Fighbird Ep. 41: A Tough Battle: Inspector Satsuda


Satsuda and a squad of police officers investigate a robbed bank that had its vault door burned through. Satsuda notes that this is the third bank this week and wonders how nobody noticed. One of the inspectors hands him a pocket computer and its contents shock him. At the Amano Peace Labs, Katori and the others watch the news report about the bank robberies and the former asks what banks do. Suddenly Satsuda barges into the mansion and tells Hiroshi he’s under arrest for the bank robberies. Hiroshi admits that the computer found at the crime scene belongs to him, but when taken to the police station for questioning he proves that he was having a phone call with Dr. Hillman when the robbery happened. Momoko arrives at the station and humiliates Satsuda on television for making a false arrest. Later, police chief Onihira tells Satsuda that because of the incident earlier he should take a vacation. Satsuda is convinced that Hiroshi is the culprit but Onihira reminds him that they need the trust of the public. Satsuda reluctantly hands over his gun and badge and says that he’ll reveal the truth by himself. Guard Star informs the others of the situation, and Katori thinks that Satsuda will eventually figure out that Hiroshi isn’t a bad person. Guard Star is relieved that Satsuda is gone, but Guard Rescue and Guard Fire think he actually misses him. Guard Rescue wonders why Satsuda is so fixated on Hiroshi, and Guard Fire thinks there might some truth to Satsuda’s claims. Kenta and Haruka refute the argument but Guard Wing chimes in and thinks that Hiroshi might be deceiving them all. Katori defuses the situation by reminding everyone of Hiroshi’s desire for peace. Just then, the latter bursts into the hangar and announces that the pocket computer Satsuda found was actually stolen by Jango twenty years ago. The Guard team mobilizes to search but Guard Star is stuck patrolling the streets with the police. He spots Satsuda walking past him. Satsuda tries asking a grocer what he knows about the Amano Peace Labs because he delivers their vegetables but gets immediately told off. Down in the sewers, Zol leads a squad of Teshitas to another underground bank vault, but a patrolling Katori manages to sense them as they start melting the walls.

Katori dispatches the Teshitas and knocks Zol out of the bank, but the latter summons a giant mechanical mantis and escapes. Kenta informs Hiroshi of the situation and the latter figures he can calculate the next bank that Draias will target. Outside, Guard Star spots Satsuda staking out the Amano Peace Labs. Down in his lair, Jango chastises Zol for getting busted by the Space Police and decides to change his plans by stealing the Printing Bureau’s banknote printing press. Satsuda tells Onihira that he has a hunch the Printing Bureau will be the next target but the latter doesn’t believe him. Satsuda takes off to prevent any accidents by himself and Guard Star follows him while informing the rest of what happened. The rest of the Guard team is skeptical of Satsuda’s hunch but Hiroshi’s data confirms that the Printing Bureau is the most probable target. Katori has Guard Rescue and Guard Fire patrol the banks while the rest cover the Bureau but Guard Wing refuses to believe in Satsuda and takes off on his own. Guard Star decides to trust Satsuda’s instincts and states that he’s the reason he chose to posses his car body. Satsuda runs into the Bureau to warn everyone just as Zol attacks the building. Guard Star transforms to robot mode and attacks but Zol knocks him away and continues to demolish the Bureau building. Satsuda tries to evacuate the employees but one of them gets trapped under a large cabinet. Zol finds the printing press and tries to yank it out but Guard Star tackles him to allow Satsuda and the injured employee to escape. Zol kicks Guard Star away and causes a large piece of rubble to fall towards Satsuda. However, Guard Star manages to hold it up in time. Zol tries to finish the pinned Guard Star off but the Fire Jet suddenly appears and rams him before transforming into Fighbird. Fighbird charges Zol but the latter dodges and pins him down. Guard Rescue and Guard Fire arrive and free Guard Star before combining into Guardion. Guardion punches Zol into a building but the latter sprouts several blades from the monster’s limbs. Zol tries to crush Guardion but ends up pinning himself to the pavement. Guardion quickly uses the chance to destroy the monster with Lightning Star Flash. Later, Satsuda thanks Guard Star for saving the printing press, but the latter says that it was Satsuda who let them fight freely by evacuating the civilians. When the Bureau employees realize that Satsuda is a police inspector, they thank him and praise the police.


Satsuda’s constant suspicion of Hiroshi finally reaches a boiling point when he tries to arrest him after finding a conveniently placed piece of evidence, which probably worked out for Jango much better than he was expecting. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Momoko added more fuel to the fire with her hyperbolic news reporting. This episode had an interesting premise, but the execution was a bit of a mixed bag. Was there really nothing else to do in a Satsuda-focused episode except to show him mostly being incredibly obsessed with pinning the blame for the bank robberies on Hiroshi? On the flip side, it was fun to see Guardion get some action one more time and even busting out a never seen before finishing attack.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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