Fighbird Ep. 31: Ace Baron and the Liar


As Hiroshi and Kenta work on repairing the Fire Jet, the latter asks where Katori is. Hiroshi says that he’s out investigating the space radio station incidents. Haruka wonders if Draias is behind this just as Katori walks in and says that incidents in the UK and Australia are still a mystery. Elsewhere in Mutsugatake, a little girl called Mayumi watches the news report about the incidents and deduces that Japan will be the next target. When her grandfather doesn’t believe her, she runs to the nearby radio station to warn the employees there. However, her pleas fall on deaf ears, so she tries contacting newspapers, TV stations and the police. Her messages are intercepted by Hiroshi, who sends Kenta and the Baron team to investigate. They arrive right after Satsuda finishes telling Mayumi not to bother the police with baseless reports. Kenta asks the radio station workers about the reports and they explain that Mayumi probably made them up. They explain that she’s lonely due to her parents working in the city and always claims to be seeing UFOs and ghosts. After they leave, Mayumi arrives and starts waving a baseball bat at Kenta thinking he works for Draias. Ace Baron defuses the situation and explains to Mayumi that they oppose Draias, so she should call them only when Draias actually attacks. Back at the Amano Peace Labs, Kenta explains that Mayumi made the story up but Katori doesn’t believe that she’s lying. The next day, Mayumi spots a giant drill tank piloted by Shura landing in the forest.

Guard Star informs Katori that Mayumi has contacted the police again but this time she mentioned a specific location. Katori sends the Baron team out again despite Kenta’s protests. When they arrive, they transform into robot mode and Ace Baron introduces himself to Mayumi. She leads them to where the drill tank landed but the spot is empty. Kenta accuses Mayumi of lying again but Ace Baron decides to check the area anyway. When they find nothing, they leave again without noticing that the radio station had been taken over by Teshitas. Ace Baron thinks about how Mayumi insisted she saw the drill tank and turns around to make one more check. This time, they spot an area where the drill tank had borrowed through and realize that Mayumi was right all along. Mayumi spots the Teshitas attaching bombs to the radio station and gets cornered by Shura. The Baron team however arrives guns blazing and Kenta uses Wrister to knock away Shura. The Baron team combines into Thunder Baron while Shura unearths the drill tank. Shura rams Thunder Baron and Kenta quickly informs everyone back at the lab about the situation. Katori takes off in the Fire Shuttle and hurries to the scene. Shura pelts Thunder Baron and tells him that he’ll get to watch the explosion. Fearing for the station workers, Mayumi and Kenta run out to rescue them. Thunder Baron blasts Shura but the latter drills under him. Kenta dispatches the Teshitas while Mayumi tries to wake the workers up. Shura tries to pin Thunder Baron under the tank but Katori arrives and blasts him off. He combines into Granbird and tells Thunder Baron to protect the station. Thunder Baron grabs all the bombs and throws them away just before they explode. Kenta, Mayumi and the workers get out but are cornered by the Teshitas, who get promptly blasted by Thunder Baron. Granbird pins down Shura with missiles, allowing Thunder Baron to destroy the tank with Thunder Crush. Granbird wonders why Draias was targeting the radio stations and tells Thunder Baron that they need to stay alert. Thunder Baron thanks Mayumi for warning them and Kenta tells her to contact them directly next time so she doesn’t have to bother the police and TV stations anymore.


This episode might as well be called “The Girl who Cried UFO.” Luckily though, Mayumi didn’t send the Space Police on too many wild goose chases before they caught Shura red handed. Some things in the episode are a bit of a stretch though. How hard was it to believe Mayumi given the public knowledge of Draias and evidence of past attacks being all over the news? And how does the Baron team miss a giant spot of dug-up earth caused by something several times their size? Perhaps the scariest question is how Hiroshi manages to track any telephone calls talking about suspicious activity. I didn’t know managing a spy network was necessary for a scientists working towards world peace. Although this episode primarily featured Ace Baron, there wasn’t much character development for him other than pondering whether Mayumi was telling the truth or not.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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