Fighbird Ep. 39: Yuutarou Goes to Class


Hiroshi forgets that he’s supposed to accompany Haruka to school for parent observation day, so Katori volunteers to go. Kenta teases Hiroshi for trying to duck out of his duties as Haruka’s guardian, but the latter retorts that Katori needs to learn about the world he’s protecting. The next day, Yoshiko catches Katori wearing a school bag and Hiroshi tells him that only students need that. Elsewhere, Jango completes a machine that will let him mine all the gold he wants. Shura and Zol scoff at the idea but Jango reminds them that he spends a lot of money to build his robot monsters. At school, Katori gets lost and can’t find Haruka’s classroom until he runs into the school principal Mrs. Ikenobo. At Haruka and Kenta’s class, the latter notices that Katori hasn’t shown up and gets scolded by his mother for not paying attention. Ikenobo explains to Katori that Haruka always feels lonely because her parents are away even though she doesn’t show it. As they arrive at the correct classroom, the instructional video that the teacher put suddenly switches to a strange broadcast that hypnotizes all the children. Katori turns off the television but the children are still in a trance. Jango hijacks the television broadcast signal and announces to the Japanese government that if they don’t pay him ten thousand tons of gold within three hours, all the hypnotized school children’s hearts will stop beating. The news announces that the cabinet is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the matter while Hiroshi and Yoshiko head to Haruka and Kenta’s school. Yoshiko can’t figure out what’s wrong with the children but says that the prolonged stiffening of their muscles is lowering the pulse rate. Katori reports that all the children who watched the television broadcast were hypnotized. Hiroshi tells him to head to Hell Valley and stop Jango and then tells all the parents that the Space Police will foil Draias’ plans.

Satsuda is given custody of five hundred tons of gold and is told to ask Jango for three more days to obtain the rest. Katori arrives at Hell Valley where the exchange will take place but doesn’t find anyone yet. Kenta’s mother begs Hiroshi to save the children but the latter doesn’t know what to do. Satsuda, Guard Star and the gold shipment are ambushed on the way by Jango and his mechanical monster. Teshitas start unloading the gold and Jango asks where the rest of it is. Satsuda begs Jango to spare the children while they procure the rest of the gold, but the latter isn’t having any of it. When the Teshitas discover a tracking device on the gold containers, Jango angrily knocks Satsuda and the police officers off the road. However, Guard Star transforms into robot mode and grabs them. Jango fires upon them after loading up the gold, but Katori arrives in the Fire Jet and blasts him before combining into Fighbird. Satsuda tells the Space Police not to fire on Jango until the children are safe, and the latter uses their hesitance to pin their bodies down with a powerful adhesive. Satsuda continues to plead with Jango but the latter simply uses his hypnotic ultrasonic waves to paralyze him and the police officers. With the children’s time limit nearly up, Fighbird summons the Breaster Jet to distract Jango while he switches to the Fire Shuttle and combines into Granbird. Granbird pummels Jango and causes him to drop his gold. Granbird then uses the distraction to free Guard Star and Fighbird then combines into Great Fighbird. Great Fighbird engages in a heated firefight with Jango, allowing Guard Star to get close and blast the hypnotic device with Jango’s own adhesive. Great Fighbird quickly finishes the monster off and all the children finally snap back to normal. Katori finally shows up to class much to Haruka’s relief. That evening, Haruka calls her parents and tells them that she’s fine. Katori wants to attend observation day again but to his disappointment Haruka says that she’ll ask Yoshiko next time.


For the third episode in a row, poor Jango is still trying to make up for the fortune he lost in wrecked mechanical monsters. Somehow Draias either isn’t interested at all in the matter or he’s still licking his wounds after eating a faceful of bomb four episodes ago. Jango can certainly still tug at people’s heart strings though, and nothing is too low for him to steep to. Despite another tense hostage situation, Katori manages to sort things out with only the help of Guard Star, who’s always right where the action is thanks to Satsuda. On the other hand, Momoko is noticeably absent from this episode as the resident news reporter. This episode also marks the second appearance of Kenta’s mother, who will be having a more prominent role in the next one.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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