Fighbird Ep. 17: Automated City Goes Haywire


Jango introduces his latest plan to Draias, which involves crippling automated cities by sending a virus into their computers. His first target will be the experimental Future City 2010. Hiroshi, Katori and the kids visit the city where they are greeted by its central computer Huck. Huck uses his sensors to find out that Katori isn’t human, and Hiroshi has him promise to keep that a secret. Huck brings up an automated car to give the group a tour of the city. Satsuda arrives at the city under assignment and notices Hiroshi’s car in the parking lot. As the group enjoys the city’s amusement park, Hiroshi goes missing and Huck offers to look for him. Elsewhere, Momoko reports on the various robots working in the city. Satsuda is dismissive of the security robots when one of them swipes his gun. Hiroshi tries to sneak into the city’s central control room but is quickly caught by the security robots and Huck informs the group of his location. In the confusion however, Shura manages to sneak into the control room and infects Huck with the virus. Immediately the city’s robots and vehicles go out of control and Shura announces that Huck now serves Draias.

As the chaos continues, Katori mobilizes the Guard team and rushes to the control room. Shura tries to shoot Katori with the virus but the latter dodges and knocks the blaster from his hand. They grapple while Hiroshi tries to repair Huck’s infection. Momoko and her crew are trapped in an elevator that starts falling, but Guard Star arrives and manages to stop its descent. Shura escapes into a mechanical monster and Katori summons the Fire Jet and combines into Fighbird. Huck’s city terminals detect Fighbird as a hostile and start blasting him. Hiroshi finds the virus and starts treating it with a vaccine. Satsuda shoots at the security robots while complaining that they shouldn’t rely on machines. Guard Fire arrives and starts putting out the flames that have spread over the city. Shura fires at Fighbird, forcing him to roll around. Guard Star tries to lead the civilians out of the city but the main gate closes and wires pop out of the ground to restrict him. Guard Rescue arrives and cuts the wires with his Plasma Torch. Hiroshi is about to destroy the virus but gets pulled away from the terminal by wires. Kenta uses Wrister to cut Hiroshi loose and Haruka hits the button to execute the vaccine program, restoring Huck to normal. Huck assists Fighbird by blasting Shura, allowing Fighbird to break free and finish off the monster. Huck thanks the group for saving him and wishes he had a heart like Katori. Katori tells him that the heart comes from the people using the machines like Hiroshi, who’s currently being chased by Satsuda under suspicion of causing the infection. In Jango’s lair, a furious Draias tells Jango that he’s had enough of his failures.


Aside from using the popular cliché of characters visiting a city of tomorrow exhibit, there’s nothing terribly notable about this episode. Everything went by pretty fast and the virus problem was solved without incident. On the other hand, what kind of city equips its AI terminals with beam blasters and wiring that can be moved like tentacles? Meanwhile, it seems that Draias is planning to take the field himself now that he’s convinced Jango’s plans aren’t getting him anywhere. Not surprisingly, the robot bird was actually him all along, and now he’s brought the dragon and saber-tooth tiger statues in front of him to life as a pair of mechanical beasts. In a Brave show, that usually foreshadows a combination.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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