Fighbird Ep. 26: Mystery of the Devil Stone!


On a hot summer day, Goro asks Ippei why they can’t buy a fan and the latter retorts that they don’t have the money for it. Goro then has an idea to go to a public place to cool off. Kenta and Haruka take Katori to a history museum. Haruka asks why they didn’t go to a science museum and Kenta replies that it’s because the history museum is free. Ippei and Goro spot them and try to sneak away, but run into a disguised Jango and panic. Jango sneaks off in the confusion and tracks down a meteorite in the rock exhibit that emits waves that are harmful to Draias, which he plans to use to subdue Draias to his will. He disables the alarm and removes the meteorite, but Ippei and Goro spot him. Jango tries to shoot them but ends up triggering the fire alarm. He bumps into Katori while trying to escape and the meteorite flies into Goro’s hands. Katori doubles over in pain and Ippei decides they should run. Satsuda and Yoshiko arrive with the rescue workers and Jango claims to be a witness. Satsuda asks Jango to come in for questioning, but the latter pretends to have a stomachache and gets escorted out by Yoshiko. Inside Guard Rescue, Jango pulls out a gun and takes Yoshiko hostage just as Haruka and Kenta realize who he is. Down in Jango’s Lair, Draias discovers Jango’s absence and wonders what he’s up to. As the police chase Jango, he attaches his sensor to a tracking device to try and find the meteorite. Guard Rescue tries to fling him off but Jango manages to hold on and starts throwing grenades at the police cars. Guard Rescue is forced to stop and Jango remotely activates a time bomb he had hidden somewhere. He tells the police that if they don’t bring him the stolen meteorite he will kill Yoshiko. Guard Rescue informs Hiroshi about the situation and the latter tries to contact Katori. Kenta informs him that Katori went after the thieves who stole the meteorite. Satsuda orders Jango to come out peacefully but Yoshiko reveals that there’s a bomb, which causes Guard Star to speed away from the scene. Katori heads off Ippei and Goro at their apartment. The two apologize and offer to give back the meteorite, but its exposure causes Katori to suffer incredible pain.

Katori wakes up after falling unconscious and is informed of the hostage situation. He decides to bring the meteorite to Jango but he can’t even hold it, so Ippei offers to take it in his place. Hiroshi frantically scans the city for the bomb and deduces that Jango must have hidden it in the airport when he arrived. With that knowledge, Guard Star rushes to the airport along with Guard Fire and Guard Wing. Jango says that there’s one minute left before the bomb explodes but Ippei arrives with Goro and Katori and throws the meteorite to the ground. Yoshiko grabs and threatens to break it if Jango doesn’t give her the detonator. Jango throws it to the ground and reveals that the bomb is on a timer that he already activated. A giant mechanical fly arrives and Jango tells Yoshiko that the bomb is set to explode if someone tries to remove it. The Guard team evacuates the airport and finds the bomb but are too late to disable it. Instead, they form a barrier around the explosion and reroute it harmlessly into the sky. Jango escapes into his monster in the confusion and starts blasting the police. Guard Rescue transforms to robot mode and Katori combines with the Fire Jet into Fighbird. Jango uses an amplifier to bombard the Space Police with waves from the meteorite, which he now calls the Devil Stone. Fighbird uses the Flame Breaster to distract Jango while he tries to rip out the Devil Stone but Jango blasts him into a building and continues emitting the waves. The rest of the Guard team arrives and blocks the waves, allowing them to combine into Super Guardion. Fighbird pins Jango with Full Blast while Super Guardion finishes off the monster with Guard Flash. Jango manages to escape back to his lair with a small piece of the Devil Stone, but Draias destroys it despite protests from Jango that it’s a weapon against the Space Police. Yoshiko bandages Katori while Kenta asks about the meteorite. Katori reveals that it’s harmful to cosmic energy beings but harmless to humans. Kenta then has Yoshiko swear to keep their secret and Hiroshi appoints her as a new member of the Space Police.


After a two episode cooldown, we’re back to another hostage situation. There are some things behind the scenes though. Jango is finally fed up with Draias bossing him around and goes to insane lengths to get his hands on a very potent weapon. Unfortunately for him, Draias is not a fool. The day is saved thanks to some quick thinking on the Guard team’s part. However, it’s becoming fairly obvious that Sunrise was trying to give Super Guardion a lot of exclusive screen time, hence the suspicious absence of the Baron team since episode 23. Ippei and Goro show up again, but their role in this episode is very superfluous, while Yoshiko finally learns that the ambulance she always rode around in is also a member of the Space Police. I guess we also have to simply accept that Satsuda is some kind of everyman super cop or has absolutely nothing better to do because this is the second time he’s responded to a random fire alarm since way back in the first episode.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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