guard Fire to fume with rage. The rest go back home to find Hiroshi unable to come up with any ideas. At night, Akira finishes building a car model kit, but the burner he’s using gets accidentally knocked over and starts a fire. The news reports the incident live and Kenta recognizes Akira’s house. They rush to the scene and find Akira refusing to leave his room because he’s trying to save his model kits. Guard Fire loses patience and shoves his ladder into the room, causing the model kits to get knocked into the fire but allowing the fire fighters to rescue Akira. Akira angrily kicks Guard Fire and blames him for the loss of his model kits before being hauled off to the hospital. Later, Guard Rescue says that Akira will be released tomorrow and Guard Fire heads off to give him a piece of his mind despite the former’s objections. Guard Rescue and Guard Star follow him to the hospital to ensure that he doesn’t blow their cover. In his room, Akira starts to build another model kit, but Guard Fire opens the windows with a gust of wind and puts out the burner. Guard Fire chastises Akira for not learning from his mistakes and being selfish. Akira complains that he lost his model kit collection, but Guard Fire retorts that life is more important than that and reminds him that fire trucks, ambulances and police cars all work hard to save lives. Akira apologizes for lashing out and Guard Fire promises to rescue him again if another fire breaks out. Yoshiko enters the room and Akira tells her that the fire truck came to visit but Guard Fire leaves before Yoshiko can see him. The next day, everyone finds Hiroshi yelling and dancing under a small rain cloud generated by his latest invention: The Miracle Cyclone Generator which will help solve the draught problem. They visit Akira at the hospital where he tells them about Guard Fire’s visit the night before. Katori tries to say that what he saw was real but Kenta and Haruka interrupt him and say that it was all a dream. They all leave when Yoshiko comes in and the latter recognizes Katori from before. They head to the roof where Hiroshi finishes setting up the Miracle Cyclone Generator and turns it on.

The device successfully generates a rain cloud but it’s instantly taken out by a waterspout shot from Zol’s mechanical monster. Zol reveals himself and says that he won’t allow them to ruin his plans. Katori tells Haruka and Hiroshi to take cover while Kenta contacts the Guard team. The hospital staff begins evacuating the patients but Akira slips past them in the opposite direction. Zol pins everyone on the roof with strong winds and tries to destroy the Miracle Cyclone Generator, but is interrupted by the arriving Guard team. They engage in battle and Zol’s stray shots hit the hospital. Guard Star has Guard Rescue go after the trapped patients while they handle Zol. Guard Rescue brings the patients outside and Yoshiko notices that Akira is missing. Katori has Guard Rescue get everyone else off the roof while he operates the Miracle Cyclone Generator. Zol knocks Guard Star and Guard Fire down and pins them with a flamethrower. Yoshiko finds Akira still inside the hospital watching the battle and drags him out. Guard Rescue kicks Zol but accidentally redirects his flamethrower at the room Yoshiko and Akira are in, trapping them in the flames. Guard Fire tries to reach them but Zol stands in his way and fires all his weapons at the Guard team. Katori manages to generate another rain cloud which distracts Zol long enough for the Guard team to combine into Guardion. Katori then summons the Fire Jet and combines into Fighbird. He knocks Zol off of Guardion to allow the latter to rescue Yoshiko and Akira. Fighbird attacks Zol with his Flame Cannon and missiles but the latter knocks him down with a gust of wind. He pelts Fighbird with multiple weapons but Guardion uses his Guard Blaster to damage his fan, disabling his tornadoes and allowing Fighbird to finish the monster off with his Flame Sword. Rain finally begins to pour, and Hiroshi yells out that his invention is a success. Later, they visit Akira who shows them his recently completed fire truck model and says that he’s changed his mind about them.


A rather amusing episode showing off Guard Fire’s hot headed (pun intended) attitude. I’m not sure what Jango’s plan to steal the local water reserves was going to entail, but it lead nicely into the episode’s premise. Akira’s general dismissal of public service vehicles didn’t sit well with Guard Fire, who takes his adoptive identity very seriously. This culminates into one of the most ridiculous moments in the show where a sentient fire truck has its back half sticking out of a second story window while being suspended from the roof using its ladders.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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