Fighbird Ep. 33: A Message from the Past


Hiroshi has a dream where his sees his deceased wife Yuri. Yuri tells him to stop cooperating with the Space Police against Draias because he deserves to rule the Earth. Hiroshi is confused by this and notices that Yuri isn’t wearing her wedding ring. He wakes and quickly starts rummaging through the drawers while everyone is cleaning. Kenta tells him that they cleared out all the junk and started burning it, causing Hiroshi to run out in panic. He rummages through the burning junk and manages to pull out a small blue box containing a ring with a missing stone. He explains that this is the wedding ring he gave to his wife Yuri and thinks that she probably came to him in a dream to warn about the ring getting burned. However he can’t remember the other thing she tried to tell him. Champ accidentally turns on the television to a news report by Momoko, who says that people have been seeing dreams where dead relatives are telling them to surrender to Draias. A monk interviewed on another channel thinks that Draias has taken control of the afterlife and that they should listen to their ancestors. Hiroshi is enraged and cannot believe that Yuri would tell him such a ridiculous thing. Katori asks what kind of person Yuri was and Hiroshi shows everyone an old photo of her. He explains that he met her in grad school and she was the only one he understood him. After getting married, he devoted himself to research and Yuri became a volunteer doctor. Unfortunately, she died saving an old woman from a speeding truck and the ring stone shattered. Her death motivated Hiroshi to stop being holed up in a lab and work towards peace and helping people to fulfill her wish. Since he doesn’t believe what she told him in the dream, he decides to build a spirit medium robot so he can summon Yuri and ask her himself. However, the machine does nothing and simply breaks down. Elsewhere, Satsuda and Momoko are visited by their ancestors in their dreams and told to follow Draias. At the top of Tokyo Tower, Jango’s dream machine emits waves to indoctrinate people into swearing loyalty to Draias. Shura finds the plan incredibly stupid, and in his anger Jango accidentally turns the dream machine on himself. In his dream he gets scolded by his mother for not following Draias. Back at the Amano Peace Labs, Katori tries to fix the spirit medium robot but finds nothing wrong with it. As he leaves, the robot suddenly comes to life and brings out the spirit of the real Yuri. She thanks Katori for watching over her husband and denies telling him to obey Draias. However, strange waves are preventing her from entering his dreams so she asks Katori to tell him to continue fighting for peace.

Down in the lab, Hiroshi explains that the part of the brain that governs memories can be exposed to certain wave frequencies to allow control over dreams. Yuri appeared before Katori because he’s unaffected by the waves. Guard Wing reports picking up strange signals from Tokyo Tower and ignores Katori’s order to wait for backup. He transforms to robot mode and rushes towards the dream machine. Shura summons a mechanical monster and uses it to beat Guard Wing back. The rest of the Guard team arrives and diverts Shura’s attention. Guard Rescue breaks Guard Wing’s fall and they all combine into Super Guardion. Jango increases the intensity of the waves and they start affecting even people who are awake. Katori arrives with Hiroshi and Kenta who are wearing helmets to block out the waves. Teshitas come out of the tower to stop them but Katori clears a path through them. Shura overpowers Super Guardion and knocks him into a building. He spots Hiroshi and Kenta climbing the stairs to the top of the tower and tries to grab them. Kenta carries Hiroshi on his back and yells out for Katori, who summons the Fire Jet and combines into Fighbird. Fighbird uses his Dyna Buster to get Shura’s attention then summons the Fire Shuttle and combines into Great Fighbird. Great Fighbird keeps Shura occupied while Hiroshi and Kenta reach the top to find Jango and a squad of Teshitas guarding the dream machine. Kenta takes out the Teshitas while Hiroshi clashes with Jango. Jango demands to know how Hiroshi found out about his plan and the latter retorts that it was the power of love. Great Fighbird overpowers Shura and forces him to retreat with Super Guardion in pursuit. Hiroshi punches Jango wearing Yuri’s ring and sends him over the edge where Shura catches him. Hiroshi falls on his head and gets knocked out but Yuri’s spirit finally gets through to him and tells him to fight. He gets up and wrecks the dream machine. The explosion flings him and Kenta skyward but Super Guardion manages to catch them. Shura tries to escape with Jango but Super Guardion pins them down with his Water Grenade and allows Great Fighbird to destroy the monster. Later, Hiroshi and the rest visit Yuri’s grave and thank her for saving their lives. After they leave, Katori briefly spots Yuri’s spirit smiling at him.


Jango reaches now lows in this episode as he takes advantage of people’s attachment to deceased relatives to force them to surrender to Draias. It’s quite a twisted scheme when you consider how some cultures like Japan revere their elders and ancestors. Although this was supposed to be a global phenomenon, we never see it happen outside of Japan aside from that one foreigner. I also have trouble believing that Jango can transmit to the entire world with such a tiny dish. It was nice to see Hiroshi mention his dead wife for the first time, and the punch he gave to Jango was satisfying on so many levels. As much as I disliked the Breaster gimmick for Katori’s robot bodies, I hate the pointless screen time of Fighbird even more. There’s no reason why he couldn’t have summoned both vehicles at once and combined just in time to save Kenta and Hiroshi, other than to pad out the screen time obviously. On a lighter note, we get the debut of Momoko’s bizarre cat face pajamas and the amusing revelation that she’s the descendant of historical Japanese writer Sei Shonagon.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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