Fighbird Ep. 15: A Call to One’s First Love


At school, Kenta’s teacher announces that his classmate Youko Miyata will be moving to the United States with her family because of her father’s job. Kenta tries to wait for her at the gates after school but is unable to muster the courage to talk to her. Haruka shows up and says that if he doesn’t tell Youko what he wants to say now he’ll miss his chance. Kenta denies her claim and heads off in the opposite direction of his house. At the Amano Peace Labs, Katori asks why Haruka is writing a letter to her parents in Germany instead of calling them by phone. Hiroshi explains that letters are good for writing things you can’t say and are much cheaper than making long distance phone calls. Katori then asks why she’s not living with her parents and the latter replies that it’s due to her father’s job. She then explains the situation with Kenta having a crush on Youko, all of which goes over Katori’s head. The next day, the class sees off Youko. As Kenta walks home, he runs into Katori who checks his forehead for a fever. Realizing that Haruka told Katori, Kenta takes him to a park and explains that he wanted to apologize to Youko for playing all those pranks on her, as well as accidentally breaking her clay sculpture during art class. Katori suggests writing a letter and Kenta jumps excitedly at the idea. Elsewhere, a star-shaped mechanical monster surfaces from the sea and begins causing magnetic storms that interfere with ship and aircraft guidance systems. Kenta has trouble writing the letter and tries to watch television but is unable to receive any channels. The next day, Hiroshi notices the phenomenon and is unable to trace its source while Katori suspects that Draias is behind it. Kenta arrives and everyone asks him about his love letter. He changes the subject and asks about the magnetic waves. Hiroshi explains that the waves are messing with communication frequencies and guidance systems as well as the Earth’s magnetic field, which will not only hamper travel but will stall cargo and cut off global communication. So even if Kenta manages to send his letter it won’t arrive. Haruka answers a phone call from her father, but the line soon goes dead due to the monster cutting the undersea communication cable. Hiroshi pulls out a map of the cable sites and deduces that the Trans-Pacific cable will be Draias’ next target. Hiroshi tests the line by having the reluctant Kenta call Youko in the United States. The call goes through but Kenta is unable to say anything. Katori offers to head to the cable site and Kenta tries to pass the phone to Haruka and run off with him. Katori however objects saying that he has nowhere to drop Kenta, forcing him to continue talking to Youko. Hiroshi tells him to keep going because the world is doomed if the line goes down.

Katori takes off in the Fire Jet followed by the Baron team and uses the star consolations to find his way to the cable site. Down in Jango’s Lair, Zol asks Shura why the Trans-Pacific line is still running, and the latter replies that it’ll be dead in thirty minutes. Kenta tries to put up small talk with Youko and Haruka tells him to get to the point already. Shura is about to cut the cable but is stopped at the last minute by Katori. Shura fires missiles in retaliation and forces the Space Police to evade. He tries to cut the cable again but the Baron team restrains the monster’s claws. He knocks them off and blasts them with lasers. Katori combines into Fighbird and disables one claw, but Shura grabs him with one of the remaining five. Haruka grabs the phone and tells Youko that Kenta loves her, but the message doesn’t go through because Shura succeeds in cutting the cable. The Baron team recovers and combines into Thunder Baron, who uses his Knuckle Crusher to free Fighbird. He tries to stop Shura from causing more damage to the cable but is hit by missiles. Fighbird uses his Sun Slicer to cut off another claw, and Thunder Baron lures Shura into close range, allowing Fighbird to destroy the monster with his Flame Sword. With the magnetic waves gone, Katori is able to contact Hiroshi and inform him that the Baron team is now repairing the cables. Kenta gets through to Youko again and finally apologizes for breaking her sculpture. Youko doesn’t mind and is glad to hear from him because she doesn’t have any friends in New York yet. They promise to write letters to each other before hanging up. Haruka then decides it’s her turn to call her parents. Hiroshi realizes that his phone bill will skyrocket and vainly orders Katori to stop repairing the cables.


It’s funny how after 20 years this episode feels so ancient and yet contemporary at the same time. With our increasing reliance on technology to keep in touch with each other, plunging the world into a communications blackout will always be a credible threat. This also factors nicely into the subplot of Kenta’s crush on Youko and the first mention of Haruka’s overseas parents. On the flip side, it’s getting hard to tell if Shura and Zol are acting on their own or under orders from Draias and Jango, especially when the latter two go absent for entire episodes.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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