Fighbird Ep. 43: Our Mission


A raging fire breaks out at a trash yard in Yumemigshima. Several fire engines rush to the scene along with Guard Fire. Guard Wing arrives but dismisses the situation as a trivial human matter and wonders how the humans amassed so much garbage. Guard Fire asks him to help but the latter retorts that putting out fires is Guard Fire’s job and jets off to find Draias on his own. In anger, Guard Fire increases the pressure on the water hose and singlehandedly puts out all the fires. The next day, Katori and the rest watch a news report about the fire. The reporter mentions that the cause is still under investigation. Katori asks about what happens when garbage piles up and is told that there will no longer be a place to store it. Yoshiko says that garbage can be burned but that causes pollution. Hiroshi reveals he has a solution for that problem and unveils a new waste disposal machine he invented. The machine turns garbage into a block of ice and Hiroshi claims that it will no longer smell bad, but everyone reminds him that ice eventually melts. Back at the trash yard, garbage gets discreetly dropped into a hidden factory run by Shura. He turns the garbage into nerve gas and launches several gas capsules at the city. The gas instantly paralyzes the exposed civilians and Shura comments that they can make as much gas as they want thanks to all the garbage. Katori and Yoshiko head out in Guard Rescue to investigate the cases of people collapsing on the street. They run into an unconscious rescue team and Guard Rescue stops Katori from getting out when he detects the gas. Yoshiko gets out the gas masks and starts treating the injured people. After analyzing the gas, Kenta reports that several other towns are suffering from the gas and Hiroshi tells Katori to find the source. Katori uses his cybernetics to detect one of the gas capsules and closes it. The Baron team and Kenta in the Fire Jet arrive and Katori tells them to split up and find the other capsules. The Guard team responds except for Guard Wing whom Kenta can’t hail. Guard Fire tells everyone to forget about Guard Wing just as the latter suddenly appears. Guard Fire reminds Guard Wing that he’s part of the Space Police and shouldn’t run off to do things on his own but the latter retorts that he isn’t interested in hearing lectures. Guard Fire says that he never wants to work with Guard Wing again and Katori defuses the situation by sending Guard Wing to help Hiroshi search for the source of the capsules where Draias might be. Guard Fire tells Katori to stop being soft on Guard Wing, and Katori tells him to hurry and find the capsules. The Space Police manage to recover the remaining capsules, and Hiroshi uses their location to deduce that they all originated from the trash yard at Yumemigshima.

Guard Wing arrives at the trash yard and spots a capsule being shot. He destroys the capsule but that causes the gas to spread near the trash men working at the site. Shura emerges in a giant mechanical monster and a battle breaks out. Guard Fire arrives and finds the trash yard engulfed in flames and gas. He transforms to robot mode and demands to know what Guard Wing is doing. Guard Wing tells him to put out the fires while he fights Shura and Guard Fire finally snaps. He yanks Guard Wing to the ground and tells him that he’ll stop Shura. Katori, Kenta and the Baron team arrive at the trash yard and spot the unconscious trash men. Katori sends the Baron team with the capsules to Hiroshi so he can make a neutralizer and has Kenta put out the fires with water bombs. Guard Wing and Guard Fire try to attack Shura but their lack of coordination gets them nowhere. The rest of the Guard team arrives. Guard Rescue takes Kenta and the trash men to safety while Guard Star tries break up Guard Fire and Guard Wing’s infighting. Shura takes advantage of their discord and pelts them with shots but Fighbird intercepts him. Guard Star finally has enough of Guard Fire and Guard Wing’s bickering and punches them both in the face. He reminds them that as Space Police their mission is both to defeat Draias and protect humanity. Fighbird summons the Fire Shuttle and combines into Great Fighbird. He tries to finish off the monster with his Flame Sword but Shura blocks the attack and knocks Great Fighbird down. Shura tries to blast Great Fighbird at close range but gets repelled by the returning Baron team. The trash men tell Guard Rescue that they need to contain the gas before things get worse, and Kenta suggests they use Hiroshi’s rejected idea of freezing the garbage. The Guard Team quickly combines into Super Guardion and use Freezing Tornado to freeze the entire trash yard. Shura tries to release more gas capsules, but the Space Police combine into one large cannon and destroy the monster. They then quickly separate to form a barrier around the released gas. Later, Guard Fire apologizes for the mess he caused but Guard Wing refuses to admit he was wrong. Katori forces them to make up and do a pinky swear.


It took a while but it finally happened: Guard Wing’s selfish attitude lands him in a huge argument with Guard Fire and even the calm Katori and Guard Star have to angrily chew them out for it. It was quite amusing to see Katori reference the Earth mannerisms that he learned. This episode seemed like it was going to get a bit preachy about the dangers of pollution and piling up trash, but strangely enough that angle got dropped quickly after the first five minutes. It’s also been a while since Jango resorted to chemical warfare and his schemes keep getting more and more despicable, though that didn’t stop Hiroshi’s useless invention from being indirectly the cause of Shura’s defeat. Speaking of the fight, I guess things are starting to get serious now if Shura can block the Flame Sword. Not that he could have done anything against the Space Police’s weird cannon combination.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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