Fighbird Ep. 45: The Sea Base Surfaces


Katori and the rest watch a movie where a man saves the woman he loves from a burning house. Katori remarks that the man should have saved other people as well if he was in love, and the others have to explain the different kinds of love to him. Later, Yoshiko combs her hair while listening to a recording of Katori’s ocarina song. Katori steps into her room and remarks that her hair looks beautiful when let down. He then asks her about the love between a man and a woman. Yoshiko explains that when a man and a woman get to know each other better, they start and caring and respecting each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Katori says that on his planet everyone loves each other from the moment they’re born, and Yoshiko remarks that Katori will return home when his work on Earth is done. Yoshiko says that she would have liked to know more about him, and Katori asks if that means she loves him. Before she can answer, Hiroshi enters the room and asks Yoshiko to go buy rice cakes with him. At the market, Yoshiko spaces out while thinking of Katori’s question and Momoko watches them from afar. She deduces that Hiroshi must be involved with Fighbird and plans to find out today. Just as she approaches them, Zol pulls up in a car and kidnaps all three of them. The car passes Satsuda who manages to notice the kidnapped people inside it just before it sprouts wings and flies off. He informs Haruka of the kidnapping and is quickly joined by Guard Star. Katori and Kenta take off in the Fire Jet along with the Baron team, while Satsuda and Guard Star join up with the rest of the Guard team. Hiroshi, Yoshiko and Momoko are taken to Jango’s undersea lair where the latter tells them that they’ll be used as bait to lure Fighbird. Draias reveals himself and says that the Space Police’s weakness is their willingness to risk their lives for humans. He releases a large amount of minus energy which allows the Space Police to detect their location. The Guard team drop Satsuda off with the Baron team and combine into Super Guardion. Jango tells Hiroshi that an event occurs every six months where the sun and two other stars form an equilateral triangle. If a Devil Tower is built around the same time, it will gather enough dark energy to bring about the Dark Universe with Draias as its emperor. This time they’ll build the tower on the Guyana Plateau instead of Washington DC. Momoko says that they’ll never beat Fighbird but Jango retorts that the Space Police will come here separately and Shura and Zol will stop them from combining. Yoshiko plays Katori’s song from her recorder which causes Shura and Zol pain, but Draias destroys the recorder before they can escape. An angry Shura slaps Yoshiko and Jango orders the hostages to be locked up. Inside their cell, Momoko asks Yoshiko about the song and the latter explains its calming effect on humans and animals. She also reveals Fighbird’s secret identity as Hiroshi’s lab assistant Katori. Momoko demands to know if Yoshiko is in love with Katori and proclaims that he’s hers only.

The Space Police approach Jango’s lair and are immediately attacked by a giant mechanical cephalopod. Katori, Kenta and Satsuda infiltrate the base in Aqua Baron while the rest fight the monster. However, Draias complicates matters by personally joining the fight. Inside the base, Katori uses his cybernetics to locate the hostages just as Jango causes the base to rise up to the surface. Draias overpowers the Baron team and the monster damages the Fire Jet’s wing before ensnaring Super Guardion with tentacles. Aqua Baron joins the fight and allows the Baron team to combine into Thunder Baron, but they’re still outmatched by Draias who knocks them away and causes more damage to the Fire Jet. Katori and the rest exit an elevator and find themselves faced with Zol and a squad of Teshitas. Satsuda and Kenta dispatch the Teshitas with their Flame Shots while Katori throws Zol aside and smashes the door to where Hiroshi is held. Hiroshi tells Katori to stay back but Shura traps the latter in a powerful shock beam. Zol manages to corner Kenta and Satsuda but the latter pulls out his gun and shoots the beam control panel. This frees Katori and allows him to throw Zol through the room’s glass barrier. Katori fights Shura while Kenta frees Hiroshi and the other hostages in the adjacent room. Shura and Katori get flung through the glass barrier and down to the bottom of the base. Momoko tries to chase after Katori and nearly gets shot by a Teshita if not for Satsuda shielding her with his body. At the bottom, Katori fights both Shura and Zol and tells Kenta to escape with everyone. Shura and Zol taunt Katori about the uselessness of human relationships and Katori retorts that love is what makes mankind special before kicking them around. Hiroshi uses the nearby console to find escape pods that they can use. Thunder Baron tries to shoot Draias with his Thunder Canons but the latter shrugs off the blast and slices them off. Super Guardion escapes from the monster’s grasp by separating and destroys it with Guard Flash. He fires another Guard Flash at Draias but the latter nullifies it and throws his Death Blade into Super Guardion’s shoulder. Shura and Zol gang up on Katori but he manages to slam the both of them into the base’s main engine causing a large explosion. Katori walks away damaged but intact but unbeknownst to him so does Shura and Zol sans one of the latter’s arms. Hiroshi and the rest make their way to the escape pods but Yoshiko decides to go back and find Katori just as Jango switches to the backup engine. They all escape but are caught in a whirlwind generated by the base’s ascent. Draias slices off Super Guardion’s wing and Thunder Baron’s leg before leaving with the base. After the waters clear, everyone is bruised and battered, but still alive.


With only four episodes left, the show stops wasting time and quickly ramps up the plot. Draias finally returns after being absent for nine episodes and begins a plan to build another Devil Tower by first crippling the Space Police through a simple but effective divide and conquer strategy. It was so effective in fact that this is the first episode to not feature any of Fighbird’s robot forms. We also get a few extra developments. Momoko finally learns Fighbird’s real identity and Satsuda gets in on the Teshita busting action, but amusingly he was still oblivious to the fact that his police car was Guard Star all along until now. I also like how a real gun managed to be useful for once in a show like this. We also get something that’s been teased over the past few episodes and the show’s opening for a long while now: Yoshiko being shown with her hair down and the pretty obvious by now implication that she’s fallen in love with Katori. On the other hand, Satsuda got another heroic moment by taking a bullet for Momoko, though that was kinda out of nowhere. Either way, Draias and Jango’s final plan is now in motion and the Space Police need to get their act together in order to stop them.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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